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Are you positive? Seems strange since everyone else's seem to be by Caruso... I got it from Matches, since I got it on retail price I wouldn't say it a bargain, but I'm happy with it and it suits its purpose (no pun intended)
I ended up getting a Lanvin suit. Since I would like to know the manufacturer I though I should upload a picture of the inside tags in case someone can recognize whether it is made by Caruso or Pal Zileri. Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!    
I thought I should upload a picture of the inside tags of the suit, in case someone can recognize the maker of this suit. I was told on another thread that Lanvin suits are made by either Caruso (I initially thought all Lanvin suits were made by Caruso) or Pal Zileri. Could someone help me on this? Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend!    
Ended up getting a Lanvin suit after all. Thank you for your input
Thank you for your assistance. I realize that RL is highly regarded on this forum and for a good reason, but I live in Europe (Switzerland) so for better or for worse I have more access to European brands like Balenciaga than let's say RL, which is pretty scarce (especially BL or PL)
Hello all, Sorry for the (possibly) off-topic but I am in the process of getting a suit on a very short notice (don't ask) and I am currently considering either one from Lanvin or one from Balenciaga. Thanks to this (highly informative) thread, I am aware that Lanvin suits (the mainline at least) is made by Caruso, but who makes Balenciaga suits? I would think their quality would be on par with the "Very good suits", but I have found no evidence on who the actual...
Sorry for bumping this thread but I am considering getting a Balenciaga suit. Does anyone have any idea who is the original maker of their suits? I al also considering a Lanvin suit and I know it is made by Caruso so unless I find solid info about the Balenciaga I am inclined to lean towards the latter. Thank you all in advance! PS: don't kill me about my choices, I am in a need of a suit on a short notice so my choices are somewhat limited (to RTW and "fashion" brands)
I was finally able to reach the seller and he's been MIA because he was banned form SF (I hope that's not a bad sign). He said he sent the package though and that he'll look into the delay tomorrow so I hope it was just misplaced somewhere. Anyway, thanks for the input!
Quote: Originally Posted by ryej Where were the shoes being shipped too? I have had a few transactions with "abeauty" and they all went smoothly. Athens, Greece. I hope the package will turn up and I'm just being overly cautious but I'll probably still will file a dispute just to be safe. Thanks for your help guys!
There seems to be a problem with the sale and even though I've tried to contact the seller I was unable to get a response. It's been over five weeks since the shoes were (supposedly) sent and even though I was informed it could take up to 3-4 weeks for delivery, that time is long past and since the seller is unreachable I'm inclined to consider the worst. What is SF's policy on unsuccessful sales, if any, and how do you think I should proceed?
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