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It's unfortunately almost entirely US-only, but http://www.espressomap.com/ isn't the worst resource around for locating high-grade coffee. In London, there's certainly no lack of top-quality cafés; I've found a great variety ranging from groovy retro hangouts to a high-end science-laboratory vibe.
Likewise; one of the other office mates has a 1655 Explorer II. When I asked about it, he said he'd bought it sometime in the '70s, and wore it until it stopped running. After about a decade of it sitting in a drawer, he decided to take it in for a service, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out what he had. He's been wearing it daily for the past few years, and though he likes it just fine and is now aware of what he could sell it for if he wanted to, he's not...
Particularly in Russia, Vacheron Constantin is often chosen purely as a status symbol and wearing one doesn't necessarily imply any watch knowledge. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just how luxury goods work.Likewise, one of my colleagues wears an ultra-slim Lange in rose gold. I asked him about it when we were out for drinks once, and although he knew it was a good watch, it was a gift from his brother and he didn't have much interest in it beyond that....
Yes, there are definitely a few variables to play with in immersion brewing, and the results can be noticeable.But if you're using pre-ground (just guessing based on dosing by scoop instead of by weight), by far the biggest improvement to your coffee quality level will come from grinding fresh. Using a scale is good for repeatability, too; volumetric methods tend to be inconsistent. Personally, I just toss the scoop that comes with the AP.
I'm sure they'll truly do justice to that heady aroma of stale burned ass. Though seriously, if I wanted to drink industrial coffee out of cognac snifters for some reason, I'm certain that a $40 Riedel pair of them wouldn't make any difference compared to normal ones without a paperweight in the base. I imagine that they're targeting the same demographic that buys magic cables for hi-fi systems with this. :P
That's like having a Japanese tea ceremony with powdered Kool-Aid.
^ Considering the crap watches they evidently offer, I suppose one could argue that it may actually be more financially sensible to rent than to own them.
Caught that on a few other forums.Pay-for-play shilling — certifiable 100% bullshit. :PGives some insight into the kind of suckers they're aiming to find, though.
^ Well of course a high-end quartz movement from Seiko is going to keep good time.
Holy cråp, is that ever awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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