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Seems like we were all watching them anyway. I was before they were posted. Also, if anyone knows a place with these pants for sale please let me know. Can't find anywhere
Yeah, exactly. there's a double-layer version with a regular tank under the mesh too, but I don't think it's available this season. The mesh is really just for layering
Sounds like an opportunity for a photoshop. Someone jump in
No, then you'd only see the middle 35%
hey, it's me uu silent rag & bone chinos from like 2009 jack purcell
If you download the forwardforward app and buy with it they give you 15% off your first purchase, just FYI. But then you have to get their stupid app. Notice to websites: Stop asking me to download your stupid apps! Edit: just saw it mentioned in sales alert thread, but oh well
Ann Ds look awesome. Still want a pair
I always assumed it referred to the Cut Copy song.
oh, totally missed your post. haven't been on a computer much in the last few days. i'm on vacation/visiting family right now in south florida. saw this guy yesterday on a hike. at least 8ft. long, and people had obviously been feeding it because it came right up to my dad and me, which is why the pic is from so close up. i slowly backed away after snapping it. but today it's pouring rain, so back to the computer...
was looking at the new soloist lookbook. i'm sure everything will be cooler in person, but not feeling it so much from the images re: cuts of "artisanal" brands, i feel like they're trying to reinvent the wheel a lot of times in terms of construction. it becomes a game of how do we make a shirt or a pair of pants from completely different pattern pieces/seams than you would traditionally see. the result can be pretty awkward,...
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