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Does "no shirt, no shoes, no service" still apply if you're wearing a blazer? You can find out for us Regis!
I dunno. NaP hasn't always been profitable in recent years, whereas Yoox has. Richemont was reportedly looking to offload Yoox a while back too (that's where the Amazon acquisition rumors came from I believe). I think this way they don't have to deal with running it and they get the advantage of Yoox's network --The transaction is positive for Richemont as the combination will improve profitability “considerably” over the next three years, according to Alessandro...
Richemont still owns net-a-porter. they'll get a 50% share of the new entity but only 25% of the voting rights, so Yoox will basically run it
About Christophe Lemaire 1965: Born in France 1991: First Christophe Lemaire collection 2000: Appointed Lacoste Artistic Director 2007: Christophe Lemaire's activity re-launch and opening of a shop in Paris 2011: Appointed Hermes women's Artistic Director 2015: Final Hermes Spring Summer collection
moody stooges new band name I called it
Congrats bene. Neuro at Brown is pretty awesome. My favorite style tick in that Atelier story is the use of "said he"
People are obsessed with Vetements. I've liked what they've done in the past but this recent collection just seems like what a soccer mom thinks hipsters dress like.
Junya was amazing. I'm not necessarily surprised that his women's is better but I am kinda surprised at just how different the men's and women's are. Just looking at the two side by side you wouldn't even know the same guy did both. Does show an impressive range I guess.
JustFab article:The company is tracking to do $400 million in 2014 revenue and more than $500 million in 2015 revenue, Mr. Goldenberg said. Of that amount, roughly 90% comes from the site’s subscribers. on Farfetch:According to market reports, the company, which has yet to cross over into profitability, is estimated to drive about $350 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV) with about $90 million in resulting revenue from...
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