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think you're right. looks like a herringbone boucle. really beautiful.
some of raf looks really good. some is meh. would love to have a look at this in person though
haha obligatory
thought Lemaire looked nice. not pushing any boundaries but a lot of nice pieces, especially outerwear as usual. definitely prefer the color choices here to those of the last couple seasons. not really sure i'm feeling Haider Ackermann. so much velvet, and the pants have somehow gotten even slimmer. i tried on a couple pairs this season and from the knee down they were really snug. most of these look like they'll be snug the whole way through. the dark green coat in look...
this is pure gold
personally you strike me as a Philipp Plein guy
exactly! edit: though to be fair it's a pretty simple coat, which is the only reason i even considered it.
having a crisis over a coat i bought. really beautiful wool/silk rick owens coat that fits great and looks awesome, but it's got that minimal lapel and a strong shoulder (not fall 2010 strong or anything, just structured and sharp). i also passed on this yohji coat a couple months back and now i keep thinking about it, thinking i should've gone for that when i had the chance. the rick coat is very cool looking. maybe too cool with its angular tailoring. the yohji would've...
LVR has some items for pre-order. i think this season is going to be really good. http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx?#CatalogSrv.ashx|Season=actual&Gender=men&SubLine=&DesignerId=030&CategoryId=&ListOfProdPage=1&ScrollTop=1945
i agree on the skater/grunge stuff. i guess that's his wheelhouse so it makes sense. edit: or maybe I should say the brand's wheelhouse and yeah, Geller worked for MJ (the label anyway. not sure if he had direct contact with Jacobs himself). it's where he met his wife and Plokhov, who was a patternmaker.
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