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Junya was amazing. I'm not necessarily surprised that his women's is better but I am kinda surprised at just how different the men's and women's are. Just looking at the two side by side you wouldn't even know the same guy did both. Does show an impressive range I guess.
JustFab article:The company is tracking to do $400 million in 2014 revenue and more than $500 million in 2015 revenue, Mr. Goldenberg said. Of that amount, roughly 90% comes from the site’s subscribers.http://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-VCDB-15364BoF on Farfetch:According to market reports, the company, which has yet to cross over into profitability, is estimated to drive about $350 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV) with about $90 million in resulting revenue from...
I read that BoF piece on Farfetch this morning. I was surprised when I actually saw the numbers. A $1 billion valuation does seem high based on those figures. I thought their revenue would be higher. JustFab is also valued at $1 billion and I think Farfetch is a better idea, but their revenue is significantly higher. I thought Farfetch would be in the same ballpark but apparently not.
shah, you need to post video of crazy skulking walks at Margiela à la Galliano [[SPOILER]] edit: oh, and borsalino is going bankrupt http://qz.com/356647/the-maker-of-the-worlds-coolest-hats-is-heading-toward-bankruptcy/
i think what Raf Simons is doing at Dior is probably the best work of his career, which is really saying something i think Damir Doma has been one of the most spectacular collapses in recent fashion history and I think he will soon be creative director at Ann Taylor
nike knew betteri'm not really surprised at the yeezy pricing. making anything in small quantities—and as big as they want this to be, I don't think adidas will be ordering up uniqlo-sized volumes—is expensive. i do think kanye is a bit of an asshat for all his talk of accessibility though. it's not like he went into the arrangement not knowing what the prices would be like. and if he did then he's even more of an asshat. i think he probably likes to say he's concerned...
Oh man that's even better. Kanye rips on Nike about the constraints there and then sings adidas' praises for the freedom and then can't set prices.
the best part of that kanye pricing is that he keeps saying he hates exclusivity and wants his stuff to be accessible to everyone. he's been suggesting his stuff would be priced at zara levels. haha
agree with LAGuy. laugh at Farfetch's valuation if you want, but the guys leading the latest round of funding, the $86 million that just closed, are DST Global. some of the other companies they've invested in: Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Flipkart, Spotify, and AirBnB. these guys aren't dummies. they know what they're doing. the great thing about Farfetch as a business plan is that they don't have to hold any inventory. they just enable stores with their platform. it's a...
just wondering, has anyone seen the fabric on that coat in person? I can't tell if it's awful or not. synth, please order from Yoox and report back!
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