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I just mentioned this in another thread, but seems relevant here. Baron Wells ( ) has some slim-fitting oxfords that fit quite well. All of them are made in New York and they just recently dropped their prices dramatically. The Eton is their premium oxford at $118 while the Studio version is slightly more paired down and sells for $88. I've got the Eton and it fits similarly to a Gitman Vintage, even though it looks less slim than that on their model.
Baron Wells just updated their site ( )with dramatically lower pricing. The "reference collection" contains most of their basics and has some really high-value pieces. The Studio Oxford, for example, is only $88 and still made in New York — pretty impressive. As far as I know, this would be the only quality US-made Oxford for under $100 other than Brooks Brothers' online-only oxford.
Does anyone know why J. Crew dropped the "Alden for J. Crew" section from their site? Just yesterday there were over a dozen Alden makes available and today only one remains.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus Can anyone recommend a pair of black comfortable wingtips similar to these, under 300 ? Wouldnt mind a bit simpler, they will be worn casually... I would go for the Allen Edmonds Lombard if $300 is your limit. It's far superior to that Florsheim that was recommended in my opinion.
I'll take it if still available. PM me.
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