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^ Since I'm on holiday at the moment, only one — and it never leaves my wrist.
Holy shit:
^ Agreed, plus the Sea-Dweller, Explorer and OP aren't exactly delicate flowers, either. And with the partial exception of the change to ceramic bezels, which don't appear to be breaking too often anyway, the entire range of watches and movements has never been tougher. Mind you, I'm still not a fan of the polished links on the GMT II, athough they don't make the watch any less durable. :|
A legitimate 30 m rating is plenty in real life.
There could be a minor 50th anniversary cosmetic alteration to the Sea-Dweller, but I'd be pretty surprised if they did any big changes to such a recent model.An updated 41-mm 3235-movement Datejust in steel to replace the DJ II is guaranteed in the near future, though it would be better at 39 mm; don't forget that the two-tone DJ II was eliminated last year as the new 18K-and-steel Datejust 41 went into production. Those 32XX movements are going to eventually work their...
^ The BLNR is at least as good as money in the bank right now, so I'd just get it and enjoy it without a worry until the Daytona arrives.
^ Speedmaster > Black Bay But for the money, I'd personally look for a nice earlier Datejust — either plexi or sapphire will do. 16200s are particularly nice.
Given your preferences, I'd say the 3940 without a doubt.The steel Vacheron chronograph seems nice enough, but there's no way I'd choose a modern watch that says "Hodinkee" on the back over what I'd say is one of the final examples of a proper classic Patek Philippe for the same-ish money. The desirability-of-steel thing may apply to the genuinely rare 1940s and 1950s watches that are so heavily touted in the auction world, but it's meaningless artifice in a...
We'll see.I'm highly skeptical that we'll see either one of those, though. The SD and GMT have both recently been refreshed and still have plenty of legs.My guess is that they'll fully put the bloated Datejust II out to pasture and introduce the somewhat more svelte 3235-movement update in full stainless.
^ Aw, thanks! Nice to hear from ya, Frilly. Anything catching your eye lately, watch-wise?
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