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so which one of you guys is out to kill Gadget? for you NYC guys, rumor has it Atelier will be back up and running pretty soon. hope they have the same massive Guidi selection as before, though I'm guessing they'll probably have to cut back a bit to make room for the other stuff, like Golden Goose (for real: http://ateliernewyork.com/last/)
I pay by CC with From Japan and think it works great. When you put your deposit in it just appears as a pending charge on your CC. If you don't win the bid you can then just release the funds and the pending charge goes away. Can take a few days for that but it's really simple. I also find their shipping and fees to be really good.
cool. i'll keep an eye out.
so who is going to the trunk show (and when)? i'll probably head over tomorrow (with the Mrs.) around 4 or 5 or so.
yes. http://www.boweryboogie.com/2014/09/feit-direct-footwear-brand-opening-flagship-store-bowery/
I've said this on the sw&d side but I'm in. Trying to get my wife to come too.
i can live with this
I'm in for the trunk show. Don't know about the dog though. Her social calendar is pretty full. Glad to hear you'll be back in town, Synth! Nahneun, you should definitely come. Everyone, myself included, is really underwhelming in person. It's shocking really how you can project a personality online that you just can't match in real life. Extraordinary. You'll love it. (actually everyone is really cool and it will definitely be a good time)
my dog is also quite majestic
rick chicken just saw the u-n-i-ty convo. i don't know about 5-7 years ago, but in the last two years i've noticed it more and more. i actually like the brand. it is pretty basic, but i think they do a nice job of picking fabrics and doing subtle details, like raw finishes, exposed seams and that sort of thing. it's the cheapest brand at IF but it doesn't feel out of place, and i think along with barena and ten-c it's one of the best offerings on the co-op floor at...
New Posts  All Forums: