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Thanks for that. Looks like one of the Swiss gnomes might have been partying too hard before his shift.I wonder if the Sea-Dweller's fully-indexed bezel ended up on a no-date Submariner; that could look good.
Given the choice between those two, I'd stick with your Speedmaster, as it's a better-looking and cooler watch. The other two are a bit try-hard for my liking.
The Speedmaster is a fantastic watch, and I think it's one of the best-looking in production. It's well worth having.But if I was going with a single watch to wear all the time, and wasn't doing any ... uh ... chronograph-ing, the 36 mm OP would be the one to have. It's essentially the same thing as the 36 mm Explorer, but with the newer clasp and bracelet. It's ideal for the one-watch scenario, especially with either the blue 3-6-9 or the grey baton-marker dial options.So...
Nah; I like the steel bezel. It's when you add the shiny links, lugs and subdial accents that the reflective surface area starts getting noticeable. It works, although my preference in an everyday watch is for understatement. It's really not that bad; the classic size and shape keeps it from being too obnoxious, especially when it slips under long sleeves so easily. I tend to not to think about it once it’s on the wrist — it goes with everything.Although an aftermarket...
OK, I have a bit of catching up to do in this thread, so here goes. The number of posts each day seems to be increasing dramatically since the thread started (though not necessarily the amount of actual content), so regrets if I've missed anyone.My previous Steven Seagal sugar-drink comparison wasn't entirely spot-on for the "DEEPSEA" colour, but it conveys my opinion of the watch closely enough, and I stand by my initial reaction. I'm not the biggest fan of the 116660...
OK, here's more non-Rolex content: I sold this one last week; nice watch but I never really wore it. No plans for another watch as a replacement. But if I do get something, it'll very likely be manufactured by Rolex. I'm oafish like that.
The 5131 isn't exactly a paragon of dial design virtue, either. Don't even get me started on how wrong it is to use all caps in script... :P
each is qualityand enough to satisfywithout excusesdetails to follow
Since some people can't resist referring to every model by an insipid nickname, I kinda hope "Zoolander" sticks with that crowd.The predictable "Deep Blue" just wouldn't fit with the make-believe-character theme.
New Posts  All Forums: