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i loved ss15 rtw. seeing the video, especially with the music, it does give me a bordello vibe. before that, though, i read it as being about the way clothes are put together—or not—and how they interact with the body, how they hide and reveal. the clothes seemed to be coming apart or barely held together, and as a result they showed a good deal of skin. kind of a play on sexiness via deconstruction. i did not get date rape vibes at all.
keep seeing this brand pop up (like on hide_m's instagram iirc and some other places). latest addition to the human centipede of "artisanal" brands.
not everything is absurdly priced. some of the knits this season are like $750, which is still expensive but not out of the ordinary for designer clothing (they're beautiful, by the way). The wool tunics are $600-$700—again expensive but not abnormal. and then yeah, you do get the coats at several $k and things like the washed sweatshirts for upwards of $1,000 that are kinda crazy. but there are some entry points. i checked out the buys at IF and Barneys once they came in...
BoF ranked the 10 best shows of SS15 women's. Their pick for #1: Undercover. (awesome) http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/10/top-10-shows-of-the-season-springsummer-2015.html
polish your vulva to a high mirror shine with Vulva Sheen™ nice stuff watashidake
Don't know about the other businesses that followed, but Rent The Runway has been hugely successful. http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2014/08/20/how-mixing-data-and-fashion-can-make-rent-the-runway-techs-next-billion-dollar-star/
head designer and creative director are two separate titles, even if the roles can overlap. blazy is the head designer, but I don't think anyone technically holds the position of creative director at the moment. edit: Margiela has also made a point of not highlighting any one individual designer, saying instead they're a collective. Not having a creative director was in keeping with that. if they hired Galliano as creative director it would be a big departure from that...
"Recovering fashion designer John Galliano has said his comeback will be “bigger and better” than before — and sources tell Page Six it will be with Maison Martin Margiela. "Galliano has secretly been in talks to start a haute couture line for Margiela, which was acquired by the Diesel brand in 2002 and has been without a creative director since 2009, after its founder, Belgian designer Martin Margiela, left the business. But Galliano’s rep says he’s in talks with a...
Always wanted one of the lace cuff coats. Almost bought one a little while ago but I ended up passing. Bought an older season Ann long coat instead (lightweight for fall wear). Don't think you'd regret it though unless you want something heavyweight for winter.
re: prices, BoF did a piece a couple years ago looking very broadly at the different factors involved. prices of materials have been going up (and will continue to), labor costs have risen, brands are inflating prices to cushion their margins since consumers expect deals and many don't buy until sale, and then brands are also inflating prices basically for marketing reasons (exclusivity breeds desire). Last but not least, people keep buying shit, even as prices go up. (I'm...
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