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I think the only brands I'm willing to spend money on anymore are Dries and TheSoloist. There are random pieces from others here and there, but those are the main ones. I'll probably feel totally different in a few months, but that's how it is right now anyway.
Thanks so much. Yeah, y!jp. Google Translate version was something like "wore five position in the season purchased, we do not wear it out and then cleaning. Dirt is not."
I've read it. I remember him talking about the high involved (and the clash of Eros and Thanatos if I recall). I think for some personality types, specifically risk-seeking adrenaline junkies, it is addictive. I've known a few war correspondents and even if they aren't outwardly thrill seekers (some definitely are), all the long-term ones I've known clearly wouldn't be happy working in a calm, quiet office. There are also some who go over because they think it's important,...
Yeah, I think you're right about the variety of patterns.What I saw up close wasn't that techy. The coat below was pretty techy, as you'd probably imagine, but the tie-dye pants here are actually denim and the straps are like canvas. The shirting was typical Dries cotton. Mostly like tech accents.
this is how I imagine my "golden years"anyone here speak Japanese? Google translate is not cutting it on this one. [[SPOILER]]
I haven't seen Bresson's. I know I should check it out since I like him a lot. His comments about Dreyer's movie are pretty funny. Not surprising I guess coming from someone who referred to his actors as "models" haha. But Dreyer's Joan of Arc completely blew me away the first time I saw it, and I still think it's amazing every time I watch it. I really liked Soderbergh's Solaris too. One of my favorite movies he's made actually. It was a good movie to remake too. I don't...
I liked Japon but I wasn't blown away the way I was by Dreyer and Tarkovsky when I first saw their work (the passion of joan of arc is my favorite movie). I tried watching Battle in Heaven at one point but didn't enjoy it. I noticed that Netflix has some Sokurov movies I never saw so will make it a point to watch those eventually. oh, and your avatar looks familiar but I can't place it! making me crazy now
I've also found the blazers snug in the chest, enough that I could size up. With pants in most other brands I'm a 46 or 48 in the waist, but with Dries I'm a definite 48. Shirts are very different though. They're often cut a bit large, in my experience. I think it's all deliberate based on the way something is intended to fit. Like this shirt isn't really supposed to fit slim, I'm guessing. Had my first look in person at the new fall stuff. I'm really blown away by it....
One of my friends has one. It's awesome. EG is a good call for an alternative, like the old shopcoats maybe. But the finishing and details, like the great warping at the bottom of the Harnden for instance, will be very different. If the Harnden is what you want I think it'll be hard finding a substitute you're really happy with, so probably just better off keeping an eye on the second-hand market. (It'll also be that much more awesome when you find one.)
I believe the Totokaelo model sized up as well. You probably saw this but they include the model's measurements and size under that "Sizing and fit" section on the right: SIZING European FIT Josh is wearing the EU 50 MEASURE 25" length, European 50 MODEL MEASUREMENTS Josh is 6'1", 175, medium, 32 denim, 48 EU, 32" inseam, 18" shoulder, 16" neck, 38" chest, 34" waist, 10.5 US Shoe
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