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the plot thickens...
Haha. I didn't mean this season specifically, but yeah, it wasn't good. I don't like this rock n roll kick he's got going. So cheesy. Koché sounds interesting. Don't know it but will check it out.
For me there's probably more creativity on display than ever. There are so many designers showing now. So many different points of view. Not everything is great, but it never has been. But there is a lot of great stuff out there. Celine, Dior (Raf is just a genius to me), Lanvin, Dries, CdG, Yohji, Junya, Sacai, Ghesquiere at LV, Givenchy (don't like the men's at all but I think Tisci's women's can be really good), Prada, Undercover (Takahashi's women's collections are...
Man, the more I read about Rick and think about how he built his business the more respect I have for him. A lot of it isn't for me, but he's really built his own little world. Also thought he turned out some great pieces in this last show, model-on-model stunt aside.
This sums it up for me. I wanna believe it's really revolutionary because who doesn't want to be around for that? Except I just feel like it's rehashing old ideas with new club kids. There are pieces here and there that I like. Maybe I'll feel differently about a full men's collection. For now though the hype seems overblown.Edit: in case anyone didn't recognize the first model in the show
Hah! Was coming to see if anyone was talking about Paris shows. That's funny. But on that note: Thought Junya was awesome. Yohji too. And Dries was amazing. The old-timers still rule. Speaking of which, I just can't get past the feeling that Vetements is the worst hipster cliche imaginable. There are some things here and there that I like (I do think the jeans are...
That's pretty awesome. My cousin owned Hobie at about the same time, late 80s/early 90s I believe. Think they were probably a direct competitor then.
Clever puzzle
yeah, this. same as these
an older guy like, say, Dov Charney? like the description of the ideal male model body as being like that of a shaved otter. that's hilarious and not far from the truth
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