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I don't really have a judgment on those penny loafers. Just kinda fascinating that they exist. I wonder if they're exclusively for Mr. P.
http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/guidi/full-grain-leather-penny-loafers/518368 Guidi penny loafers. that is all
i will only wear genetically modified cotton, like i will only date genetically modified women. nature just doesn't make a great final product when it comes down to it
awesome. I listened to All Along the Watchtower this morning actually. (But that was the only Hendrix. I switched after that to Velvet Underground.)
Does "no shirt, no shoes, no service" still apply if you're wearing a blazer? You can find out for us Regis!
I dunno. NaP hasn't always been profitable in recent years, whereas Yoox has. Richemont was reportedly looking to offload Yoox a while back too (that's where the Amazon acquisition rumors came from I believe). I think this way they don't have to deal with running it and they get the advantage of Yoox's network --The transaction is positive for Richemont as the combination will improve profitability “considerably” over the next three years, according to Alessandro...
Richemont still owns net-a-porter. they'll get a 50% share of the new entity but only 25% of the voting rights, so Yoox will basically run it http://qz.com/373470/the-yoox-and-net-a-porter-merger-is-creating-a-tech-giant-as-much-as-a-fashion-giant/
About Christophe Lemaire 1965: Born in France 1991: First Christophe Lemaire collection 2000: Appointed Lacoste Artistic Director 2007: Christophe Lemaire's activity re-launch and opening of a shop in Paris 2011: Appointed Hermes women's Artistic Director 2015: Final Hermes Spring Summer collection http://www.fastretailing.com/eng/group/news/1503031700.html
moody stooges new band name I called it
Congrats bene. Neuro at Brown is pretty awesome. My favorite style tick in that Atelier story is the use of "said he"
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