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Gotta be the worst loss in Brazil's World Cup history. Goal differential, on home turf, and Klose surpasses Ronaldo as all-time WC goal leader.
Just being able to sort by brand would be enough for me. Search function is okay for that but not as optimized as Grailed. It's also great that they have a closet and that you can elect to get an email when the price of an item in your closet drops. Little things add up to a better user experience.
I really like Mykita too. Think they're my favorite sunglass maker right now. Those Mykita x Margielas are really nice. I've had a look up close at the Mykita here in NYC and thought they looked great. Assuming you like how they look on you I think you'll be happy. Those Skagways look good. Just curious, what's the material like?
IE by Erik Ohrstrom
some decent ones here. Marios pleated ones are the cheapest and look pretty nice. http://no6store.com/categories/accessories.htmlBuilding Block also does really nice stuff. Some available here: http://totokaelo.com/accessories/totes
Yeah, kinda hit or miss, and even the hits aren't really for me. But if it's of interest one of the founders is Jon Buscemi, of the brand Buscemi. Some context: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alextaub/2013/10/03/greats-is-building-the-next-great-footwear-company/Feel like it's a really good idea that just doesn't come together all the way (the design is lacking in my opinion), but maybe worth keeping an eye on.
There's a company called Greats that does cheap, high-quality sneaks too. They use the Margom sole and good leather and prices are about $100. Don't know if people will like the designs but they're in that ballpark.
Thanks for the recs via PM, cyc. That's a big help. Oh damn, I loooove Vietnamese so I'll check it out while I'm there.
Don't know where I'm staying yet. Probably gonna find a place on air b&b. I know the first few days I'll actually be staying in San Jose and commuting (not my choice). But I believe my office will be near Mission St and 4th St. Recs are very much appreciated. Thanks bruddas. Oh, and I literally like every type of food there is, even vegan. Def prefer peasant food to the fancy stuff though. My favorite meal is rice and beans.
New Posts  All Forums: