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i would go with By Walid if that's what you're after. those pieces are pretty sick.
anyone know a good spot to get images of Raf's black palms collection? looking for static images and not video
Best Geller showing in years. Great looks and even more great individual pieces. Really hope this does well with buyers.
Daaaaaamn. Looks dope Notwithit - Ervell looks great. Where from?
Damn those afl and tog looks are good. Want kilt and hat now
i saw a dude the other day wearing a kobe bryant jersey and I was like fuck you man, you're not kobe bryant you shouldn't be wearing that shit...fuckin poser
also on the maxi bandwagon. want one for myself.
NikeLab is tweaking the dunk high to make it sleeker http://solecollector.com/news/nikelab-dunk-lux-high/
this could be interesting
been watching Friends on Netflix. here's Sean Penn from a 2001 Halloween episode that I think is clearly inspiration for some Raf x Sterling Ruby on a separate note, had a situation that brought to mind the discussion of quality that came up recently. i bought a margiela turtleneck not long ago and noticed that it's developing a hole already where the neck meets the body. i took it to French-American Reweaving here in NYC and after a quick look the guy told me I should...
New Posts  All Forums: