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Dan is creepin behind you, c4. Look out
this is kinda funny. kanye as final fantasy characters
aitor throup profile
never been right at opening but I've never seen any line at all.then you may be in luck
live interview with peter saville if anyone is interested (10:38 am EST right now and it started about an hour ago)
The News sample sale rarely has any good CPs, just FYI. It's always weird leftovers, not like white or black Achilles or standards like that. They did have the Tim Coppens bballs last time if I remember right. Also, no Sacai mens at all, which is what I went looking for.
New York people, first ever AnnD/Haider Ackermann sample sale in US: Wouldn't expect crazy deals since I'm guessing C21 is trying to make some money here too. Also I'm betting the men's selection will not be stellar. But who knows.
... “There is something very generic about it, the idea of basics, but in the noble sense of the word, and at the same time quite a remarkable commitment to quality. Uniqlo is not fast fashion. It’s not disposable. It’s made for all,” [Lemaire] added. yeah, don't exactly know about that. it's not the H&M/Zara fast fashion model, but it's still pretty disposable. though I will say my...
if anyone has a line on some Guidi 995 in donkey or horse in black to fit size 43 floating around on the secondhand market let me know. Might be trying to pick up a pair. And happy birthday, AlexanderTG. I think you deserve a pair of boots for making it one more time around the sun!
genetically modified to order? i would like a dozen mice without legs, please
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