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colabear, It depends which movie you saw, but if it was The Great Gatsby, you should have worn a1920s style top hat, a cape, and booty shorts. Best regards, pickpackpockpuck Style Wizard Style level of, like, a million or something
re: what "real men" wear, I know I've posted this before because it's one of my favorite bits from please kill me, but this time it's in honor of Ray Manzarek (RIP) IGGY POP: I think when Ray Manzarek got me out of jail was when I was hanging out in Hollywood. It was after I’d been kicked out of heaven, and I was living with prostitutes. One day I was hanging out, drinking wine, and this girl had this dress I really liked. I thought she looked cool in it. So she dressed...
stumbled across this blogger's reflections on Cloak that I thought were kinda interesting: http://1972projects.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/split-alexandre-plokhov-robert-geller.html. the blog itself is, for the most part, really well written. anyone know where to get cool suspenders (or braces, if you prefer to call them that)? not the clip kind; the ones that have leather tabs with buttonholes. i guess i should just check out vintage shops, but surprisingly none of the ones...
Nice, Fok. That's awesome. Good job making that happen.
in case you haven't seen it, new interview with yohji by his old pal, wim wenders: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/yohji-yamamoto-1#_ also, that shot of wire above is awesome. so good
what's the gig?
oh god that's awful
yeah, really don't get the appeal. i've tried on those siki ones and but i know a lot of people who otherwise seem to have good taste and like them so i dunno, maybe I'm missing something.
haha. easily one of the worst editorial "voices" on the internet. if they're going to go that route they should hire tcwalter or someone who can pull it off and actually be funny. no, seriously, if you're reading this, Four Pins, hire tcwalter.
New Posts  All Forums: