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haha. yeah, I noticed that. I think most places figure the general public don't know who plokhov is so they're billing it foremost as a collab with the designer of helmut lang
uniqlo reissuing pieces from +J: http://www.complex.com/style/2014/09/uniqlo-best-of-plus-j-collection-fall-winter-2014 oh, and in case you missed it, plokhov is doing a uniqlo collab. it's all sweats (pics at link): http://racked.com/archives/2014/09/03/helmut-lang-uniqlo.php
Anyone hit up the BBS opening party, or just checked out the store? Will probably have a look this week. Really curious to see how they did the interior.
i think the golden rule is don't lie. don't take $$$ to say—or even suggest—you like things you don't really like. if you can find a way to work within those rules you're probably fine. basically every journalism outlet also now publishes "content marketing," where brands actually write the content. this doesn't have to be some underhanded way of advertising. a tech company, for example, can do a great, genuinely informative piece on five big trends that will change tech...
that's my neighborhood. haha. looks like it was during the West Indian Day parade. you can tell by the random female bystanders in costume:you'll notice "flatbush" and "caton" on the wall behind, and the key food you can see across the street from her in other angles is where I buy groceries sometimes. the guys in the vid are obviously stupid, but damn that's a lot of balls to go stepping on dudes' Jordans around there.
he does a bunch of neutral cream/beige colors and very thin fabrics. you could wear that in the islands, regis.
As I understand it Karlo's involvement is limited, if he's involved at all (may not be). I wouldn't expect the same store. Oh, and yeah, Atelier did have Ackermann's first go at menswear. I wonder who picked up CCP. Only a few possibilities really: IF, DSM, who else?
on that note...kinda weird lineup coming to atelier http://www.ateliernewyork.com/last/
missed this thread. went back and read through it start to finish, experiencing its great rise......swift decline......and final settling into an old curio in the sw&d cabinet
New Posts  All Forums: