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i drink chocolate milk after a workout, usually horizon organic because it's just the right size and it makes me feel like the toughest 6 year old on the planet drinking from a cardboard single-serving through a little straw
This thread needs resurrecting. Takahiro is still making great stuff. I don't always like the lookbooks, but I think the actual pieces are sick. Really love the shirts in particular. Old cowboy shirts were so good. (brycity) sup gray version Cocktail shirt is awesome. Stuff looks great on the ladies too. Great shots of a huge number of items: http://circus-store.tumblr.com
pizza intervals. drinking coffee counts too. gets your heart rate up.
soooo, i know i should enjoy the company of the people/drinks/music at this gathering, but any chance you guys will also be broadcasting the end of the World Cup opener? no big deal if not.
where do i get these pants? probably harnden and cost $1k because they were woven from fabric spun by Rumpelstiltskin or something, but if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative let me know
basically what I'm imagining will happen for the first twenty minutes
think I'm in. would be good to finally meet some people. looking forward to all those moments when, after telling people my real name, i have to tell them my handle so they know who i am.
there are a few A+S stockists in the U.S. but I don't know how much men's they carry. think it's predominantly women's. you can check the sites here: http://www.arts-science.com/en/shoplist/stockist_list/ Tiina I know has men's, but Creatures of Comfort doesn't if I remember right. Just have to look through one by one I guess. Of course if you can get a Japan proxy it might be cheaper.
i hear ya. not for everyone (or most). but they are good for wearing with $1,000 Haider Ackermann silk pajamas. you could be the coolest guy in the opium den.
not that much when it comes down to it. i think it's only slightly more flexible than doing something like Nike ID where you're not really designing a sneaker from scratch but selecting certain elements within a fairly rigid framework. it's not like you could have Guidi make a new toe shape just for you. but the cut is slightly different than the standard Guidi slippersoh, no i don't care if you like them or not, which is why i said if you don't like the design it's...
New Posts  All Forums: