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This. Bet Gap wasn't afraid of Zara even ten years ago. Now they're scrambling to figure out how to keep up.Also, don't think I've ever seen this snap of Marty Margiela before https://instagram.com/p/BBdlvTaLWUu/edit: Oh, and another point about Burberry et al. It makes a lot of sense when you consider that runway shows weren't originally customer-facing. They were more for industry people, like buyers and editors. That's changed with the internet (style.com, then other...
Sounds cool already. Tell T to get a move on producing clothes. Pics already look really good.Re: Bowie, not sure how many people know just how much of an influence he was on Hedi, but Bowie came up repeatedly in this interview: https://www.yahoo.com/style/exclusive-hedi-slimane-on-saint-laurents-126446645943.htmlFor instance
Haha. Well you're in luck because you can get a pretty similar version of the tux tee cheap. I get a laugh out of the dino sweater at least and do kinda think it's ugly in a way I like. The golf jacket just seems kinda sad to me. It hurts my feelings.
apologies if this was spotted already, but some great trolling here from SLP $450 for a tux tee $1,190 for dinosaur sweater, though this one's really not so bad $2,690 for golf jacket (poly/cotton/acrylic) with happy astronaut image. detail shot: (he kinda just looks like a dude gardening in a spacesuit) I wonder if the prices reflect the work of artisans in the old atelier carefully cutting the neckline of the t-shirt or crafting the happy astronaut
oh man, you guys just nailed my biggest pet peeve about their "radical transparency." so #1, exactly like GDL said, they're doing the exact same thing as J.Crew. Technically I think it's a little different than NMWA because you guys are working with designer brands that, for the most part, are selling wholesale, and putting the general consumer facing side on you guys, which brings me to #2. When you look at that flow chart of their product costs they have on every item...
Interesting number for you, research firm IHL estimates that globally businesses lose $8.4 billion every year in return costs due to wrong sizing. http://engage.dynamicaction.com/WS-2015-06-IHL-Ghost-Economy-Haunting-of-Returns-AR_LP.html As for price inflation, this still applies http://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/intelligence/fashion-inflation-why-are-the-prices-of-designer-goods-rising-so-fast
Awesome! http://www.vogue.com/13366721/fashion-insider-guide-lagos-nigeria/ "and there’s a really fun accessories label, Post-Imperial, that does silk bow ties and pocket squares for men in traditional Nigerian prints." ... "I love Stranger, a concept boutique in Lekki developed by husband and wife duo Yegwa Ukpo and Bibi Ukpo. Stranger has become a watering hole for all the wandering young artists and creative souls in Lagos, and now even has work spaces for them to hang...
interesting NYC stockists for yeezy Atelier: 210 Eleventh Avenue, West Chelsea (opens at 11am) Barneys New York: 660 Madison Avenue, Midtown; 194 Atlantic Avenue, Cobble Hill (both open at 10am) Hotoveli: 271 West 4th Street (men's/women's) and 378 Bleecker Street (women's), West Village (both open at 11am) Kith: 644 Broadway, Noho (opens at 10am); 233 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights (opens at 11am) Opening Ceremony: 35 Howard Street, Soho (opens at...
don't think so. Alber is just leaving, evidently not of his own choosing: "...on the decision of the company's majority shareholder"
i'm mostly curious to see what the effect is. i don't have any love for margiela men's currently. also, with raf leaving dior, i wonder if/how he'll continue to do women's. he's so good at it. i think it's better than his menswear these days.
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