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some of this is cool http://nowfashion.com/marc-jacobs-menswear-fall-winter-2015-milan-12197
cm - tirailleurartisan master - spacepope or kgfan, though pope is heavier on artisan stuffdrape king - ivwricomfy cool guy - parker or c4estheritage hero - mok
I think those are good points, and I'm no expert either. Thanks for indulging with the convo. Cheers.do you mean what does ventile cotton feel like? it's a high-density weave so it's fairly substantial, at least the ventile cotton that I've handled, which has always been on outerwear. i would imagine it can come in different weights though, but not entirely certain. sure someone else can weigh in.
i was referring to this quote when talking about Minimalism as challenging, by the wayPost-Minimalism is like the last two tenets without the first. So I can see how that's still some sort of Minimalism.
i think fok's last point is very true. i feel like i'm going to have an aneurysm just going to capsule in nyc. really can't imagine going to pitti. you get fatigued looking at things after about thirty seconds. couldn't imagine being a buyer at one of these things. how do you decide what you're going to buy? it all becomes indistinguishable so quickly
yeah, i guess that makes sense. the term Post Minimalism is a little unsatisfying because it's just Minimalism-lite. not so much advancing as watering down. just doesn't seem very much like Minimalism to me, i think specifically because it's not challenging. (aka avant bland - http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2014/08/is-avant-bland-actually-something-new-for-fashion.html)yeah, agree with this. a covered placket doesn't necessarily equal Minimalism. i think normcore...
edit: this was in response to nahneun. if you read the posts it's a little more complicated than that. there are some basic qualities that Rosenrot lays out, and in that framework you can argue that Deconstructivist designers, notably Margiela, are Minimalist as well. Margiela's stuff often had lots of visual details, but conceptually it often reduced garments to their foundations—quite literally in the sense of letting all the underlying structures show. so then...
so here's a random fashion thought: I've been reading @dieworkwear's thoughts on minimalism, which reference Ms. @Rosenrot's writings on the subject (here and here). The question i keep coming back to is the same as the one Rosenrot explores in the second piece of hers that I linked, which is essentially this: What's the distinction between Minimalism and clothes that are just minimal? I'm tempted to refer to those minimal (not Minimalist) clothes as basics, since they're...
Seahawks holy shit
I liked Zegna but agree it wasn't pilati's best for them. Kinda dig the high waisted pants in Zegna and Jil though. Liked E Tautz too.
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