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edit: looks like Barneys got it http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503795550&cgid=men&index=43 TheCorner put up more items, including some really amazing long coats. I think I have half their Dries buy in my wish list.
some good pics from the Undercover showroom here (scroll down to find them, and go past that for pics from the Gosha showroom): http://charlieporter.net/
the thing that always makes me crazy about discussions of quality is that people will treat their personal opinion like it's an objective take on whether something is good or not. you hear a lot of "the quality wasn't there" when what's really going on is the person didn't personally like the fabric or something like that. Sometimes the opinion is right and the quality really isn't there. But you rarely hear anyone provide evidence that goes beyond their personal...
i don't mean the construction quality, though in that regard i haven't found rick's any worse than most other designer labels (though maybe it should be given how expensive it is) (edit: typing too fast and doing too many things. that should say rick's should maybe be better given the price). no idea about bbs or obscur.
the knife blazers/coats and other very high-shouldered pagoda pieces were kinda awkward, though it's hard to know if they came out as intended. i suspect they did. i agree with Taub's take on Rick's tailoring. i think Rick's tailored pieces are as good as the sportswearish stuff like the geobaskets and dropcrotch jersey bottoms (and personally i like the tailored pieces more because they're subtler). they offer a really interesting take on proportions, one that I think...
how so?
convo just reminded me of that ruling against LV in 2010 where it was decided that their ads showing someone hand stitching a bag were misleading since a lot of the work is done on machines http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/news/the-handcrafted-louis-vuitton-bags-made-on-sewing-machines-1982968.html edit: i should add that LV said they did some work on hand sewing machines because it was "more secure and necessary for strength, accuracy and durability"
agree with Fok. the materials and patterns on that artisanal stuff is often great, or at least interesting, but the stitches holding it all together usually look like they're on the verge of break down. that is part of the charm of a lot of the stuff though. it's built for fashion, not function, like a motorcycle jacket is. actually pretty much anything hand tailored can have issues too. it's common for the hem of a hand stitched blazer to come undone after enough wear. it...
fyi, the inspiration for assembly's fw15 collection is sleep. i think it's a trend.
There is so much good stuff in that spell post I don't even know where to start. Really tempted to call that number.
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