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no, i don't know of any real distinctions. doubt there would be much, if any, in terms of how they fit
always loved those anns. had those in my dreambox, even though they're a half size too big. debated just wearing thick socks all the time. probably good that I didn't buy them
Also, the corrections to that Williamsburg trend piece are kinda funny: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/05/corrections-nyts-latest-williamsburg-trend-piece-are-delicious/64837/
Barbara Kruger issued another statement to the press. Here it is:
Was looking at something on YJP when I realized I have no idea when the auction ends. Original = 5月 6日 22時 34分カレンダーに追加. Translation = 34 minutes 22:06 May
only way to be, stitches
that's ok. it's not the only cool place in the world. i'd love to leave for a couple years and live overseas, but easier said than done
sounds like Fort Lee, NJ
early heads up: http://www.hintmag.com/post/sale-alert-comme-des-garcons--may-01-2013-2013 Sale Alert! Comme des...
dammit...i lose 1. Arab boy and girl shouting at hamburger What’s so great about this image is that the viewer is really able to create his own story about what’s going on here. I’d like to think that the hamburger on the plate in this photo is actually the brother of these children; however, he has recently been turned into a hamburger by the dark magic of a genie or perhaps a warlock. “Brother!” the children shout out, “Can you hear us?!” Unfortunately he can not,...
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