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I have come to realize that iPhone photo skills are essential in conveying the fit… Until I get better at this I'm not sure there is any value in posting… Anyway… And why is it certain stains only show up in photos…
I was warm.....but then I watched Swamp People....now I am not....
My favorite sport coat; not my favorite Tie.... The shoes are Alfred Sargent Exclusive and the shirt is Eton,however the stripes are a deep navy almost black, Not as blue as they appear in the photo.
Good Morn'all.... Sorry for the blurring. I also know my pents are a bit too wide..
I was recently in the Brioni Store in Vegas and the SA looked at me like I was a thief before any words were even exchanged....which, by the way were limited to "Hello"..... Nice suits though...
Good day all... Suit: HF Shirt: "Lymen" (?) Tie: Drakes Belt: AE Shoes: RL Watch: Arnold & Sons HMS II
-Owen, I love that jacket and used to have it myself. I like all the elements but I feel a brown spectrum sweater would have been nice as well. Pants look a bit wide at the bottom but could be angle/personal preference. Thanks, it is a nice SC for the $350 I paid! This morning I did try on a more 'earth tone" vest before the blue and found that I preferred the contrast with the blue....
Good Morning, A little casual: Shirt: Borelli SC: "Napoli Di Nordstrom" cashmere Vest: RL Pents: Zenella Belt: AE Cordovan Shoes: Carmina Cordovan Watch: GO Sports Evo
Whatever you do, never wear loafers.
Could some one please PM me Betty's email address? Very much appreciated....jtb
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