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Not really a fan of a suit on Friday!
I went to TJ Maxx to pick a "reward" with my daughter for her reading of 20 books (she is 6), naturally, I wandered over to the men's section and scored a pair of cotton/cashmere cords by Incotex -- MSRP $745, my price $79.99....It was the first time I have ever purchased something for my self from TJ Maxx... It was sweet...
Gracias. The tie is by Drakes and the watch by Chopard. a Mille Miglia GMT/Chrono.
Given the amount of lurking I do, it's only fair that I post once in a while…
Question: How do I determine what is in stock and what sizes are available on your website?
[[SPOILER]] Nice! And even nicer to see a fellow audiophile......(assuming you would admit to being as such)
Nice! And I just happened to be wearing that very same shirt today....
I am so in. Please please included 7US in your inventory orders. Thanks.
Happy, Happy, Happy....
What are the collective thoughts on corduroy trousers? I really do not like chinos (really do not like), I have my share of well maintained jeans, but would like to get some options for dress-down, business (office) casual. I am looking at the BB Clark fit corduroy; any general opinions of comments specific to the BB's? I am open to any other recommendation, please? (price is not a significant concern)...Thanks, jtb
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