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haha. fashion videos really are generally terrible. if people know of good ones post 'em up. i get irrationally angry when other people bid on things I want. hands off my shit you vultures!
best fashion vid I've seen in a little while. treadmill skittles are the best
My guess is it's a case by case deal where they acknowledge that retailers need to put stock online but they don't want the brand appearing everywhere yet so they're choosing accounts. I'm not sure what the logic is with who they allow but it seems like spots with significant web presences like Tres Bien, LNCC (both EU), and The Corner (online only) had Dries up years ago. But then so did WrongWeather which I can't imagine has the same online footprint. In any case, I'm...
Totokaelo if I'm not mistaken. Was looking at their buy the other day. Generally pretty conservative except for that piece
i'm going to mexico city for a week in about three weeks. staying in condesa which is pretty nice. oh man, can't wait.
haha. i was trying to be a little more generous. on a different note it's crazy how many places are carrying haider ackermann. h lorenzo to mr porter and everyone in between.
cool man. glad to hear you like it. always makes me happy because most people I know think it's excruciatingly boring. haha. this brand Fear of God keeps getting more and more attention. seems like a mishmash of stuff that's already out there, like Geller + Rick + old Number Nine, but I hear the make is alright. i dunno. hard to get excited about anything new lately. only want old stuff for some reason.
thanks for the all chinatown food recs. I've tried some and missed others. tasty hand-pulled noodle is a regular spot, though I find it can be way too greasy if I get the fried noodles. never loved super taste, but it's the favorite for some of my coworkers. will add the spots I've missed to the lunch list. notwithit -- yeah, I hear ya. I don't think the plot is super memorable or anything, especially to a kid of 16-20, which I'm guessing you were a decade ago, if not...
Anything else good at this spot? It's literally around the corner from my office. Have to check it out.Today for lunch I had the spicy & sour lamb dumplings from Xian, which is pretty close by. So goooood.I think my favorite Japanese curry is Go Go Curry. It's kinda cheap and kitschy and obviously not as sophisticated as Curry-ya, but I don't even care. The curry flavor and hot sauce are just spot on for me. Curry-ya is still awesome though.
this is about women's but it's still really interesting and worth a read. cathy horyn also takes aim at hedi slimane again, not in an aggressive way, just pointing out what his role is in fashion today: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/commercialization-of-high-fashion-hedi-slimane-ysl-nicolas-ghesquiere-louis-vuitton/?_php=true&_type=blogs&smid=tw-tmagazine&_r=0
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