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Why is it ahistorical? People have been practicing giving up or limiting possessions for a long time, especially in the east. And not sure what the landed gentry has to do with any of this. You think people on here are accumulating stuff for the sakes of their families, that the ancestral family home has been supplanted by the ancestral collection of Rick leathers?
I think you've misunderstood. I don't think you're contradicting his point but agreeing with it. Yeah, he has the money to travel a lot, which is great for him. Most of us don't. But the underlying point is the same: it's an experience he's spending on rather than an object. His point isn't about spending less money; it's about spending it differently. Rather than spend your money on clothes or gadgets or furniture or a big house or an expensive car, spend it on things...
Less stuff is better http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/10/opinion/sunday/living-with-less-a-lot-less.html?src=me&ref=general&_r=0
gots to be dries
fall is kinda more clothes and less fantasy. it's much more wearable. if i actually saw anyone wearing the looks you posted in real life, synth, i'm sure i'd make some crack about how the guy takes himself really seriously. but the fall stuff, i'd probably think it's cool. so as clothes, i do think some of the fall stuff is good, and I'm pretty sure if I saw it on a rack I'd probably like it. but as a show, it's boring. no narrative, no fantasy. just clothes. like you...
haha. does that discussion exist somewhere on tfs? where can i find it?
looks good, guys. really like the color of your sweater, snow. i've been fixating on all the blue DVN stuff at ln-cc. looks so good with black
i kinda like it. product shots are better now. on a related note, i'm all for rethinking basics, but this seems like more trouble than it's worth. hopefully you only need to unbutton like the top two buttons to get into and out of it http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/lan0110049blu#content
Camelot instead then. [sound of coconuts]
well they're probably judging you anyway so may as well go ahead and do it
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