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From the style.com review: Junya Watanabe's theme was "Faraway." Nowhere specific, but the collaborator on this collection was Vlisco, the Dutch company that has been the major supplier of fabric to West and Central Africa since the mid-19th century, so Watanabe's destination wasn't really so vague. And he clarified it further with the accessories—beads, bones, fetish objects—he collected from a couple of Parisian stores that specialize in African artifacts. Without...
These look great. It's also one style where the leather softening into sock mode actually works.
Thought the first print look was great. Can't wait to see the fabrics in person. Loved everything about this look.
For some reason I don't get a notification when I'm mentioned, but damn, would've grabbed the cowboy shirt too. I have the gray flannel one. Been looking for the blue forever in a M. Oh well, thanks for the heads up, and nice get Tim
CdG has done a bunch of jackets with that sort of lapel over the years. Actually CdG has done just about every style of jacket/lapel over the years.
c'mon. only amateurs volunteer their own.
This is amazing. I went Parker too. If he wins you guys name a sandwich after him, right? I think that's how it usually works.
Contrast with Damir Doma...
The menswear market is about $460 billion globally, compared to $700 billion for women's (according to Euromonitor). There's plenty of money to go around for brands that sell stuff people want to buy. KVA just wasn't one of those brands. Very few places carried it (Raf has a lot more stockists), and sneaker sales couldn't have been that good because how often do you actually see people, even on here, talking about or especially wearing KVA? He may have opened that store as...
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