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no worries. didn't know if that piece of the conversation was part of the interview. looking forward to reading it. hope you guys are having a good time over there. I can't decide if it sounds like fun or not. haha
what was his response? i've seen him around a few times but never met him. i've heard he's a nice guy.
I haven't liked Lemaire's last two men's collections. Maybe the reference points just don't appeal to me but it seems aggressively bland and the proportions seem off to me. I liked a lot of it before then, and there are still current pieces here and there that I like, but I'm worried the line is on a downward trajectory. Women's continues to be really nice though. edit: looking back on some older men's stuff I don't find that as appealing as I used to either. there's good...
"a matter of pants" will be the name of my autobiography. in stores soon.
It's true. Tapered drop-crotch sweats, Americana (selvedge denim and Red Wings), tiny suits with cropped jackets and pants, etc etc aren't trends. They are timeless, classic.There's also some funny idea that guys don't get as crazy about shopping.SneakerheadsSample sale
I've met plenty of people in the fashion industry who are extremely knowledgeable about fashion history and about what's going on today. I've met plenty of the other kind too. Kinda hard to generalize either way, I guess. That said, I find that people who work for or are into niche brands, which I would say includes most of the brands people are really into on this forum, tend to be more inclined to seek out information about those brands and fashion in general. The other...
Yeah, thanks very much to Gentry for letting us stand around and drink beer in your store. I'll definitely swing back through next time I'm in the neighborhood and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. Good finally meeting all you guys. To everyone I told to hit me up on PM, do it. Seriously. I'm always down to grab coffee or a beer and nerd out about clothes. Or books or dogs or whatever.
nothing to do with my disposition. it's because i'm older and have a bunch of gray hair. wearing my soloist hobo-clown/pajama shirt today to compensate. (the one i said my wife hates.)shit, actually we've met a couple times at work stuff. haha. i'll say hello.
Someone drag gdl if he isn't already coming. Had coffee with @Synthese today. Nice guy. Should be good meeting more people tomorrow.
i'm in too Edit: in for drinks but have to skip dinner.
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