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Quote: Originally Posted by brlfvr When I was around 18 and seeing Platoon. + 1 New level of film violence for it's time, tension building to terror, combined with all the cultural baggage American's had with the war.
Well I've had coversations with men regarding the situation, plus a few women, ranging from 37 to 53 and we are in the "boob job" club, or also know as a tit or titty fuck. I certainly wasn't taken to task or quizzed on WTF I was talking about. Imagine this oh righteous young men, there was a time before surgical implants and some of us were fucking boobs before you were born. I know, hard to imagine, but your father managed to leave some in your mother in between...
Well we've gone down another path. My youth predates the implant era. When i was a kid, you titty fucked her or got a boob job. And BTW, she said: "get up here and let me give you a boob job!" So its a goddamn boob job youngsters. Too the point of the OP, anyone actually finish from.....?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Dude, boob job is not the preferred nomenclature for what you're talking about. Enlighten me? Penis between mammaries is not a "boob job"
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Thomas While I've spent my fare share of time wedged between a nice set of hoots, I've found that completing the task takes a perfect balance of lube, filthy talk, and good technique on her part. What technique do you prefer? Any pics? Not of your wang....of the we can gauge if they are worth the effort... Oh she definitely had a technique, not the first time to the rodeo, arched...
New found infatuation with thick chicks, has led me to discover they are fond of boob jobs. Now when I was younger, of course, found it entertaining to partake of the boob job. However, the 'job' was never actually completed. Now as middle aged dude, one of new shags has taken to actually getting me off via the boob job. Verbal questioning in our Monday Rat Hole mtg has no takers on the happy ending boob job. What says men of 'style'. Can you, have you, will you?
Beyond the size of the obvious, sexy abs get the ladies going more than any other muscle. Hit them hard and hit them often. When your on top she will be looking if it looks good!
Get them. I too was self conscious. I was 40 when I finally did. Had to learn to smile. And FYI, chicks in their 30s-40s think they are sexy. Seriously, it was a reminder of their youth and boys with braces. So no Invisaline, just strap on some metal and go.
mix with OJ. OJ masks just about anything supplement wise. Cranberry juice is good too.
From the Monogram collection (2008?). Looking for the jacket in 40R, that was part of the three piece suit. I have the 42R (trade possible?) and want to go down a size. I'll post a pic or two tonight.
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