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I just picked my second pair of the Ramseys. This time in black. Great shoes.... The AFPS special right now gets you a pair of the lasted shoe trees for free…nice!
[[SPOILER]] IMO - Perfect!
Shell and Forrest...
Gotta Love Some Carmnia!
[[SPOILER]] I think this is your best look to date! You have come close to excellence in the past but tend to just miss the mark by wearing those (God awful) horse-bits....I am a fan!
[[SPOILER]] I am 50/50 on the SC. Its got a good look, but something about it isn't presentable..
Good Morn' Fellas... (The trou are not near as blue as my iPhone thinks)
First, the suit is not the best fitting suit I have as it is pre-SF… Thanks for the comments, I tried a bit harder with my knot…not as sloppy this time. And, finally, the shoes are not near as rough as they look…
Not really a fan of a suit on Friday!
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