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on that note...kinda weird lineup coming to atelier http://www.ateliernewyork.com/last/
missed this thread. went back and read through it start to finish, experiencing its great rise......swift decline......and final settling into an old curio in the sw&d cabinet
yeah, that I knew. idol is doing regular wholesale buys, not selling on consignment, which i believe was graymarket's model. that's why i didn't guess that it was those guys--alex kasavin, wei du, and whoever else is involved--behind that ebay account. thought that was over with. idol's brand lineup is kinda interesting actually--yohji, visvim, neighborhood, raf/sterling ruby, etc. i wonder what the buy is like. it's in williamsburg though so i'm never over there.
True. At least now. The brand was pretty well established before they met I believe. But he's definitely the one who turned CdG into the empire it is.
i find the business side really interesting too. and if she's really been able to get away with 40 years in the industry without thinking of the business side then she's extremely lucky. most designers don't have that luxury. for most ignoring the business side is a quick path to bankruptcy. plus, there's probably been somebody over at the label paying attention for most of its existence—the other half of the "couple" you mentioned, though it may not be a single person. a...
ah, should've guessed. i forgot about that place.
that seller always has a large number of high-price items. anyone know if it's a store's account?
http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/read/think-pieces/4263/whatever-you-think-rei-kawakubo-is-thats-what-shes-not “For more than forty years that I have been making clothes, I have never thought about fashion. In other words, I have almost no interest in it. What I’ve only ever been interested in are clothes that one has never seen before, that are completely new, and how and in what way they can be expressed. Is that called fashion? I don’t know the answer. I feel that the fashion...
i thought of cloak immediately when i saw it too. looks like a Russian military coat, which is very Plokhov.
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