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That thread title...
"Men's Timepieces"!? I figure it's about 0.01% Breitling on here, at least as far as I can remember.
^ Camille Fournet is an OEM supplier for several serious brands, including Cartier. I've been very pleased with mine, and they're a pleasure to deal with in my experience. This will give you a price for whatever configuration you like: http://www.camillefournet.com/en/create-your-watch-strap
Something different today: a watch swap with an office buddy. A different kind of blue and denim (plus chambray and wool): Personally, I'm diggin' the old-school Jubilee bracelet on the modern GMT. Meanwhile, my Daytona's getting the much better end of this deal as far as quality of photography goes: image credit: Loevhagen
Aye, @McWu — 'twas a good watch, but not worn often enough to justify keeping. I'm hear it's getting out and about more with its new owner in Oslo, and that makes me happier than having it sit idle.On Nomos cordovan, the last photo on the wrist before it went:And my final one, period:On the occasions that I did wear it, it was nice to have just the right thing. But this one helps keep the regret away:Thanks for the memories.
Back in my Reverso-having days, Nomos cordovan was my go-to:But the original brown alligator is a good way to go as well. Camille Fournet is the OEM supplier to Jaeger LeCoultre for that strap, and they'll do custom orders:I hope it's getting worn more often by its new owner.
I've seen examples of seriously nice watches showing evidence of abusive treatment (deep gouges, big scrapes, bent parts, filthy condition) but what takes the cake for me is the story I heard via someone working at a high-end watch store. He asked a client how an expensive tourbillon he'd purchased earlier was doing, and was told that it had been (literally) tossed in the trash because it had stopped running. "Disposable" is just a whole 'nother level of disdain. I...
Lovely! That's one of the advantages of a slim, reasonably-sized watch: it's less likely to bash into things.
Agreed; a Lange would be the one to get. That's certainly a proper Calatrava, though.The AP is 11 mm thick, which I feel is reasonable for a self-winding chronograph. I think it's a great-looking watch and it's one that I've considered previously, but for me, the downsides are 1) that it has a modular movement and 2) that it shows:image credit: interwatches.comHowever, there's a lot to like about it — I'd love to see how one looks in person!
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