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some large shots of AW15 with good details (click to the right for pics): http://www.leparadox.com/fashion/yohjiyamamoto-homme-autumn-winter-2015-2016/
all fuccboi all the time
yeah, the only barrier to entry is money. and a look around the internet will show you that buying cool obscurantist brands, and especially wearing them all together at the same time, definitely doesn't make you cool.
you mean the one I posted? It's the brand list for Atelier in NYC.yeah, this could be true. they didn't always have that "and more brands I CAN'T SAY HERE" thing on the page so I think everyone just started assuming the list was complete, and CCP (very noticeably) wasn't there.people who really want to know should just call. the number is on their site.
this was the last brand list on their site before they took it down. no CCP or BBS anymore. haven't been over there yet and probably won't unless I find myself in that neighborhood for some reason.
Full AW15 collection pics here: http://www.fashionsnap.com/collection/takahiromiyashitathesoloist/2015-16aw/ definite Number Nine vibes. even a destroyed sweater in the mix.
i figured it was too obvious to have been an accident. that is bold
Not to spoil what is definitely a very nice purchase, but man, that name "Carnal Flower" is a little, uh, questionable. Carnal from carnalis meaning flesh or meat. Basically it's called Meat Flower, which is a euphemism for...well, you can figure it out. Sure it smells wonderful though!
Exactly. Maximizing price is what I want to avoid!
This extending-the-auction-time-with-each-bid nonsense on YJP makes me crazy
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