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Everyone's all about that athleisure
h lorenzo has their ss15 buy preview up for those interested: http://shop.hlorenzo.com/preview/men/christophelemaire
Jil coat looks awesome, accordion
bump for relevance...additions welcome
bought a Rick pharmacy coat, which is really nice but I have to take like 3"-3.5" off the sleeves.
i swung by alchemist and the webster when I went to Miami about six months back. alchemist was more dark, directional stuff: rick, ann, even some ccp if i remember right, plus stuff like chrome hearts. think i spent more time in the Y-3 store that was by it (down on street level though). the webster was more like APC, Ami, Carven sort of stuff. wasn't too impressed with either honestly.
They have it at Carson Street Clothiers as well if you're looking. Or I guess something similar since reedo says that one is one of a kind. The cowhide is REALLY heavy on it.
Really like the cut/color on those pants Parker.
had my eye on the pants but they were size 1. so was the blazer from AW11 that was just up. all too tiny for me unfortunately.
galliano's margiela debut http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/spring-2015-couture/maison-martin-margiela
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