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I don't have much of an opinion on the results.Hodinkee's increasingly-overt cheerleading for auction houses feels like shilling to me, though. It seems that half their content is pre- and post-sale propaganda these days, and I doubt they're dedicating so much effort simply out of impartial journalistic interest.
With all this talk of "the one watch", an all-brushed 36 mm DJ is great as an everyday watch that suits any situation, in my opinion.I'm still very much appreciating its close cousins, which isn't something that I'd have guessed when I started with the watch thing:Nice, Frilly — that looks like some heavy denim to go with the heavy watch..
No argument here — I just meant to address the misconception I sometimes come across (usually from those who haven't tried them) that the older bracelets are crappy in general, without considering that anything else would show at least as much wear over the same period. You were spot on about the not-so-great condition of those examples.
Just think of what that $5K could get you in proper- rather than pseudo-vintage, though.
Actually having one of them around for a while has made me recant my anti-Deep-Sea-ism. While the pressure rating is excessive by multiples, even for someone going for the all-time depth record, the watch does what it says it does. It's a fun and massive steel sculpture with a lot of details worth appreciating, and it's nice to see one on the wrist.The Geophysic doesn't do anything for me, either. It almost seems that sites like Hodinkee are trying to hype it into one of...
Welcome to the thread!dddrees has previously posted his 16710 on the solid-link Jubliee, and he loves it: post #29310It's a brilliant bracelet with a substantial but supple feel on the wrist. I've tried a few, and they're a pleasure to wear.
Thanks, fellas. To be fair, I got one of those 16710s to give to my dad, and he seems to like it quite a bit. It's bad enough that almost every watch that I actually wear looks similar due to being on a steel Oyster bracelet; I don't need two of the exact same model in the house.
I also missed the earlier GMT love-in. It's safe to say that I don't mind that model, either. A few more to add, plus an interloper:
Ha, I love how some are described as "1: Mint" despite being polished to the point of having curves instead of angles. Inept refinishing is all too common with these, which is unfortunate since a big part of the OQ's appeal is how the all of those perfectly flat surfaces created by the beveled case and bracelet look in real life. The bracelet is easy to touch up on a block (though evidently many have made the mistake of using a polishing wheel), but the case needs a...
^ I've seen worse. They moved the date wheel outboard on that version to help adapt it to bigger case, but the whole movement would have to be redesigned to change the sundial spacing. The busy outer tracks help disguise the issue as well. It's not that bad, but it's not something I'd be rushing out to the shop for, either. Don't get me wrong, though; I do like a lot of of what Zenith does. They tend to be a great used buy, as well.
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