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Toasty, I wouldn't worry too much about white vibram. These are my rick boots with black vibram. Not really noticeable.
Hah, this one is my favorite. Like "Heyyyy 'mano..."Good stuff, art.
Yeah, this exactly. Same is true over on this side a lot of the time. It's more about what people like.
Wow, Guidi on Mr Porter is a surprise. The Mr Porter team obviously didn't know quite how to style them:
The man cuts a mean blazer
Interesting. A look back at Helmut Lang's last show: http://video.style.com/watch/throwback-thursdays-with-tim-blanks-helmut-lang-the-last-show
Couple options here. Scroll down to them: http://www.ln-cc.com/en/restofworld/mens-brands/nicomede-talavera/icat/nicomede-talavera-mens
Best part of that is definitely the background
Thanks, Parker. Appreciate the input. I'm cool with it being minimized a bit, so that's good to hear. Really just want to get it down from Devoa level to more like CCP level pagoda. Will take it by the tailor to see what he says.
posted in questions thread but I feel like I'm more likely to get a response here. Just got a hand-tailored blazer with these very prominent roped shoulders. It's really nice (fully canvassed, made at Primo in Long Island City) and is perfect except that the shoulders are a little pronounced for my taste. Is there anything I can do to soften the shoulder? Or will the shoulder settle and soften with some wear? Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. alternative: or...
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