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Indeed, the very same. But there's always room for something nice. Also, I'm planning on doing one in, two out with this.
Don't get too bummed out: good things come to those who wait, and most of the thrill is in the hunt, anyway. (And I'm certain you can do better than Hodinkee's pricing, too.)Just snagged something I've been considering for a few years when the right combination of condition and cost finally showed up, but it took quite a while for that to happen. No regrets about the wait, though.
Agreed that this is not a bracelet watch. And while I'm not usually a fan of black leather, that really does look sumptuous with the ivory dial, rose gold indices and blued hands. That would make for a nice alternative to the brown.In fact, I haven't worn it on anything other than the factory one — which has indeed darkened over time — as it didn't look quite right to me on straps I tried out in 20 and 22 mm, so I didn't bother getting anything in 21 mm. The only other...
Nice! That's a very difficult watch to find, especially in that colour. It's definitely a favourite of mine, and I think the dial quality is reference-grade in both design and execution. It's great to see another one out there.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Definitely looking forward to the new arrival. ' It can't be much more difficult than having a dog, right!?
^ What's the first rule of Fight Club?
A little watch swap today — Oysterquartz for Sub: image credit: loevhagen The OQ served me well in Italy, and I even ended up randomly meeting a group of watch collectors at a little bar in Trieste while wearing it. Italians do indeed love their Rolex; one of those guys I got to sharing some wine with has no fewer than fifty of them. ("I don't fully trust the banks.") Can't wait to visit again; aside from apparently being the per-capita stainless-Rolex world champ...
^ Cold brewing is nice. Just thought I'd follow up on the grinder thing now that I'm back from travel and have had some time to play with the new toys. SJ burrs in the Mini-E: Recommended. However, when I started installing the new burr plates, I discovered that the previous owner had already done the swap, so I've been using this upgrade for years already! The old burr set looked like it had plenty of use left in it, but it had a few nicks, so I put in the new set...
No kidding. It's fair to say that Rolex is wildly popular here in northern Italy (old town Trieste at the moment), particularly the stainless sports models. I have absolutely no problem with that; in fact, I'm quite pleased to see them!
I love that dial. I'm off to Venice and Trieste for ten days, and I think I'll just keep it simple and take only the blue OQ. It goes with everything.
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