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outlier is a really interesting company. they open their NYC studio on fridays. may go check it out one day.
what? hah, guess I did miss it. (don't always check that thread). well, I take it back then. be impatient all you want!
Fanny pack Rick Owens: "I've lived in Paris for six years, and I'm sorry to say that the Ugly American syndrome still exists. Sometimes you just want to say 'Stop destroying the landscape with your outfit.' Still, from a design standpoint, I'm tempted to redo the fanny pack. I look at it as a challenge—it's something to react against." Rick Owens fanny pack They apparently had a denim one on Gilt that looks straight up ugly (and not even useful) to me:...
Knew that cloak knit wouldn't last long. Looks awesome
THE DAY THAT PUNK DIED AGAIN by Sasha Frere-Jones (http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/sashafrerejones/2013/05/met-punk-chaos-to-couture.html)Whomever we define as a true punk in 2013 could take nothing but pleasure in the overwhelming failure of the “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibit of punk-related fashion that opened at the Met on Thursday and runs until August 14th. There is no axis along which this exhibit functions properly: the historical, anecdotal, or...
sorry, you don't get to be impatient while there's a horde of people waiting on a fit pic from you
yeah, unfortunately it isn't that simple for the reasons (plus others) that GN points out. a lot of money ends up in people's pockets. sometimes it's just wasted. even when it does get to its target, it isn't always used effectively. and just giving someone cash doesn't necessarily lead to sustainable growth. a top-down approach like this is good in some ways, like building certain types of infrastructure I would think. but there's also an argument that local, grassroots...
I have a friend who lived in Japan for a little while, and he told me the consumerism there is just as bad as it is in the West. It functions differently, but there's still this obsession with buying and with accumulating possessions. And he said it was more pronounced there than it is in the U.S., at least in his eyes. Now that China has a booming middle class and upper class, consumerism is similarly booming. I don't think it's a Western thing, I guess is what I'm...
haha. thanks, man.
It's this guy mafoofan who is kind of a legend of sorts around here, but on the other side of the forum mostly (the classic menswear side). Fok, on the other hand, is the forum administrator. If this were Casablanca he'd be Rick.
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