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preview / pre-order for FW14 pieces from Haider Ackermann, Raf, Junya, BBS, and others up on H. Lorenzo http://shop.hlorenzo.com/preview/men
Very excited about this. Can't wait to see it.
nonnative does some really cool stuff. Have to pay more attention to that line.
siki im has done a few versions, some better than others (you have to search for "tunic" rather than kurta to find them online). i like this one, for instance, with the band collar and off-center placket: there's also the regular centered placket. looks cool under a blazer (jenke ahmed tailly is the guy pictured): I didn't like the cargo pocket tunic as much though. can't really layer stuff over it easily, and layering stuff over top is one of the best things about a...
I don't really know much about him. You can find a couple looks around online (Google his name and "Prairie" for instance), but I haven't spent a lot of time digging.Yeah, I think this is definitely true. In fact where I think he differs from Damir is that he is, as you put it, more utilitarian and repro, where Damir is the romantic version. If nothing else it is an interesting mix of themes that he manages to pull together into a coherent and consistent vision.
last couple collections as I said, so new damir. would be hard to draw a comparison with old damir. hahi think sharing the same design references isn't necessarily a "superficial" similarity. It shows a similar point of view or set of preoccupations. And I don't think they'd both work with Drira and turn up in Encens, which has a very defined aesthetic, if they didn't share something. The things you point to, in my opinion, are evidence that there is some affinity there....
semi-related note: Matthew Ames denim capsule collection for Weekday the man himself
I think there's a good amount of similarity between Lemaire and the last couple Damir collections. Both seem to reference that late 80s/early 90s sense of volume & proportion before everything got skinny (think egg-ish silhouette). Yohji's use of volume is a lot more expansive than that, in my opinion. Maybe it's just because he's been working so long that you can't say he regularly looks back to a specific period, but even if you were to just look at the last few years I...
seemed like he made both the point you're referring and a slightly separate one (wear your grails like beaters) but oknot sure if serious. i think they're very different.
This. I know people who kinda save their good stuff because they're afraid to mess it up or wear it out. If I have something I like I wear it every chance I get.
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