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Love those Clarks. Full size too big for me or would totally own.
Finally busted out my new Johnston & Murphy's. I know, J&M doesn't get much love around here, but they are comfy, fairly inexpensive and were exactly what I was looking for. And since it's finally feeling like summer here in Kansas City (we totally skipped spring...I went from having the heat on to having the A/C on...we're actually under a heat advisory today), I busted out the blue Life After Denim pants and Happy Socks.
Yeah...pretty pathetic list. I mean...don't get me wrong...I'd do my best to wear my wang to a nub on them all...but Hot 100...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart fresh out of the box (after a quick re-lace) Rippon boot in burgundy, a different burg than Tom LS's burgundy Stow boot which is a darker color, this one is lighter and a bit more red. will look the dogs nuts after a quick polishing/antiqueing tonite. Commando sole, brilliant boot for stomping on the bones of your enemies I've been toying with the thought of getting a new pair of boots to take a...
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude no even if you have arnold genetics and are juicing i highly doubt you would gain 19lbs of lean mass in under 4 months. Yeah...seems rather suspect. I'd like to see the meal plan. It would take some pretty intensive, very structured eating to get those results...
Quote: Originally Posted by 13k When I saw those on Hypebeast.com I about shit! They are awesome!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha EZM3 is a winner for me i like it, simple watch Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! That looks bad ass.
Cannot believe those monks haven't sold. They stay around much longer and I might just fold and be forced to add to my collection...
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk That sole is awful!!! makes shoe awful! +1 So ugly!
When I was getting dressed this morning this looked much better... Allen Edmonds Levis for J Crew Socks from Target (don't laugh...this was the first pair of socks I bought that weren't either solid black, blue, brown or white).
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