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definitely this. sizing can vary a lot, especially depending on how old the piece is. A medium from 1995 has a very different fit than a medium from this year. in my experience older pieces tend to run quite a bit larger.
"These insipid concoctions were first given physical form in the 1980’s by two American bio-terrorists named Paul and David Merange, whose masochistic gastronomy was practiced collectively under the name — and I swear this is fucking true — Chef America, Inc."lol
you can have them (for a price)! make me an offer
interesting and kinda sorta related? http://mashable.com/2014/11/12/nike-foundation-girl-effect-accelerator-event/
am I reading that right. does unbelragazzo really own an MA+ aviator? that completely upends everything I thought I knew about him.
stumbled across this T Magazine piece from 2008 while looking for something else. some of its kinda cheesy but still good. all hail the oyster. [[SPOILER]]
haha. that definitely sounds like my wife. perfectly logical! i'm definitely in for dinner / drinks. will try to remember to bring this up after thanksgiving.
damn, sorry I missed this. haha.had a good time on Friday. happy to finally meet @LA Guy. my wife was thoroughly entertained by the whole thing and chatted @ghostface's ear off. and of course good seeing you other guys again, synth, c4est, and Ken.mentioned it then, but if anyone wants to grab lunch or dinner or whatever at any point feel free to hit me up.
Probably letting go some Soloist pants (see sig) but might be open to trades if anyone has anything good in a M or possibly a S for some shirts. Those Foot the Coacher sneaks are sick. I like the regular lace version too. www.instagram.com/buffalo_fukuoka. Passed on picking up the NN x Converse a little while ago in the hopes that I might be able to get a pair of these.
New Posts  All Forums: