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I know that Raf camel coat is the biggest street style photo bait ever but I still think that thing is amazing
i know people were talking about this elsewhere, think in one of the pitti threads, so figured i'd post. it's about the euro being so low but european goods not really being any cheaper in the US: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/american-shoppers-benefit-euros-drop-28411966
guess i'm the only one not loving y-3. thought maybe a quarter of it was good, but the rest i could skip.
Kolor is always close but never quite hits home for me. I do like it and think the pieces are nice in person but it's never in my top tier. I do think that seventh look posted is pretty killer though. Oh ICYMI adidas' next collab will be with Junichi Abe, Kolor's designer (and husband of Sacai designer Chitose Abe).
I like it more the more I look at it too. It's low key as far as Dries goes, and that's not a bad thing. I imagine there will be a lot of really nice individual pieces once it hits stores. Speaking of which, the more of SS15 I see coming into stores the more I want. The colors are spot on for me. Selfridges has their buy up, and thecorner has a lot up as well. Lots of great pieces.
haha. totally agree with all of this, including the will i am bit.i'm just not interested in this beyond thinking i'd happily have worn one of these tuxes at my wedding. but other than that, just has nothing to do with my everyday life.
Dries standards like double-breasted fur-collared coats and lots of prints, plus fireman jackets and wrap skirts...hmmm
man, people can sound kinda dumb when asked questions about fashion, even those who know about fashion http://nowfashion.com/3-facts-why-raf-simons-is-a-trendsetter-for-menswear-12432
my gut reaction is that this isn't that exciting in pics but the garments themselves will be some amazing on the racks. i love the raw edges too, and the double layered jackets, and the lining protruding from pants (reminds me of Soloist—in fact a bunch of pieces, including the all green look, could easily be Soloist—as does the asymmetrical lacing on the boots).
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