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Same here. I like mess around with pourover brewing once in a while just to see if I can replicate that perfect cup, but I just find that it's too inherently inconsistent to really get all that bothered about.Or maybe I just suck at pouring.
I visited ABP's atelier in Paris a few years back, but didn't kop. I didn't think that the ready-made ones were anything special for the money, their custom pricing is simply insane, plus I got a generally dumpy vibe from the place. Camille Fournet offers better quality for a fraction of the cost, in my opinion. I suppose that if someone really wants something like a neon purple stingray job with lime green contrast stitching for an ROO, they're an option, but I'd still...
My pleasure; good coffee gear is kinda fun, at least on a rainy November weekday in Norway.Cool, let me know how the coffee shot experimentation works out. One of the competitors at the brewer's cup was doing 25 g of coffee (ground fine on an EK) in 45 g of water with an Aeropress and it was pretty good. Also looking forward to hearing how you get on with the Feldgrind. I'd have gone for something other than black, myself, but that was the only colour they had at the...
^ Likewise, when I had a Reverso GMT, it showed swirl marks like mad, despite only wearing it about a dozen times in two years. I didn't have a problem with it, but it's worth noting how easily the case marks for anyone who is bothered by this type of thing. However, they did disappear after a careful light polishing at the shop.
That dent can be fixed by laser welding, but I think I'd just spare myself the bother and go for the one on the strap. I don't think the Reverso's bracelet is particularly sought-after.
Further thoughts on this rainy Thursday about manual mills, after roughly eight months with Orphan Espresso's Lido 3 and eight weeks with Made by Knock's Feldgrind: I got sick of messing around with the grind setting on my Mazzer to switch between brewed coffee and espresso, and I wanted something I could take on the road as well, so I decided to get a Lido 3 earlier this year. I stand by my original assessment: it's the grinder to have for low-volume non-espresso use,...
True, but that's not the kind I'm talking about.Compared to your lovely PCs, it's like the ACs aren't even made by the same company — it appears to be Patek's weakest category. And some, such as the 5960, are real donkeys.
Since Patek's annual calendars all look like ass, I'd have to go with Lange.
That's a good setup; sounds like you have more than you need to make top-grade coffee.For me, Aeropress gets used most often (a metal disc filter can be nice to have with it for certain beans), followed by espresso (La Valentina, a typical Italian E61 HX machine) and then vac pot (beautiful way to get a bigger clean brew than an AP). The pour-overs rarely get used, French press is now exclusively for Mrs. B's tea infusions (I haven't bothered getting another for coffee),...
I'd generally hold off modern IWC for a while; I think prices are coming down: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-14/richemont-plans-to-cut-more-than-200-swiss-jobs-amid-watch-woes
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