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some of the new stuff is up on the barneys website for pre-order. IF Boutique also got their first shipment in. it's very nice. i'm really excited for this collection. love the high-waisted bottoms and the slouchy tops, and of course the robes
Junya is kinda funny in that he rarely gives anymore than a word or two. Sometimes he says outright there's no subtext at all. http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/fall-2011-menswear/junya-watanabe
I find a lot of designer statements silly, though sometimes they allow some insight into what the designer was going for. They can be useful to the designer though since they let the designer define how people, and importantly the press, talk about a collection.
Opening Ceremony carries SasquatchFabrix. Could check there. Oh, and Ssense too though I don't think they have it
That coat is great, David. So many of the coats that season were. Someone has a beautiful one on eBay right now for a decent price that is apparently a sample. Thought it might have belonged to wire artist or someone else previously but not sure.
Not that straight-forward unfortunately. Some require sizing up more than one.Good wishes, people, whatever you celebrate!
Toasty that knit and scarf look great
i like the black shirt, kg. other options would work too but this is good. also nice to see some junya.
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