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Check out this video of a CB500.
Great jeans at a great price. Way too big for me. Someone needs to buy these ASAP.
Stop showing the Subs! Please!!!! I'm trying to save for a down payment for a house. The last thing I need is a Rolex...but damnit...I want one!!!!!!!!Was that enough exclamation points to get my point acros?
Damn...if I wasn't saving for a house down payment I would be all over these. Beautiful! Someone buy these fast and post pics of them being worn.
Just can't beat a Seiko for the price.
I wear a bow tie at least once a week and sometimes more. I work in a very relaxed...make that sloppily dressed and mostly lackadaisical sartorially...cube farm. I'm a book editor and the fact I always wear a tie and nice shoes makes me a bit of an anomaly. Add into the mix I'm heavily tattooed (even my hands). It is my put-together style that draws attention. The only people at the office who have ever said anything are the IT guys in their way-to-big and pleated chinos...
I am going to admit several things in this post that must not be repeated...I have a rep to uphold after goes...Admission 1: I was watching So You Think You Can Dance.Admission 2: It was DVRed.Admission 3: LMFAO performed on the show and I enjoyed them.Admission 4: I laughed...a lot...Admission 5: I cannot stop listening to this this group and watching their videos on YouTube.
Can't stop drooling...
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I want this on a t-shirt!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SaveMeJebus Not sure about the suit, but i'd be somewhat concerned about the vortex to another dimension that seems to have opened on your face. I saw something similar in Ghostbusters 2 and it did not end up well for that guy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
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