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Thanks, Fok. Having a look now. Guess there's no dining + shopping thread then. Maybe it's just the LA one I'm thinking of. Well, if anyone has any general advice it would be much appreciated (feel free to PM me so as not to derail this thread).
looks like I'll be out in San Francisco for about three weeks for work and I'm totally unfamiliar with anything out there. wasn't there a SF / Bay area food + shopping thread somewhere? can't seem to find it. or did I just imagine it?
http://www.anothermag.com/current/view/3728/Paris_Menswear_SS15_Top_Five_Beauty_Moments jacket construction looks interesting. looks like there's a double lapel: an interior piece that you can button separately from the exterior, like the soloist cowboy shirt. fabric looks amazing
haha. just read it. Fok brought up the skagways at every chance. I think hiroki is paying him.just kidding man. seemed like it went well. it's a nice little community you've created here. it lets nerds like me find other people who are actually interested in clothes and talk about them when we should be doing something else. (I like how SF was created as a way to avoid writing your PhD thesis, because I think that spirit is alive and well in SF's users). STYLEFORUM A++...
Yeah, the market is saturated with variations on that hat. I think TheSoloist and PR Patterson are making nice hats. Worth looking into for anyone in search of one.MoK, you look so natural in a hat. You have the presence for it. I'm jealous.I couldn't find it. Maybe I should've looked harder, or asked like a normal person. I work close by so I'll stop in again.
different years/seasons for each if I understand the question correctly. swung by OC the other day specifically to see what JJVE they had and didn't see anything. was very disappointed. I'd love to see more up close. looks great.
Damn, art, that looks so good
Vote this for custom tag for C4est.
Nirvana, Mademoiselle Magazine, November 1993. edit: if you read the text it looks like just Kurt is in a Dries sweater. not sure about the rest of the garments.
the way it happened was really weird too. the room he was in flipped upside down somehow.
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