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i thought of cloak immediately when i saw it too. looks like a Russian military coat, which is very Plokhov.
Man, I just do not find AR appealing. I'm sure it's very nice in terms of fabric and construction in person but the design to me just misses the mark. I don't think you could reproduce the Harnden coat that easily. You could come close, but it would definitely be a compromised version. It isn't as simple as telling a tailor to cut the lining and body fabric differently so it's warped in just the right way. It would probably take a good amount of trial and error. Maybe if...
and then the camera pans slowly until it shows you what's inside the fridge...
haha. i would settle for being able to see clothing from the back and sides and up close with somewhat natural lighting for more than a second or two.
this is great. thanks for posting. i wish there were videos like this for every collection floating around. actually offers a much better and obviously more realistic look at the clothing than runway shows do. the haider ackermann men's collection vids are pretty good in this regard since the "show" is mostly just guys hanging around in the clothes and drinking. like this http://vimeo.com/79670533
comments like "Yes or no, dickwagon?" always make me wish I had a brother
I would too but there isn't that much around. Not holding my breath on it coming back at this point. She hasn't ruled it out though.Tell us something we wouldn’t expect of you...Veronique Branquinho: I tend to believe that you can expect anything of me. I like the idea that I’m a free person and I can do whatever I want. I also like to have some mystery in my life and around my person. I like to have the liberty of surprising people. What are your ambitions for the label?...
Don't know if these were posted. Takahiro Miyashita x Foot the Coacher. Each style is available in black, gray, and sand. The asymmetrical ones obviously reminiscent of the Number (N)ine x Converse, though I think I like these better. http://www.freshnessmag.com/2014/08/05/foot-coacher-x-takahiromiyashita-soloist-collaboration-sneakers/
haha. fashion videos really are generally terrible. if people know of good ones post 'em up. i get irrationally angry when other people bid on things I want. hands off my shit you vultures!
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