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this should come as no surprise given how cheap uniqlo is, but still disappointing http://qz.com/324726/your-uniqlo-skinny-jeans-may-have-a-dark-past/
stumbled across this while wasting time today.
listen, studs are a necessary embellishment. like it or not though, it seems slp is selling and it undoubtedly has influence in the fashion industry. on a related note, kinda surprised virgil abloh / kanye weren't in there. can't really decide what my favorite runway shows of all time are. some notable ones that come to mind are yyph ss12, raf summa cum laude, helmut lang ss03, dvn ss10 maybe. there a bunch of others that I definitely like from yohji (ss04, aw11, fw08),...
the 25 people who matter most in menswear. some i can agree with. some not so much http://www.style.com/trends/mens/2015/influential-people-mens-fashion
i haven't worn indigo denim in at least two years, probably longer. lately i find myself wishing i could just wear clothes from one designer, just to make things a little simpler like having a uniform, only there's no single designer who makes clothes i want to wear exclusively
nvm (happily)
I meant the writing in the designer's statement is clumsy. I think it's awesome if a designer, painter, whatever can find a way to deal with Heidegger in their work.
i have no problem with intellectualism in fashion but a lot of times the ideas border on nonsense and the way they're expressed is clumsy. that's really all it comes down to. i'm always happy to hear what the reference points are, especially ones that are visual / narrative / cultural / mood-related.
guessing John 3:16
looks great, stitchy
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