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yeah that might have been useful. i thought the image in the email was a single file but evidently not. anyway, here's a screen grab of the whole thing
not sure if anyone posted this yet, but here ya go USE THE FOLLOWING PROMOTIONAL CODE BY MONDAY, DECEMBER 1ST 2014 AT MIDNIGHT EST: CYBER2014
La Garconne has a very limited stock in their store, just FYI. The store is mostly focused on women's so the men's selection is very small. The other stores have a good amount of stock to browse though. Random thought: when I look through collections from the last several seasons I feel like Yohji is more youthful than most of the other stuff out there. Impressive for a guy in his 70s.
everyone has probably seen this by now but just for the hell of it...
I would avoid Silent. Most of the bottoms have guaranteed diaper butt because of the way the rear is cut, and they're generally made of the sort of jersey fabric it sounds like you want to avoid. Also not sure Yohji is right unless you want a lot of volume, though you can definitely find Yohji bottoms that aren't quite so large. But I say if you're going to go with some volume then go all the way. Makes for a really cool silhouette with a more fitted jacket like you're...
Stanley Kubrick's use of red. Not an in-depth examination or anything but fun to watch. Would love to see one on his use of symmetry.
Soloist has to be by far the latest delivery of the season. IF just got their buy a little while ago. I checked out the double layer bomber when I was there. It's really good and isn't a hard piece to pull off. The sweat stuff is pretty nice. Fabrics have a coarse, dry hand that I really liked. The rough out jackets are amazing. They're completely unlike anything else on the market. Prices are high but Soloist is one of those brands where you can't find some cheaper...
love this thread some LNCC shots i like that rick stuff (the tailoring basically) better than the workout wear.
I know they make size L. It's just hard to find. Never seen XL before that I can remember.Just got the cocktail shirt (this guy) off YJP. Pretty excited. I've wanted one forever.
definitely this. sizing can vary a lot, especially depending on how old the piece is. A medium from 1995 has a very different fit than a medium from this year. in my experience older pieces tend to run quite a bit larger.
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