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^ Their movements are actually pretty good. Most are originally from Minerva, a former maker of high-grade watches which Montblanc essentially absorbed after Richemont got their evil clutches on them. So I have no issues with the quality; it's the lame-o designs that tend to be the problem.
Oh, they'll show smudges all right. Sapphire is a dust and fingerprint magnet, too. A quick wipe will sort it out, but sometimes I forget to do that before taking a photo.
That sounds perfectly reasonable — no argument here.
The stumpy hands give me hope that Rolex will one day return the Explorer to its proper 36 mm size, as Nostradamus foretold. The dial can stay matte, though. I recently got to play with a friend's Grand Seiko — all the forum autists seem to love them so much — and though the much-commented-upon finishing is excellent, I really didn't see anything special or magical about it. The fit on the end links was nothing to write home about either.It's a good watch, I just really...
Apropos my little post from last week, here's a bit of insight on the industry's schmoozing machine.... http://nickhacko.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/clash-of-titans.html A press pass is very nice to have at these things if you like free trinkets and booze.
A few more photos from my pal who's handy with da camera phone: I lent the 1675 to someone for the past few weeks; it's great to have it back, as it's become an old friend. As I've said, it's all the watch I need.
^ Cool. Some thread crossover happening too, as it looks like Jordan in the video is wearing a white-dialled Daytona. It's a very nice way to time extractions.
"Siiiiick watch, bro!"
Human factors, man. Direct single-function control is always better than non-tactile software keys. You have to take your eyes off what you're doing to find where to press. It's not exactly a life-or-death situation, but fumbling around with a touch screen phone when I'm timing an extraction to dial in the grind with new coffee beans, for example, just doesn't work as well as engaging a real chrono. There are plenty of other cases where it's great to have a stopwatch on...
Hey Dino! Of course I picked up the OP. I've been extolling its virtues ever since it came out, and having it on the wrist makes me like it even more. So yes, I've been on a bit of a spree lately due to the favourable currency situation here. The basic Oyster offers a lot to appreciate and I recommend it highly to anyone who's considering the watch. And while the Deepsea isn't something I'd personally wear, it's a fun watch. But I tell ya what. Their insano diver ain't...
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