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Nirvana, Mademoiselle Magazine, November 1993. edit: if you read the text it looks like just Kurt is in a Dries sweater. not sure about the rest of the garments.
the way it happened was really weird too. the room he was in flipped upside down somehow.
yeah, i figured it was because i'm in the US. I know the company has strict policies governing their online sales. hopefully the corner will have some stuff up soon, and b&m stores like IF and Barneys should have items in in the next few weeks, I believe. we'll see... edit: tracked down a social media post directing users to luisaviaroma's new dries arrivals and even through that it wouldn't let me see. haha
not seeing dries on either. maybe it's a US thing. i cannot wait to see the fall pieces up close though. retailers should be getting stuff in soon
cocktail layered jeans (not my pic). been looking for these forever at a less-than-astronomical price. found them new. never got to try them on so got my fingers crossed that they work for me.
was just messing around. most talk is about shopping / who has yoox/tres bien code. then shah went and posted runway looks, like he wanted people to talk about design or something. smh also: chimp fashunz! http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/20596/1/chimpanzees-develop-their-own-fashion-trends
post sales codes or gtfo
this exactly for me too. lot of really great pieces in here. for me this is like the spring version of the exceptionally good FW13 collection.
some nice details
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