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[[SPOILER]] I sat behind Nicole Scherzinger on flight home from the 2010 Canadian GP back to LA. She smelled good.I am not a fan of his, but Alanso has got to be the best driver on the grid. Watching his drives are awe inspiring...I am big fan of Nico and have been for some time, he is the most underrated driver.Sorry to have derailed this thread from the topic at hand, but whenever someone mentions F1 and I get all funny inside...
[[SPOILER]] Met him? Or imposed a selfie?
Gentelman - Its been a while... Found myself with a bit of free time this morning... Have a good day.
With Shoe Artists post it seems like a good time to post this.... My daughter during a recent closet cleaning....
Q: I purchased a pair of cap toes in black shell recently (Forrest last)...burned (branded) into the sole is "JR" .....Anyone know what this is/means? Thanks, jtb
Is safe to assume the aforementioned loudness comments were in response to my shirt and tie? Are incongruous patterns a default definition of “loud"? I guess I might have to keep that in mind….or not. What I am trying to accomplish is a look that is not as "conservative" as the deemed successful CBD standards maintained in this thread, but without being...."loud" or otherwise clownish. While I enjoy scrolling this thread, I do find that attempts to deviate from the...
Good Morning Gents- Carmina black shell punch caps on the feets..
Me too. I would welcome a shift away from the banality of the (much loved) solid grenadine...
[[SPOILER]] NoOOooOOo. It has been officially documented by those that document such thing that Los Angeles' 405 and 101 are the worse freeways in the world! God I hate LA!Edit: I live in LA, so I get to have an opinion..and can compare the same to my living in San Francisco (10 years) and San Diego (9 years) which are so much better than anything about LA
[[SPOILER]] JEZUM! Smacked out of the park!
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