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What? How did I miss that? Or did I just forget. Who knows. Anyway, wear in good health. I'm jealous
Neither. Harnden Mac coat. (You know you still want it!)
For people who are selling and specifically shipping a lot, this service might be of interest. People seem to like it: http://www.shyp.com
good interview. thought it was cool that he was so upfront with his feelings about his early solo collections. really liked the girls in geller shoot too. nice work all around.
you ever see pictures of Mugler himself? he's a creepy dude. google him, but be warned ever look at Romeo Gigli stuff? It's Haider Ackermann before Haider Ackermann was Haider Ackermann also saw a woman wearing Marithe + Francois Girbaud pants the other day, like the early M+FG I mean. I thought it was CdG.
for those of you tweeting at @robertgeller, Mr. Geller is not happy about it
yeah, really good stuff. i like their instagram too: http://instagram.com/vetements_officialhaha
LaGarconne has it online and in store. The stuff I've seen in person is awesome. I think the line is great. http://www.lagarconne.com/store/view_all.htm?sid=2394&pid=2394 Oh, and for some reason it doesn't link directly to these jeans on that page, but they had the patchwork jeans, too: http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item.htm?itemid=27086&sid=&pid=
fwiw i think they look good, but if you're not feeling em right now that probably won't change. i waffled a lot over whether to sell those cocktail jeans I had. such a good piece but in the end they just didn't fit my legs as I wanted. if i were skinnier they would've been awesome though. i also just sold that cocktail shirt I bought (gave the buyer a really good price too). it was a small and i'm definitely a medium. it's getting expensive having sizing not work for me! hah
some Harnden Soloist single-breasted chesterfield and here's the double-breasted version, with some detail shots (the details are really awesome in person) CdG H+ Yohji
New Posts  All Forums: