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@AlexanderTG I have the BLUE, polka dot, tab collar shirt in brushed twill. It's like a very thin flannel, quite soft. I took my usual size small.
^are they shiny at all?
thats great, I cant wait to see one
Price on fair isle waistcoat?
I need those homespun ghurka pants, but everyone is sold out of 32's! What's everyone's opinion of the faux-suede being used for the patches this season? Thick or thin? Durable or cheap feeling?
I can't choose between the navy baker, and the navy baker with polka dot print. Is the navy fabric the same on both coats, just with one being printed? Or is it an entirely different fabric? Am I thinking too much about this?
That's awesome, I'll have to go check the rest of my eg pants.
Just received some olive lb pants from the bureau, and it looks like at one point they were meant to have drawstring hems. (Pic for reference, not mine) Pretty cool... I wonder why they didn't put a string in them. Might do it myself if I can find a strap similar to the one in the waist.
I have the fw 11 herringbone bedford. The sleeves are lined with the usual synthetic stuff, but the upper half of the body inside has a piece of cotton attached at the top that hangs there and acts as a bit of a liner. Hard to describe.
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