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kinda related to this whole quality conversation, and also it's just pretty funny: http://www.complex.com/sneakers/2014/10/sneakerheads-dont-know-what-quality-meansthis bit echoes the point synth made:i think that's pretty accurate. in my experience when most people talk about quality they don't know what the hell they're talking about, except to say the person has a general impression that the thing is well-made, uses reasonably good materials, and that the person likes...
that cabourn shearling is awesome. should probably post this in the cabourn thread but anyway: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/read/interviews/5320/its-a-boys-own-adventure-with-parka-pioneer-nigel-cabourn
hey @novaliss, hope things are good! will definitely keep an eye out for this. and if I think of any questions I'll shoot them over.
hmmm...how do I contact a store in Japan with no listed email address to see if they still have an item posted on their blog? they have a phone number. guess I could try calling, but how prevalent is English in Tokyo?
just for you guys http://gawker.com/jimmy-kimmel-finally-discovers-dick-shaped-weather-patt-1646128111
yes, basically what I was saying, minus the part about kicking walls
Jesus. Haha. Ok, good to know. Thanks.
googling around I came across this pic from about a year ago. looks good, RFX. which model/leather? looks like 995 in donkey. i'm no guidi expert though. i ask because that's the combo i'm thinking of for my next boots. if you don't mind my asking, how's the toe box holding up? looks like there's a cap so I'm guessing it hasn't softened into leather sock mode. and how'd you size? i tried them on recently one size up from my normal shoe size and was surprised to find i had...
i'd be curious what it's like to try some of it on, especially since i trust your opinion. but to me it looks really overwrought. that word "anatomical" seems like an excuse for adding a bunch of unnecessary seams, and I can't imagine they're actually functional, especially considering the seams on the right and left side don't match. perhaps they're functional in different ways, but i doubt it. and if they're not functional, i.e. they aren't there to allow for natural...
Glad that worked for you. That's an insane piece.edit: by the way, how's the fit (run large? small?) just wondering because I see smalls pop up every once in a while but think I would need a medium.just fyi to anyone who cares, there are a bunch of the cocktail pants up on YJP right now for a great price. i have the slimmer version (the cocktail layered jeans) and they're pretty sick.
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