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in the past they've done up to 70% off. i assume that's still the case but don't know when to expect the next round of drops
three years went quickly. i have to say this is consistently one of my favorite threads on here. it's been in many ways what I think a dedicated designer thread should be: a place to learn about and appreciate a designer's work, and a point of access for the uninitiated. here's to many more years also, looked back at the first few pages and found this. [[SPOILER]]
speaking of nice leather, was killing some time in Dover Street the other day and was looking at their Lewis Leathers. hadn't seen those in person before, but damn was the leather nice. probably old news to a lot of you guys but having never seen them up close before i didn't realize just how good those are.
sorry, just saw this. it's a really nice lustrous blue print fabric. think it's a cotton/spandex sateen or something (not padded). here's a pic of a different colored lining for the corner's exclusive leather. basically this but blue. nothing mindblowing. it just looks really nice and does actually make the jacket feel a bit more luxe and special.http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/leather-outerwear_cod59141105mv.html
acne works in a lot of places because they do a smart mix of designer pieces and nice basics. it makes them cool enough that a high-end store can carry them without sacrificing credibility and still lets the store make money from sales of jeans and tees. compare with Rag & Bone and you'll see what I mean. personally i think they've been really smart about their strategy and it's worked very well for them. i've heard some different things about atelier, including that...
not sure about the fit since I didn't try it on but i don't really love the leather in person. it doesn't feel as luxe as you would hope, and the design, to me, is just ok. the quality is fine, but for that price i would hope all these things would be a little more impressive. my favorite part of the jacket is actually the lining. that's the most luxurious thing about the jacket.
that stole is awesome. i remember really liking the colors/pattern of the large stoles Kim Jones did for his LV debut in SS12. apparently they were based on an old Masai blanket he had. really beautiful.
convo in rft reminded me of this. haider ackermann
no idea what kind of margins haider ackermann is getting but i imagine the really beautiful geometric fabrics that cost a fortune this season probably also cost a fortune to buy. custom-made in relatively small quantities (guessing this was the case) = $$$. some of the other stuff like knits aren't too expensive at all. not as well-priced as Dries but attainable on sale at least. (edit: this of course doesn't apply to the more basic coats and stuff like $1k washed cotton...
Yeah, had a look earlier and they had some options I really liked, like the double faced Schneider and the black/brown tss and a couple others. Actually it's the best selection I've seen so far.
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