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Art, you should grab pics of what you want and go to a good spot where the people know what they're doing. They should be able to offer some guidance/suggestions. Just keep in mind that if you do try something new its probably going to freak you out at first. Just FYI, always had good experiences at dicksons hairshop on LES.
realized I hadn't looked at Tres Bien in a long time and checked out their new spring stuff when I saw this from Dries
Anxiously awaiting the store. Fok, if you need any legwork done in NYC (don't know what, but just sayin) feel free to let me know.
Duuuuude, really nice
I blame it on the Yohji thread
We should have a good styling thread, and you should contribute, Fok.Actually, why doesn't that thread exist already? Maybe I'll make one if I have time, but I won't complain if someone else does it for me.
i hear ya also, WTF? http://www.highsnobiety.com/2013/04/05/misfits-x-supreme-capsule-collection/
jesus who, you've been here how long now and you don't know the answer to what's maybe the most asked question ever? SF membership revoked...smh wearing sand-color khakis today and looking kinda americana, which isn't my usual thing. and i'm sitting on the train thinking i'm sure i look nice but doesn't feel like me really, but then on the other hand maybe i should get away from all the black that has slowly (inadvertently) started taking over my wardrobe and maybe my...
Both look nice. I'd go with navy for daytime.
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