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haha. that definitely sounds like my wife. perfectly logical! i'm definitely in for dinner / drinks. will try to remember to bring this up after thanksgiving.
damn, sorry I missed this. haha.had a good time on Friday. happy to finally meet @LA Guy. my wife was thoroughly entertained by the whole thing and chatted @ghostface's ear off. and of course good seeing you other guys again, synth, c4est, and Ken.mentioned it then, but if anyone wants to grab lunch or dinner or whatever at any point feel free to hit me up.
Probably letting go some Soloist pants (see sig) but might be open to trades if anyone has anything good in a M or possibly a S for some shirts. Those Foot the Coacher sneaks are sick. I like the regular lace version too. www.instagram.com/buffalo_fukuoka. Passed on picking up the NN x Converse a little while ago in the hopes that I might be able to get a pair of these.
Takahiro Miyashita TheSoloIst Layered Cocktail Jeans, size M, in black. From the FW12 collection. Made of heavyweight wool (perfect for fall/winter) with tons of details like raw seams, deerskin patches, and silk tux stripes. Tried to capture it all in the pics. The construction is insane, and that's reflected in the original retail price: They were nearly $1k in Japan, and significantly more in N. America. These have an elastic waist and a drawstring so they'll fit a...
so which one of you guys is out to kill Gadget? for you NYC guys, rumor has it Atelier will be back up and running pretty soon. hope they have the same massive Guidi selection as before, though I'm guessing they'll probably have to cut back a bit to make room for the other stuff, like Golden Goose (for real: http://ateliernewyork.com/last/)
I pay by CC with From Japan and think it works great. When you put your deposit in it just appears as a pending charge on your CC. If you don't win the bid you can then just release the funds and the pending charge goes away. Can take a few days for that but it's really simple. I also find their shipping and fees to be really good.
cool. i'll keep an eye out.
so who is going to the trunk show (and when)? i'll probably head over tomorrow (with the Mrs.) around 4 or 5 or so.
yes. http://www.boweryboogie.com/2014/09/feit-direct-footwear-brand-opening-flagship-store-bowery/
I've said this on the sw&d side but I'm in. Trying to get my wife to come too.
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