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no idea what kind of margins haider ackermann is getting but i imagine the really beautiful geometric fabrics that cost a fortune this season probably also cost a fortune to buy. custom-made in relatively small quantities (guessing this was the case) = $$$. some of the other stuff like knits aren't too expensive at all. not as well-priced as Dries but attainable on sale at least. (edit: this of course doesn't apply to the more basic coats and stuff like $1k washed cotton...
Yeah, had a look earlier and they had some options I really liked, like the double faced Schneider and the black/brown tss and a couple others. Actually it's the best selection I've seen so far.
hmmm...faliero sarti always seems a bit frilly to me. feels nice but the look isn't so much my thing. maybe if i found the right one though. denis colomb might be a good call. probably headed toward schneider because they're so good especially for the price, but not sold on any particular one just yet, at least not that I've seen. merci!
yeah, this was the reason. synth, don't sell the Ann crow coat. i don't care if you don't wear it. and if you don't, why the hell not?anyone got good recs for a scarf in the $100-range that's warm and primarily black but not entirely black? can be new or from b&s/ebay/whatever. any suggestions are much appreciated.
What? How did I miss that? Or did I just forget. Who knows. Anyway, wear in good health. I'm jealous
Neither. Harnden Mac coat. (You know you still want it!)
For people who are selling and specifically shipping a lot, this service might be of interest. People seem to like it: http://www.shyp.com
good interview. thought it was cool that he was so upfront with his feelings about his early solo collections. really liked the girls in geller shoot too. nice work all around.
you ever see pictures of Mugler himself? he's a creepy dude. google him, but be warned ever look at Romeo Gigli stuff? It's Haider Ackermann before Haider Ackermann was Haider Ackermann also saw a woman wearing Marithe + Francois Girbaud pants the other day, like the early M+FG I mean. I thought it was CdG.
for those of you tweeting at @robertgeller, Mr. Geller is not happy about it
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