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Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 I feel like I'm breaking a Commandment because I covet these so bad. Awesomeness! I'm a little 1 month into my first pair of selvedge, raw denim. I'll have to post some pics.
The results of this test are already skewed because everyone knows which tie is the "better" one. Post two similar looking ties at differing price points without stating the maker or cost. Then lets see some answers.
Probably the greatest sell thread ever...
Hahahaha! What an awesome story. All these slow-food, buy-locally, damned-the-food-scientists types have to be crying in their home-brewed-with-organically-grown-hops-in-antique-vats beer. Maybe they can throw their custom-made-and-artfully-curated axes and go destroy the cherry factory.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Ref#1680 + NATO Every time I see a Rolex on a NATO I drool...and I don't even like Rolex watches...but something about that just looks perfect to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Indigo + orange "cowboy" stitching= Jean Shop I just saw the Jean Shop jeans. They are so sick! Definitely putting them on my Christmas wish list. I think Jesus would be incredibly happy if I got a pair to wear to his birthday party.
^^^ That would've been in the mid- to late-80s.
In Kansas City, when the weather turned colder, fashion seemed to go out the window. Besides sporting an MA-1 or an M65, about the only thing that counted as winter skinhead wear was a Champion hoodie...or a hoodie from your favorite band.
Be glad you even have this option. I just had to get fitted for a Men's Warehouse monstrosity. And lucky me...I'll be sporting a pink vest and tie along with an ivory shirt. Because of the ivory I can't even wear my own fitted white tux shirt. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...there goes more than $200 for a hideous ensemble...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak I need this sweater! Who makes it?
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