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Dries finale
Awesome, NN
I didn't put it on but it's from a few seasons ago so it should fit a little bigger than new stuff, which I find tends to run smaller. that price is insane. at IF in NYC it was $2k, which is why I didn't even bother trying it on. a black one sold in my size (medium) a couple months back for around the price you paid on YJP and I just couldn't get it at the time. didn't think I'd ever see a price like that again. great pick up. really hope it fits you man. edit: that...
yeah, please do. would love to see it. where'd you buy the boro from? I've looked into buying some from various places, not for clothing but just for the house or something. haven't really gone through with it yet. can get pretty expensive.
don't know if you've handled this in person before but it's awesome. the suede is really incredible (at least on the version I saw, which was a lighter brown but I imagine is still fairly close). hope it works for you. it's sick.
i see what you did there
Siki Im has been doing a vneck shirt like that each season for some time. Neckline is lower, but it still has a pocket. I don't think the Siki or Public School versions are really like the Geller one though. Fabric and details are very different. If it's the Geller you want I think you're better off holding out for that one. Friend might sell me his laced cuff coat. Any owners in here? Pros/cons? Want it for fall/spring and don't really need a heavyweight coat.
re: the blurred line between editorial & advertising note--this seems like a straight up ad, and I can't imagine Joe Fresh didn't pay some money for it. there's no actual information in the piece, and nowhere is there an indication that it's sponsored content (unless I just missed it). there's the chance that it's an actual piece that wasn't paid for, but if so it's basically garbage journalism and shouldn't have been published...
haha. yeah, I noticed that. I think most places figure the general public don't know who plokhov is so they're billing it foremost as a collab with the designer of helmut lang
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