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uggh...high of 35(F) in NYC today with snow expected tonight...i hate the cold. in fact, I would rather dress in jeans and a tee year round and forget permanently about outerwear.
i like them
Sounds just right to me. Any particular carrot jeans you like? (Don't worry, won't crap up this thread with other brand talk; just a one-off)
That Siki Im jacket isn't as vampiric as everyone is making it out to be. I tried it on at Patron of the New at one point. Here it is in the show (ss12).
http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16321 High waisted pants in sz 2. If I had the money they'd be mine already
Yeah, they're supposed to distort a little. I wash mine all the time (I have 4 I rotate through pretty regularly) and no complaints. I also wanted something slightly oversized and slouchy, and shryke, just judging by the pics you've posted, I'm guessing that's not your ideal fit.
I wish uniqlo would continue putting out the undercover tees. Didn't care about the rest of it, but those were my favorite tees ever. Want more colors
Also like linen knits. And Barena is good. If you like it, give it a shot
In NY office? I used to work in that building
i wish i did it for a living. i was trying to point out that i'm NOT good enough to do it professionally. haha. i think just about every guitar player has that reaction to SRV though. the guy was insane. and i think he had the strongest hands on the planet.
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