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C'mon Parker, you can't say you found your Dries grail and not share pics. I found a Dries grail a few weeks ago on ebay but I had no money so I had to let it pass. No fun
Oliver Spencer was cool. Really underrecognized brand. MH was nice but agree about liking the looser stuff. Lee Roach seems to be out of ideas or just coasting or something. Too young for that.
Zegna looks so nice under Pilati. Best part of Missoni is of course the styling with those blankets. I want one.
haha. dude, synth, this is so good
That's my point though. You speak as if your opinion is more empirical, but it's really just an opinion, typically with no basis offered for it. I'm just saying you should give the basis of your opinion if there is one. Or just say you don't like it.Also, I wasn't saying the idea was valid because Raf did it. That would be committing the fallacy you mentioned. I was just offering him as an example of someone else who'd done it. Personally I think pretty much every idea is...
Just a question: is the idea of a single jacket that looks like one jacket layered over another fundamentally flawed? Or is it that you just don't think this version works? This idea has been used by other designers (Raf Simons has done it, for instance), sometimes successfully and other times not. Why doesn't this version work? If it's the idea itself and you've really thought it out, then go ahead and call it a gimmick. You of course have the right to that opinion. If...
You use the word gimmick an awful lot to describe design details. In some cases I understand why, but I think you overuse it as a criticism. Some things you call gimmicks are really just details you don't particularly like. Just sayin'...
am i the only one more interested in synth's musings about the circumambience than any actual product coverage? H.S. Thompson at the Kentucky Derby but with layered scarves...
pants in the top pic look kinda like Snowpants™. can't wait to see more. getting very excited for the fall shows. only a few days left to wait.
The medical advice in here is hilarious. Also, flu shot is generally not a live virus, just FYI.
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