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Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG #8 Wingtip Boots I want a pair!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Damnit! I'm trying to talk myself out of lusting after a Rolex on a NATO...this is not helping!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy lc's stomps everything in town barbeque related they have bars on the windows you know it's bomb When they open the smoker and the whole place fills with the delightful smell of cooked flesh you know you're in heaven. I also really appreciate the fact they used to advertise that they cooked their fries in lard. Deliciousness!!!!
I have a ton of thetiebar ties. For the price they are a steal. I have the wool in gray, navy and brown. This winter they got more than their fair share of use. I also sport quite a few of their bow ties. Again...for the price they are a steal. It was a great, inexpensive way to get some bow ties. I recommend thetiebar to everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Less talk more pictures please +111111
There are so many problems with electric and hybrid cars. They are a marketing ploy by the auto industry. They are not really designed to decrease dependency on oil. You want to put a big dent in the a used diesel-powered vehicle and convert it to bio-diesel. Volts, Leafs, Priuses, hybrid BMWs and the like...they're just a way to pat yourself on the back.
Watch the movies Yakuza Papers. It follows the rise of the Yakuza immediately following the bombing in Hiroshima through the 80s. It's a great series of films that is often compared to the Godfather movies. The biggest difference is the Yakuza Papers follows several gangs through a longer span of Yakuza history. From what I've read it is a very realistic portrayal. You definitely see the changes in style. Will definitely give you some historical its a damned...
Quote: Originally Posted by BIGBERTHA Kind of dig these pics I took of my GTs. Holy crap!!! Those are gorgeous!!!!!!! Are those enough exclamation points to get across exactly how much I covet those boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Qudi If you don't mind me asking, what sizes did you order and how big are you around your upper body? I'm thinking about picking up a few sweaters and outerwear pieces myself. I'm 5'10", 180 lbs. Wear a medium in most t-shirts. I do work out a lot so I'm a bit more muscular than average (not bragging...just trying to help). Some slim fit shirts don't fit my arms and chest. 32x32 pants. I wear a 42R suit...
Just got my shipment of stuff. I picked up a couple things from the sale section: the indigo jean jacket (fits pretty decent but would be too short if I was even an inch taller...have gotten a ton of compliments on it today), the black and red wool jacket is killer, and the cotton checked scarf. All in all, a very good haul for the price. Will definitely order again.
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