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$50... lowest Ill go!
Drop to $55!
Worn a few times. Great condition, soles are excellent. $60 Great boot for the winter season! Message me any questions!
sold. delete.
Mustaches are for prostate. No shave november is not connected, correct me if Im wrong.
5% drop on ALL! # | Price 2 | 20 3 | 25 4 | 25 5 | 25 6 | 25 9 | 45
WTB: USED/WORN DENIM (29-30") any brand, make sure its slim/skinny!
F310 still available? Can you take actual measurements of them? I know what they are originally from SE but Im sure theyve stretched over the 5 months of wear you put on them! Msg me!
Bump to the top, lets sell the rest. 5% drop on ALL!
What is the leg opening on the Nudies?
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