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cleaned out my closet... forgot I had these. Buy me!
Waist is now 15 and a quarter inches dip aligned.
Protip: Offering me less than half my asking price on a pair of unsanforized jeans because "they've been soaked already" is not a reasonable offer, and is also ridiculous.
3/19/2012 - Prices dropped on everything. Rather than stockpiling $1000 worth of jeans, I'm going to get rid of the stuff I don't wear or haven't worn. My pictures are huge so I just posted one, and the links below the picture are the rest - also, the first picture is the best indicator of the color of the jeans. I will ship anywhere outside the US for the extra cost of shipping paid by the buyer. ---- Flathead FH1001 - Indigo - Size 30 waist, 33" inseam. $275 Shipped...
Anyone have an offer for me?
still here.
These are just taking up space, someone get them off my hands.
Can I get a title change? Also stop lowballing me, assholes.
If a mod reads this, could you change that "e in the title to a " ?
I bought these a while ago and just can't fit them in the waist. They are black, and sulfur dyed so the smell leaves a bit to be desired, but it will wear off. They were hemmed to a 33" inseam. They have a functional patch - so your belt can go under it as a loop. Measurements: Waist - 15.25" Aligned Inseam - 33"~ Leg Opening - 7" Pictures: Any other questions just ask or PM me. Price is $125 USD OBO - Shipped to the CONUS.
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