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"Recovering fashion designer John Galliano has said his comeback will be “bigger and better” than before — and sources tell Page Six it will be with Maison Martin Margiela. "Galliano has secretly been in talks to start a haute couture line for Margiela, which was acquired by the Diesel brand in 2002 and has been without a creative director since 2009, after its founder, Belgian designer Martin Margiela, left the business. But Galliano’s rep says he’s in talks with a...
Always wanted one of the lace cuff coats. Almost bought one a little while ago but I ended up passing. Bought an older season Ann long coat instead (lightweight for fall wear). Don't think you'd regret it though unless you want something heavyweight for winter.
re: prices, BoF did a piece a couple years ago looking very broadly at the different factors involved. prices of materials have been going up (and will continue to), labor costs have risen, brands are inflating prices to cushion their margins since consumers expect deals and many don't buy until sale, and then brands are also inflating prices basically for marketing reasons (exclusivity breeds desire). Last but not least, people keep buying shit, even as prices go up. (I'm...
apparently the hair/makeup at Dries was largely influenced by girls at Burning Man. haha. can definitely see that.i thought Vetements was great too. more Margiela than Margiela is now. impressive for a label only in its second season (though the designers are industry vets so not too surprising i guess).
more of the dries finale from now fashion. so far it's the best thing from pfw. yang li, lemaire, and rick were all alright but not exceptional in my opinion. balenciaga was more wang-ian than ever. ann isn't really ann anymore (don't think the person tweeting for WWD knows ann left, just judging by the language they used). excited to see haider ackermann, louis vuitton, and dior.
uh oh. looks like the iPhone 6 camera has serious white balance issues. couldn't tell in my coworker's photos or videos, but check this out: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/iphone-6-ios8-camera-problems,news-19585.html
i mean the features that use it like apple pay. but no place accepts it for the moment anyway so that's useless. still, any company doing anything truly innovative with phones and being successful at it? i'm sure they may be out there but i can't really think of any (not my area of expertise so that isn't saying much)
if you're talking about the sapphire glass when you refer to the scratch-resistant/unbreakable glass, apparently that isn't as impervious as was made out. it can actually shatter more easily than glass, and has some other issues: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-why-apple-didnt-use-unbreakable-sapphire-glass-for-the-iphone-6-2014-9 re: waterproofing, not something I personally care about that much, but i see your point. and I still don't worry too much about bending...
i've been playing around with the 6 plus of a coworker some and it seems pretty damn good to me. the camera is outstanding. video is really incredible on it, especially the slow mo. battery life is much better than the 5s. processor is way better. i think the 6 / 6 plus are awesome so far. a lot of people feel that way. for example: http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/16/iphone-6-review/ i also don't think the bending thing is going to affect most people. would anyone here...
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