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In the amount of time it took you to read this thread and post that stupid remark, you could have just hit the back button and ignored.
I purchased a BB fitzgerald on October 18, the day they had the 30% corporate discount going. The store did not have my size, so they ordered it and had it shipped to the store. It arrived on the 29th and the sales associate there called me to let me know they would start the alterations. I thought it would take a couple of days max, so I did not ask for a time frame as to when it would be done. Now a week later, I am wondering if I should call or is this normally how...
I suppose they are ok if you want to look like Sally Jesse Raphael
Love the green pants
oh I was browsing another forum and it looks like this thread spread over there lol
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Someone who joined a forum just to write an "omg this sukz" post is probably not the best source... I have a ti skagen watch and I like it just fine. I can't hear it on my wrist let alone across the room. Sure, the movements are nothing special but the design of their pieces are often quite nice. I like the dark face one better. Just because I am new does not mean that I do not have a valid point. If...
Neither! I owned one of those watches about 10 years ago and they are the loudest watches I have ever heard. You can easily hear the tick of the second hand, especially when sleeping which is highly annoying! If a person has sensitive hearing it is possible to hear the ticking from across the room it is so loud. I could even hear it through a desk drawer once I got a new watch and put the Skagen away. Horrible. AVOID.
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