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Welcome to the thread!dddrees has previously posted his 16710 on the solid-link Jubliee, and he loves it: post #29310It's a brilliant bracelet with a substantial but supple feel on the wrist. I've tried a few, and they're a pleasure to wear.
Thanks, fellas. To be fair, I got one of those 16710s to give to my dad, and he seems to like it quite a bit. It's bad enough that almost every watch that I actually wear looks similar due to being on a steel Oyster bracelet; I don't need two of the exact same model in the house.
I also missed the earlier GMT love-in. It's safe to say that I don't mind that model, either. A few more to add, plus an interloper:
Ha, I love how some are described as "1: Mint" despite being polished to the point of having curves instead of angles. Inept refinishing is all too common with these, which is unfortunate since a big part of the OQ's appeal is how the all of those perfectly flat surfaces created by the beveled case and bracelet look in real life. The bracelet is easy to touch up on a block (though evidently many have made the mistake of using a polishing wheel), but the case needs a...
^ I've seen worse. They moved the date wheel outboard on that version to help adapt it to bigger case, but the whole movement would have to be redesigned to change the sundial spacing. The busy outer tracks help disguise the issue as well. It's not that bad, but it's not something I'd be rushing out to the shop for, either. Don't get me wrong, though; I do like a lot of of what Zenith does. They tend to be a great used buy, as well.
Indeed, I caught up with my watchmaker friend earlier this week, and we talked a fair bit about the OQ. One thing he mentioned is that it's by far the most costly-to-produce three-hand movement Rolex has ever made — and possibly the costliest, period. He commented that the 4130 isn't exactly cheap to make either, but only the 4160 might be comparable in internal expense to the quartz calibres. I guess there's a reason its price was double that of a Submariner's when it...
Nice!Dat shit good.
^ Indeed, it does: I have yet to see a way to make a chronograph movement with a too-large case and dial look good. No matter how how they try to disguise it, it just doesn't work. Not that there's anything wrong with owls.
Hey dudes. I've recently returned from touring South America since the beginning of the month, and I've caught up with the 800 or so posts since then. Looks like I missed out on a few great new arrivals, the Basel stuff, discussion of the best Hodinkee article I've seen in ages, a bit of fake watch drama, and some OQ content. However, it was a good adventure, and watches weren't really on my mind. I was planned on seeing if I could manage bringing this...
The reason that I haven't bothered to get them repaired is that I have several better boot options, so going through the return process isn't something I've been motivated to deal with from Norway so far, and the shipping and customs fees aren't my idea of fun. Good to know that if I do send them in, they should get sorted. However, the fit and the look hasn't given me much reason to do so. If I do get them repaired, it will be primarily out of a sense of lingering guilt...
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