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pants with fuller cuts, especially in the top block, and some with pleats, are showing up too. ankles are still generally fairly narrow but that all-skinny rail cut is the way, samantha bee visits Robert Geller & co
Greg Lauren
KVA's Dior in 2011/2012 And recent collection What the hell happened?
i didn't think dries was a complete train wreck, but definitely not as good as other recent seasons. on that note...
oh, and you might try calling opening ceremony in NYC too. there's a chance they might have one. on that note, if anyone knows of a place that has this hanging around in a 48 please let me know.
Actually except for TheCorner you'll probably have a hard time finding Dries for sale online. He seems to have agreements with most retailers where they have to take his stuff off their sites once it's discounted and just sell in store. IF in NYC had one last time I was there I think. You can try calling them. I think it was pinstriped if I remember right, though I might not. Barnes in NYC does not have them. I was just there (got the tan/black stripe Dries knit from this...
Think this place should be up your alley
they're not alone
I'm with you, Parker. The Marilyn was a bit too much for me. On a couple of pieces it would've been great, but it was a little overkill. The lobster was evidently a reference to Dalí, another inspiration for the collection. I feel like after several seasons in a row of outstanding shows this one came back down to earth a little. Still plenty of good pieces though. Checked out the first arrivals of FW15 in Barneys yesterday (and picked up a knit from SS15). The pieces are...
If you go that route just keep it grungy. Less Italian playboy, more LA skater kid (with a trust fund I guess).
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