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I like not all one thing or another too. doing just one kind of fit all the time isn't appealing also don't care for uniqlos jeans
i saw a guy in uniqlo wearing a pair of levi's just like what you described and they looked awesome. guy looked way cooler than all the dudes in skinnies around (uniqlo basically makes jeggings for guys now). if I ever buy another pair of indigo denim they will be like this.on a related note, any menswear that was even remotely cool at NYFW was not skinny. and then of course you still have lemaire, ami, umit benan, and a ton of others across the atlantic who long ago...
i leave a zip loc bag of meat in a bathtub full of hot water for two days and it comes out perfectly also bacon grease is the best hair product damn i got life figured out
Everyone is so happy in this pic of Ralph Lauren slapping Kanye West also, interesting factoid for people obsessed with the cover of Unknown Pleasures: http://qz.com/346826/joy-divisions-iconic-album-cover-is-actually-based-on-a-students-chart-from-the-1970s/
incidentally http://www.pronouncenames.com/pronounce/miao
actually was talking to c4est about this but the last time I went to barneys, which was last week to check out the spring arrivals, by walid and sacai were my favorites. liked dries a lot too but those two had the most special pieces I would consider dropping big money on (though I won't because I'm a cheap ass)
he should've replied that he makes fragrances and was working on a scent based on shoes and feet
i would go with By Walid if that's what you're after. those pieces are pretty sick.
anyone know a good spot to get images of Raf's black palms collection? looking for static images and not video
Best Geller showing in years. Great looks and even more great individual pieces. Really hope this does well with buyers.
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