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Contrast with Damir Doma...
The menswear market is about $460 billion globally, compared to $700 billion for women's (according to Euromonitor). There's plenty of money to go around for brands that sell stuff people want to buy. KVA just wasn't one of those brands. Very few places carried it (Raf has a lot more stockists), and sneaker sales couldn't have been that good because how often do you actually see people, even on here, talking about or especially wearing KVA? He may have opened that store as...
Looks like BBS announcing the Levis x Google partnership http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/29/8687613/levi-google-atap-partnership-announced oh, and get ready for digitally enabled jeans, or something
RFT: Hakama pants are basically culottes with lots of pleats
I don't really care much about most leathers, but that CCP looks great, eton.
These look good. Do you know anything about the brand? Don't think I've heard of it before.
SutoCorp works in China, I believe. Lots of people on here and SuFu use it for proxying from Japan: http://www.sutocorp.com/I've never used it but you can give this a look: http://taobaofocus.com/ (TaobaoFOCUS.com is a website dedicated to shopping on Taobao.com in English)There's also spreenow: https://www.spreenow.com/about-us (We are your one-stop solution to your online shopping adventure in China.Online shopping in China can really be oozing with fun. [not my...
nice. you gotta wear these cholo-style at least once. with big shorts and white tube socks.
I liked this quote from Karlo in the story: “The guys into Carol Christian Poell are not into prissy,” Steel says. “They’re into motor oil.”
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