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fwiw i think they look good, but if you're not feeling em right now that probably won't change. i waffled a lot over whether to sell those cocktail jeans I had. such a good piece but in the end they just didn't fit my legs as I wanted. if i were skinnier they would've been awesome though. i also just sold that cocktail shirt I bought (gave the buyer a really good price too). it was a small and i'm definitely a medium. it's getting expensive having sizing not work for me! hah
some Harnden Soloist single-breasted chesterfield and here's the double-breasted version, with some detail shots (the details are really awesome in person) CdG H+ Yohji
good read about Issey Miyake http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/02/fashion/issey-miyakes-50-years-of-making-connections.html
that would be awesome, stitches. colors look really good, kunk. also, you look way meaner in EG than in Rick. i mean that in a good way
that looks great, Parker. happy to see a slightly different take on yohji than what we've been seeing. i really like it. also with you on the specials. (spent a lot of time listening to Ghost Town and A Message to You Rudy while driving in high school)it would be great to see how people mix yohji with other brands. personally i never wear one designer head to toe, partly because i don't actually own enough of one designer to do that () but more importantly because i like...
only one I can think of is FortyFiveTen (http://www.fortyfiveten.com/). don't really go shopping in Dallas when I go though so that's all I got.
Cocktail Shirt from TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst, size S, in charcoal. Condition is excellent. Fits true to size. Shirt has tons of great details, and this was the best version in my opinion. Full details here: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/the-soloist-the-soloist-mens-new-cocktail-shirt-black/ Original retail in N. America was upwards of $1k. It's a tough shirt to find so if you're interested don't sleep on it, especially at this price. I'm selling only because it's too...
if you just start browsing around YJP with Chrome you'll get used to it pretty quickly. good stuff pops up there and I find the prices to be better than Rakuten (speaking generally so including other brands in that; may be different with Yohji specifically). ordering via a proxy service is a whole other challenge, but it's also not that difficult and just requires getting past the initial confusion. it's all worth it if you want to buy Japanese brands since the deals...
WWD asked various people what they're really thankful for, aside from the obvious like family. Rick's answer is my favorite.
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