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there are a few A+S stockists in the U.S. but I don't know how much men's they carry. think it's predominantly women's. you can check the sites here: http://www.arts-science.com/en/shoplist/stockist_list/ Tiina I know has men's, but Creatures of Comfort doesn't if I remember right. Just have to look through one by one I guess. Of course if you can get a Japan proxy it might be cheaper.
i hear ya. not for everyone (or most). but they are good for wearing with $1,000 Haider Ackermann silk pajamas. you could be the coolest guy in the opium den.
not that much when it comes down to it. i think it's only slightly more flexible than doing something like Nike ID where you're not really designing a sneaker from scratch but selecting certain elements within a fairly rigid framework. it's not like you could have Guidi make a new toe shape just for you. but the cut is slightly different than the standard Guidi slippersoh, no i don't care if you like them or not, which is why i said if you don't like the design it's...
haha. seriously? you have an issue with $1,000 slippers but $1,000 derbies are understandable. how much more work do you think goes into a pair of shoes with laces or a zipper?if you don't like the design that's another issue. i think they're alright. kinda like the white ones
Siki Im x Guidi more than $100 cheaper if you buy from Forward rather than Ssense http://www.forwardforward.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=SIKI-MZ1&d=Mens https://www.ssense.com/men/product/siki_im/slip-on/98429 oh, available in white, too, at forward:
Just wondering, which were glued? Whatever anyone thinks of Hedi, I can't imagine SL putting out something so shoddy. The prices are high but the make is generally good from what I've seen (don't know about sneakers though).
eat my ass
Don't leave me hangin'. I'd be curious to know too.
Stopped by the Muji in Soho yesterday and they didn't have them. Perhaps they're not available in US, though I can't imagine why that would be the case. Oh well.
Odin and Barneys are good options
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