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Try Loding Shoes in First Canadian Place. Bought one last year and no complaints.
Same here. I just fired off a pm to Steve.
If you are downtown, maybe Novelty Shoe Repair on Yonge and Adelaide. 119 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 1W4
Has anyone found a place where I can buy replacement waxed laces for carmina dress boots. I can't seem to find any that last or tips that are small enough to fit through the eyelets. Thanks
Can anyone provide me some recommendations for Carmina Jumper Boot laces? Those speed hooks have chewed through the carmina ones supplied. I've tried to find Alden waxed boot laces or equivalents (TZ laces on Amazon, local shoe makers) but the lace end is too big for the eyelet. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm in Toronto and finding Alden replacements that would work cost $20 (laces and shipping). Thanks, Duppy
Where is that faded jacket from? I like that makeup more in this fabric.The fades do look amazing.
How much were the taxes and duty? I saw they ship with Fedex and I'm hesistant to pull the trigger on their items.Thanks.
X1000. Just took mine out for it's maiden voyage today. Beautiful boots and full rep to Steve on organizing the MTO, with great service and shipping.Kudos to Trini on planting the kickstarting making this an MTO a reality.
Never seen the Doyle look better. What size did you take relative to other jackets?
Beautiful, too bad it's a 42 instead of a 40. GLWS
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