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I see it as an attempt to turn into Balenciaga. At this point I think Damir is a talented designer who doesn't have his own voice. He should really be designing for a house whose vision he can channel, rather than trying to communicate a personal vision that he doesn't seem to have, at least not for longer than a few seasons. I dunno.
backstage at Rick (via T Magazine). just checking out stock prices.
Some context: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/read/interviews/3362/dries-van-noten-springsummer-15 http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2015MEN-DVNOTEN/ I think there's something vaguely sinister about this show that I really love. It's sensual, based on ballet, but it's still got an edge. Beneath the overt ballet references there's kind of a gangster subtext I get at times—the harnesses look like holsters, the long jackets like trenches, more black than usual for Dries....
Dress for the job you want
haha. that towel is hilarious. it's so over the top it's actually kinda awesome.
looks invigorating! Dries show is awesome
yeah, and they went with a presentation. feels a little half-hearted. wonder how sales are though.
and the cost of each piece is...1 MILLION DOLLARS
yeah, this is a winner
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