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yeah, this is a winner
most interesting thing from rick in a little while. would love to see a hardcore Rick guy on the street in a blush bomber.
shop it at Opening Ceremony
shah is just cranky
of course this doesn't have to change whether you like the clothes. just interesting to know some back story. and c'mon, you know if a review of yohji's show talked about the influence behind the collection you wouldn't have this reaction. it's just information.
STYLE.COM REVIEW - provides some interesting context JUNE 25, 2014 PARIS By Tim Blanks Every creative act starts with a memory. Artists thrive on the recalled image, feeling, taste, scent. If they're not embracing memory, they're consciously reacting against it. But why bother? There is no escape from the past. It's a beautiful thing, and Raf Simons proved that tonight. On the back of most of the coats and jackets in his collection were sailor collars collaged with...
the first point isn't really indicative of what dries is thinking. marketing shots from barneys, the corner, etc. are created by those outlets to sell stuff. they're not running anything by dries to make sure he's ok with it. the second point, that maybe he just likes tight suits, makes it clear that this is just an assumption. fact is we don't know. maybe he does like that stuff. he's done plenty of it over the years. still a far cry from "pandering." i'm sure he does...
that is a big assumption. based on anything in particular or just a hunch?
i didn't love fw14 at first but it really grew on me. now i really like it. the boots are kinda hilarious. can't wait to see the pieces in stores though. i really want to see what the construction is like.i've learned at this point not to even wish for a return to old school raf. those days are gone. the new raf is good in its own way.
i actually like the Raf collection. haha
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