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Full AW15 collection pics here: http://www.fashionsnap.com/collection/takahiromiyashitathesoloist/2015-16aw/ definite Number Nine vibes. even a destroyed sweater in the mix.
i figured it was too obvious to have been an accident. that is bold
Not to spoil what is definitely a very nice purchase, but man, that name "Carnal Flower" is a little, uh, questionable. Carnal from carnalis meaning flesh or meat. Basically it's called Meat Flower, which is a euphemism for...well, you can figure it out. Sure it smells wonderful though!
Exactly. Maximizing price is what I want to avoid!
This extending-the-auction-time-with-each-bid nonsense on YJP makes me crazy
i've always liked those bone derbies. i think they're easy to wear since they're pretty neutral. if you can wear black guidi derbies with something you can probably wear the bone ones too. here's a pic for you.
Wish it had happened a couple years ago before Pacquiao started dropping off but it should still be great to watch. My money is on Mayweather.
edit: looks like Barneys got it http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503795550&cgid=men&index=43 TheCorner put up more items, including some really amazing long coats. I think I have half their Dries buy in my wish list.
some good pics from the Undercover showroom here (scroll down to find them, and go past that for pics from the Gosha showroom): http://charlieporter.net/
the thing that always makes me crazy about discussions of quality is that people will treat their personal opinion like it's an objective take on whether something is good or not. you hear a lot of "the quality wasn't there" when what's really going on is the person didn't personally like the fabric or something like that. Sometimes the opinion is right and the quality really isn't there. But you rarely hear anyone provide evidence that goes beyond their personal...
New Posts  All Forums: