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Is there a brand or a label that you believe deserves more attention? There are arguably many brands that are high-quality but are largely overlooked so consider this thread a good opportunity to share your hidden gems with your fellow SFers! It would be nice to explain what you like about the brand (style, quality, exclusivity?) in order to start a proper discussion. So write away!
What about Common Projects?
Around 30, mostly cashmere and merino wool. Somehow I always think that I need more though but end up wearing the same 5-10 all the time. "Hi, my name is ... and I'm a knitwear addict"
I would go for light brown or cognac with this suit. Black would definitely be too formal imho.yes
Yay or nay?PS: not ideal lighting conditions, I know [[SPOILER]]
Thanks everyone for the input. I haven't made up my mind yet so I will probably try it on and return it if it still seems off somehow.The jacket is from Wooyoungmi and the shoulder patch is supposed to be a gunflap or storm flap which I haven't seen in a peacoat before I believe.
Yay or Nay? I know it's far from traditional but I'm not looking for a traditional peacoat at the moment so that's fine for me. Do you think it's over-designed though? Any thoughts are appreciated! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the input Zeemon!Yes, that's the one. I tend to agree with you, at least that is what I fear when I look at it on its own and all buttoned up. But I like how it looks when it's worn so I'm inclined to like it. In the end I think I jusy need to try it on to see how it looks on me, but I thought I should get a second opinion from you savvy guys first [[SPOILER]]
Currently looking for a winter mid-weight jacket. Looks like a peacoat with a twist that I quite like, thoughts? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
What do you think about Bottega Veneta shoes? I know there are better options out there (from specialized shoe makers) and that BV is a fashion brand (so "not worth" the asking price) but I would just like to get some facts (who makes them, supposedly there is sat least some hand-work involved) and opinions about their (more expensive) shoes. Thank you in advance!
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