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good to know. need cheap ts. thanks
It's hard to find because they put the den im line on hold for a bit. They just relaunched it with fall 14.
Some of those Rafs would be great without the tank tread soles. Wish he would just exercise a little restraint sometimes. Agree that the Stans are lame. The bunny boots are just hilarious.
Just wondering, any bloggers that are consistently good? I know plenty turn in a good look now and again, but who is really consistently good? I don't know of any (except MBD), not because they don't exist but because I'm just not familiar with a lot of bloggers. Curious if you guys know of any. Edit: what Naka said while I was typing slowly on phone
no argument here. i can't think of many fashion blogs I actually like besides the ones posting detailed photos of old pieces. that stuff is more interesting to me than all the #ootd blogs (even rosenrot is kinda sterile to me). does metrobulotdodo still have an active blog? she was exceptional. but everyone here already knows her (I'm assuming). i know these other blogs because i have to keep an eye on some of them for work. otherwise I don't really know of any that people...
works for me. might not matter if you're on the U.S. site.
As soon as I saw it I figured you guys would be interested. Think I may order a couple things myself like tees to see what it's like. The store is supposed to open in NYC in the fall. We'll see if they stick to that.
COS e-commerce now live in the U.S. http://www.cosstores.com/us/ Use code HELLOAMERICA for 25% off
found on stopitrightnow.com, which is pretty awesome if you haven't checked it out. on that note, some others worth checking out, mostly in keeping with the black/white or just subdued palette (not exactly in keeping with the typical image posts here, but I think it fits): http://pennyweightblog.com/ http://www.adenorah.com/ http://modernlegacy.blogspot.com/ http://www.girlalamode.co.uk/ http://www.thestylesketchbook.com/ http://www.irbyindiarose.com/ probably heard...
New Posts  All Forums: