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Would recommend getting a silicone based waterproofing spray (eg Redwing) and treat them before going exposing them to rainy weather. After the initial 3 spray treatment, you should have no worries for a while. I bought the same boots and have had no issues since doing the above. Hope this helps.
For those in London, Ede & Ravenscroft, on GraceChurch Street, has some tobacco suede C&J Westfields for £195. Sizes are limited, as they only have maybe 8 pairs left. No size 9 UKs , but there is an 8 and a 10 for sure.
That would look amazing. Definitely do it!!!Any idea on how much that would cost and sizing on that last for US10D?
Yea, just took advantage of the deal, but was worried about the sizing. The guys at Oakstreet told me to size down one from my US10D(most shoes) and AE 9.5E on the Strand 5 Last. They said it'll be a lil snug in the beginning but will stretch to my foot a few days after that.Thanks. purchase made not the anxiety of waiting will probably get to me before the shoe is shipped early June. LOL
Just got my rivet chinos (navy canvas and I think Japanese khaki). The fit and look is spot on again and my thighs have some room to breathe compares to the size 32s I bought last year. Mike, I did have some questions about Japanese Khakis: supposed to look more like the canvas weave? and are they lighter than the photos on your site, as don't seem as brownish? They came with the following tag: Anyways, I still love them and was rocking it on the first warm sunny...
There's a size 30 French Blue up on the site if someone missed out on it last week.
Purple Wool is definitely as well as Blue Cashmere Silk.Would there be a pants for the the Purple Wool, Jamison?
Wonder how many are refreshing both this thread and the Epaulet webstore at the same time:
No, just taxes on the item. I've gotten shirts and pants from them, with only tax and a processing fees for customs.
Yea, even I missed out even though I PM'd for the French Blue and Caramel at the end of Feb . Guess, my wallet has a sense of relief, though have to say still feeling disappointed. Oh well, guess will have to see the other offerings Mike will have up....
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