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Hi -- I'd be willing to buy these for $70 shipped. Please let me know in the next 48 hours as I have the opportunity to purchase a new pair as well. Thanks, Eric
Tell us more about this "paper residue" effect -- was the wallet actually designed this way?
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Probably because the thread is a fucking year old LOL!
Had no idea you were such a tiny man. Nice suit, however.
agreed, shoulder measurements pls thx
I'd be interested in the measurements and pictures...thanks
Calling that something other than a "hole in the sole" would be akin to painting lipstick on a pig.
Hi -- I'm selling an iTunes $25 gift card. Asking $19 or best offer. I'll e-mail you the number on the back of card upon PayPal gift payment. Thank you for your interest.
Greetings, I have a $25 iTunes gift card that I obtained over the holidays. I'm asking $21 for it. Payment via PayPal is fine (buyer is responsible for any associated fees). I can provide references upon request. Thanks and happy new year!
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