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Howdy SailorI like the vans in spope's shot. Wouldn't change
I've been curious about PR Patterson for a little while but don't know much about it either. Hostem carries it and has some pics. Can't find any place in NYC where I could have a look though (and haven't been interested enough to email). They do have some nice hats and outerwear.
there's this one on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AUTH-DRIES-VAN-NOTEN-RUNWAY-SS14-FLORAL-PRINT-HILLIAN-COTTON-TANKTOP-SZ-L-/151357536438?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&hash=item233d9cb8b6
yeah, still not agreeing, and this statement makes a big assumption. but it's just a difference of opinion. no matter what the only way to know how something will really look on you is to try it on, even with good average-sized models.
i don't agree. lookbook models are like any other models: they're there to make the clothing look good and to create an overall appealing image. they're hired because of their proportions and appearance, not to fade into the background. there's a reason "average" sized people generally aren't used, and even if they are it's because they have a desired look.
don't forget that they pin all the clothing when they shoot for e-commerce and lookbooks so even if you are roughly the same size as the model it might not fit like the picture anyway
Great stuff, ghost. That n(n) jacket is so good. All the rest too.
unless you speak Japanese and can work something out with the seller I think in most cases you will need a proxy to buy off Yahoo Japan. I've used Sutocorp in the past and it's been good but find that FromJapan is the easiest and cheapest option. also, this great guide by @brad-t can be very useful: http://harajuju.net/Topic-Buying-From-Japan
video showing making of Dior women's sneaks
Sacai is awesome.
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