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^That's a fantastic watch.I know — it's just that since your choices have changed so significantly over the weekend, I though it might be worth taking another look. I find that they tend to have a way of growing on you.
I really feel like you can't go wrong by replacing a Rolex with another Rolex if that's what your dad wore.Display backs kinda suck, anyway. :P
^ I definitely wouldn't turn my nose up at one of those. And much as I like to wind up anti-quartzitic forum autists about their goofy Spring Drive quartz movement, there's no doubt that Seiko makes a quality watch. You have to respect their autonomy, even if some of the designs can be rather derivative. That one is more distinctive, and I like it; one could certainly do a lot worse.
The GO's cool; I like that a lot. Fabulous movement in that one, too. They can do nice stuff when they aren't plagiarizing Lange (bit of an SF watch-thread inside joke there). The Blancpain has a severely undersized movement, and isn't particularly inspiring in any other way, either. It seems like a very lazy design.
Just wanted to mention that if you're not keen on a bracelet watch and you'd like something that would complement the Nomos well, Zenith has a few fantastic chronograph options these days. (The groovy Vintage 1969 and 38 mm Original 1969 are my two favourites.) Not only would it add some variety, but I'd also say that you'd be getting another no-excuses piece of watchmaking with one. They tend to offer awesome value for money if bought wisely, too.
Good technical information here if you're considering something with IWC's 51000-series movement: http://watchguy.co.uk/service-repair-iwc-ingenieur-5005-calibre-51112/
I would strongly advise against buying that IWC at retail pricing. Subjectively, I think it's too big to have much use for dressy situations, but too fragile and baroque to be a good casual watch, either. I prefer that lovely Nomos in every way, to the point where I'd consider the IWC to be a downgrade despite its much higher cost. You did ask for opinions.
(Mazzer) Major score over the weekend: free grinder! Zero flaws discovered during the refurbishing; it only needed a clean-up and some fresh burrs to be good as new. It'll be going into a friend's pub and I expect it to live a very long and productive life. I like to see quality stuff get put to use instead of going to the bin; the ol' built-like-a-tank cliché is definitely applicable here.
Yes, I get that the looks aren't for everyone. Though I can't see what's not to like about the Club model. The thing is that no other manufacturer in their price range seems to be able to offer as legit of a watch, and their customer-friendly service policy is one of the best in the industry.We'll see what else they come up with over the years, but they certainly have a distinctive look that they stick to.
This may supress the hankering somewhat. Posted elsewhere a few minutes ago:"Just received [polishing] pricing from Seiko UK, £380 for the work plus £72 postage (prices arent firm and will vary with exchange rate)."Mind you, the Spring Drive polishing quote was for a GS model instead of an Ananta, but I wouldn't be surprised if that Moonphase costs even more simply due to its enormous bulk.High-maintenance quartz, indeed.
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