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Sacai is awesome.
Re: Theory - it's basically a low-end line masquerading as middle market. They do put out some decent things now and again, but generally I find the stuff, in terms of design and fabrics, only slightly better than, say, Zara or Uniqlo yet costing significantly more. That's really my objection. I just think 99% of the time the stuff isn't nearly worth the prices they're asking.
If it fits the bill then grab it. Construction is great on his stuff and it's totally unique.
If you're that much on the fence the answer is probably no anyway. I love the soloist but it seems like you're trying to talk yourself into it.
It's a sick piece but I wouldn't style it the way you said. Check out images of the soloist for some more creative ideas.
I think the uniqlo cashmere is fine for the price, with emphasis on "for the price." It does pill with wear, but in my experience it's as good as a lot of mid-tier brands that are much more expensive, like theory. Theory isn't great anyway so that's not saying a ton, but better to pay $89 than $289. But yeah, if you want nice cashmere you really shouldn't expect to get it at that price.
I fell in love with that knit on the runway and seeing it in person only made me want it more. It's at the top of my cop list right now. All the knits I looked at from this season were made in Belgium, fwiw.
That Lee Roach blazer really soured you, huh? Assuming that's what you're referring to. Sucks man. I hate that. There's a ton of Dries that isn't loud at all. But if you want to go that route it's a good brand to do it with.
I think the only brands I'm willing to spend money on anymore are Dries and TheSoloist. There are random pieces from others here and there, but those are the main ones. I'll probably feel totally different in a few months, but that's how it is right now anyway.
Thanks so much. Yeah, y!jp. Google Translate version was something like "wore five position in the season purchased, we do not wear it out and then cleaning. Dirt is not."
New Posts  All Forums: