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If sell "richard" is a euphemism for whoring the answer is yes.
Oh yeah, Vetements is one of the most hyped brands around right now. It's a bit crazy. I like a bunch of it but didn't really like the recent collection for Fw15. Seemed like a parody of hipsterism done by someone basically doing a straight copy of Margiela (it's all in that vein to be fair, but this one was just too much for me). Haven't seen any in the wild in NYC yet, but I guess we lag a bit behind Japan and Europe. Funny that you see them so much already.
This one? https://www.ssense.com/en-gb/men/product/vetements/navy-oversized-rain-coat/1154633 What do you want to know (not that I have the answer, just curious)?
Even Japan's Native Americans are cooler than ours
I don't really have a judgment on those penny loafers. Just kinda fascinating that they exist. I wonder if they're exclusively for Mr. P.
http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/guidi/full-grain-leather-penny-loafers/518368 Guidi penny loafers. that is all
i will only wear genetically modified cotton, like i will only date genetically modified women. nature just doesn't make a great final product when it comes down to it
awesome. I listened to All Along the Watchtower this morning actually. (But that was the only Hendrix. I switched after that to Velvet Underground.)
Does "no shirt, no shoes, no service" still apply if you're wearing a blazer? You can find out for us Regis!
I dunno. NaP hasn't always been profitable in recent years, whereas Yoox has. Richemont was reportedly looking to offload Yoox a while back too (that's where the Amazon acquisition rumors came from I believe). I think this way they don't have to deal with running it and they get the advantage of Yoox's network --The transaction is positive for Richemont as the combination will improve profitability “considerably” over the next three years, according to Alessandro...
New Posts  All Forums: