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was doing some reading when I saw this pic of the story's author and thought it was reedo. haha. for a minute I thought reedo was working as a science writer (it's actually a writer named kyle hill)
what's off about that video is that a guy wearing a bunch of balmain would probably look at a dude in all gucci and think he's a chump (and probably vice versa). and then the dude in all yohji or ccp or whatever would think they're both fools. and then of course the Levis dude thinks they're all clowns, and they think he's a plebe...It's the great circle of judgment!
yes, exactly
Just saw c4est post. Where's chaat place? edit: hmmm, looks like there are a bunch of chaat spots in midtown (which I guess is why I've never bumped into them) and, not surprisingly, in Queens.
The sorts of places you're talking about, Fok, do exist in NYC, but not so much in Manhattan. More in Queens, in Flushing (Chinese) and Jackson Heights (Indian) and spots like that. There aren't restaurants dedicated to chaat in NYC that I can think of. Don't know about elsewhere. It's usually on the appetizer section of the menu at Indian places. Lastly, I'm not big on offal but I do really like chicken hearts. They're pretty typical at churrascarias (Brazilian), so I...
i didn't mean that it didn't. i would think any somewhat large city would have plenty. but it's not the sort of place where you just stumble on them without knowing where you're going. i think of Dallas the same way (I've spent a lot of time there). Dallas has great food, but you have to know where it is. driving down the highway, though, it's just chains everywhere.
lol. still laughing after imagining toasty pulling out the hair, kinda looking at it, and then eating itgeneralizing about food in the US as a whole doesn't make a lot of sense because it really varies depending on where you are. the US is a pretty big place. if you can't find good, fresh food in Houston or a city like that, that I can maybe understand. but if you're talking about not being able to find any in NYC or LA or something, I'll just say it's not the city's fault.
incidentally, taco bell is working on a low-end menu, which raises some obvious questions... http://adage.com/article/news/taco-bell-tests-tests-low-end-1-cravings-menu/241275/
i'm with Fok on the entrepreneurship front, especially with small businesses. lots of daily frustration, little immediate reward in a lot of cases. i admire anyone that can build a business from the ground up. my totally non-scientific take on ADHD is based just on my anecdotal experiences, but in that experience, the people I've known with ADHD don't really have trouble focusing. they just have trouble focusing on things they find boring. but those people can focus on...
Women's stuff was in a different section. I think they probably have their own dressing area, though plenty still came over to the guy's area. The crowd was a big mix, by the way. All ages, styles, which was kinda cool.
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