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Good design principles are pretty well-established, and not nearly as subjective as most people think.I like to see fresh designs that show use of well-refined concepts in new ways, and straying from convention is great as long as you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, design standards have declined quite a bit since personal computers eliminated the entry barrier. There's just a lot of incompetent, badly-drafted product (in all consumer industries) that won't stand...
^ This is all excellent stuff, guys. Thanks for the paternal pointers. 👍
^ Ben seems like a pretty likeable guy.
Apologies in advance for the South Park, but this is too perfect not to post:"Yes, yes, I bought the new ceramic Daytona. Now who wants to touch me?"Mind you, their enthusiasm is no worse than typical forum fare — especially at perpetually possession-peacocking TRF — so let's not judge too harshly.
Thanks, Jacob. Yeah, this OQ's been places, as I find it goes with everything. I see you got yourself a Daytona lately; that one's still definitely a favourite of mine — nice! For me, the all-steel version is a more visually-coherent package than the new ceramic one, whose bezel doesn't make as much sense with the polished bits. @SteveH35's "avoid recency bias" watch advice is sound.(By the way, the new pretend-race-car-speedometer Air-Bro certainly demonstrates this...
^ Fortunately, there are other options:
^ Regardless of what caused the light scratches, they'll polish out easily. I wouldn't worry about them too much.
^ Indeed, some watches make me realize that their manufacturers don't really know what they're doing when it comes to design. The Bathyscaphe is one of those watches.
^ Personally, I would just get another Rolex. If you have an OP, then something from their sports range should complement it nicely.
Quality post, Kap. That explains the appeal of a good watch as well as anything I've read. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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