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Tie looks beautiful. Wish I say the same, as I'm still waiting for my houndstooth tie for 2 months now. I was looking forward to wearing this tie as the weather got cooler.Henry hasn't done much to resolve this and his communication has been poor, despite my numerous emails to him.
Another one for pics and measurements, as I'm interested as well.
Hi Henry, Can you check both your emails and SF private message. It's been about three weeks since my order was shipped to Canada and I haven't received my ties or been able to track my order. The tracking number provided doesn't work for Royal Mail or Canada Post and I'm starting to get concerned. Thanks.
I'm in for a brown grenadine and drakes brown silk knit, if still available. Might be interested in the pockets squares depending on pics.Thanks
Just realised I missed this post. Indeed a steal, wish I had seen this one earlier and gave my order.Props to othertravel on arranging the proxy nonetheless.
I might be interested in one or two ties and some more Deets on the sportscoats. Thx
That brown is looking like fuego. I'm guessing October, Rick? And are they patch or flap pockets? Looking forward to them being available for purchase.
Hi Harry, Beautiful tie, I'm tempted to an existing order but had two questions? How easy is it to add a tie to an order that has been shipped as yet? Does shipping increase with the number of ties? Thanks and Regards, Duppy
Hey Rick, I made an MTM suit order last Friday with the SF offer fabrics and wanted to know if I could change the lining from full to butterfly/partial on the jacket? Thanks
Looks great. Really hoping that the downtown store opens soon so I can try on the Model 2, before doing any MTM orders.
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