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and of course the image on the menu looks something like this
A lot of different stores run on the Yoox platform. Though I'm not sure how much Yoox is really involved beyond contributing the technology. It would be interesting to know if Yoox is also warehousing the stock and keeping track of inventory and all that.
just wondering, who here actually got a mesh tank? thoughts, opinions? i have a long silent tank that i use as a layering piece but every time i see the green mesh i kinda wish i'd bought one
And probably stays in the pool. And if it happened in a hot tub, it's probably just staying there and multiplying. Thanks, Glamour!http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2009/05/the-germy-facts-about-public-h.html
I agree on the arm length. Really, unless you're getting a mtm jacket, who cares about functional cuffs? I recently saw a jacket (Jil, maybe?) that didn't even have buttons on the cuff. It just included them, which I presume is because they assumed you would have the sleeve tailored to the appropriate length yourself. Makes sense. Like unfinished hems. By the way, nobody should worry about Yoox. They're doing just fine: "Italy's Yoox posts 29 pct rise in 2012...
Congrats afl. What are you going to study?
haha, but it sounds like at the rate you're going there won't be any liquors left for you that don't turn your stomach when you think about them i know that feeling, by the way. i got really sick from vodka years ago and it still makes me cringe when i smell it. luckily that hasn't happened with other liquors.
drink less, drink better
asian hair (same guy in both: sung jin park)
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