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i actually like the Raf collection. haha
you make a good point, but it is a very Japanese approach to things. same with selvedge denim, for instance. there's nothing inherently Japanese about selvedge. the Japanese just have a way of becoming obsessed with something and reinterpreting it with this desire to make it the most perfect version of that thing. so the best selvedge is Japanese. Visvim is kinda the same idea. to stay with the denim example, hiroki designed Visvim's denim from the yarn up, as he puts it....
i really like these pajama shirt / short-sleeve blazer things. i want one. contrary to shah, i actually like a lot of the pockets. i haven't always liked them in the past, but they work for me throughout this collection. still some kinda blah looks here and there (most of the black stuff i didn't much care for) but generally i'm a fan
i think big dropped crotch pants without a taper would be ideal with this (more yohji-style drop crotch than rick or damir or whatever)
gotta go with sipang on bootleg damir, which is too bad. he's done some cool stuff. this collection feels a bit lackluster to me though
yeah, i feel you on Raeburn. checked out Christophe Lemaire's new collection yet? it's up on nowfashion. it's nice. i have the same criticisms as before, but the color palette (love the navy) and styling definitely appeal to me more on this one. i really like the pajama shirts. the last look is something i would spend all summer in. edit: just a gut reaction, but this is probably one of my favorites of his. need to give it a closer look of course, and ideally see stuff in...
Here's a reference point for you, toasty. The peg is quite a bit roomier in the thigh with a serious taper. Slims are more straight.
It happened: "We PITTI the fool who missed the printed pants memo in Florence." http://fashionista.com/2014/06/pitti-uomo-street-style#awesm=~oI2P2NDi5tbgwq
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