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am i the only one more interested in synth's musings about the circumambience than any actual product coverage? H.S. Thompson at the Kentucky Derby but with layered scarves...
pants in the top pic look kinda like Snowpants™. can't wait to see more. getting very excited for the fall shows. only a few days left to wait.
The medical advice in here is hilarious. Also, flu shot is generally not a live virus, just FYI.
now that sipang posted a pic, what's the holy grail of SF user activity? is it all downhill from here...
kinda meant to get this and then sort of forgot about it, but looks good. thought it looked really nice in hapsical's showroom pics: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SRuJLYGMGFM/UQuyCf96zPI/AAAAAAAAJ-U/dM5PK-5TC68/s1600/51.JPG
nice. will definitely check it out. on a side note, people in nyc are obsessed with soup dumplings. i tend to prefer non-boiling-liquid-filled dumplings, especially har gow. so good...anyone ever try the rice crepes at this place? place is really ghetto looking (kinda like a garage) but they're really good. awesome snack if you're passing bySun Hing Lung Co58 Henry St Frnt 1New York, NY 10002
Better than Joe's Shanghai on Pell? I know people say those are the best (no opinion personally)
You guys should all come to NYC. Happy New Years, everyone.
Think they have or at least had one left at opening ceremony in nyc two days ago. 50% off if I remember right
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