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just for you guys http://gawker.com/jimmy-kimmel-finally-discovers-dick-shaped-weather-patt-1646128111
yes, basically what I was saying, minus the part about kicking walls
Jesus. Haha. Ok, good to know. Thanks.
googling around I came across this pic from about a year ago. looks good, RFX. which model/leather? looks like 995 in donkey. i'm no guidi expert though. i ask because that's the combo i'm thinking of for my next boots. if you don't mind my asking, how's the toe box holding up? looks like there's a cap so I'm guessing it hasn't softened into leather sock mode. and how'd you size? i tried them on recently one size up from my normal shoe size and was surprised to find i had...
i'd be curious what it's like to try some of it on, especially since i trust your opinion. but to me it looks really overwrought. that word "anatomical" seems like an excuse for adding a bunch of unnecessary seams, and I can't imagine they're actually functional, especially considering the seams on the right and left side don't match. perhaps they're functional in different ways, but i doubt it. and if they're not functional, i.e. they aren't there to allow for natural...
Glad that worked for you. That's an insane piece.edit: by the way, how's the fit (run large? small?) just wondering because I see smalls pop up every once in a while but think I would need a medium.just fyi to anyone who cares, there are a bunch of the cocktail pants up on YJP right now for a great price. i have the slimmer version (the cocktail layered jeans) and they're pretty sick.
i loved ss15 rtw. seeing the video, especially with the music, it does give me a bordello vibe. before that, though, i read it as being about the way clothes are put together—or not—and how they interact with the body, how they hide and reveal. the clothes seemed to be coming apart or barely held together, and as a result they showed a good deal of skin. kind of a play on sexiness via deconstruction. i did not get date rape vibes at all.
keep seeing this brand pop up (like on hide_m's instagram iirc and some other places). latest addition to the human centipede of "artisanal" brands.
not everything is absurdly priced. some of the knits this season are like $750, which is still expensive but not out of the ordinary for designer clothing (they're beautiful, by the way). The wool tunics are $600-$700—again expensive but not abnormal. and then yeah, you do get the coats at several $k and things like the washed sweatshirts for upwards of $1,000 that are kinda crazy. but there are some entry points. i checked out the buys at IF and Barneys once they came in...
BoF ranked the 10 best shows of SS15 women's. Their pick for #1: Undercover. (awesome) http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/10/top-10-shows-of-the-season-springsummer-2015.html
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