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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Sponsored by Adobe? Nope they are just a really crazy color of green. They are made by Happy Socks. I got them as part of a 2-pack of green socks on The other green color is more of a hunter green. The photo was taken with my iPhone but the color is pretty true-to-life.
Cross posted from the Rock Your Socks thread. It's the day before a holiday weekend. People are already annoyed by the fact I wear ties to work. So some bright socks has them talking. I've heard "Those don't match" and "Only you would wear socks that color. I just got these shoes as NOS. Not really a fan of tasseled loafers but I loved the color and the price was ridiculously cheap. Johnston & Murphy - Made In The USA. If anyone know s anything else about...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Search for retricker1829. Factory is closed until June 6th though. Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR very nice. for find ebay trickers, just search 'trickers' on ebay. they list 90% of the trickers on the site. hard to miss. would give you the link but im on my phone Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Now to go drool and plot what needs to be purchased.
What's the Tricker's eBay store url?
^^^^^ Holy shit! Bad assness!
It's the Friday before a holiday. I've got a half day. Thought I'd throw on some annoying socks to make the same people who are annoyed that I wear a tie cringe. It has worked. I've been told "You don't match" and "only you would wear that color of socks." Banana Republic cotton straight fit pants. Happy Sock. Johnston & Murphy - Made In The USA. Got them as NOS. Usually not a fan of tassel loafers but liked the color and the price was insane.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Long Way Round, as others have said, is far better. You can rent it off Netflix and it is an incredible journey. I'm highly embarassed about their time in Canada though. Some idiot gangsta-wannabe white kid bumped Ewan from behind on the freeway. Wanna see something crazy, check out this dude going around the world on a Yamaha R1. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By...
Stumbled on these videos the other day. There's several in a series called "On The Lift." They are made by a company called Clymer that makes repair manuals for motorcycles. They look like they might be like Chiltons manuals for cars. Definitely some cool vintage motorcycle videos. Dig through their channels. There's lots of stuff to waste valuable company time looking at...and hey...don't's the Friday before a vacation one will be working...
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 That sport coat is amazing!
Why do those Alfred Sargents have to be so big?
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