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Just move the button. You don't need a tailor for that. Takes less than five minutes per shirt.
^ I'm as curmudgeonly as it gets, and I have no issue with that. Looks pretty cool, in fact. I would consider doing the same to my Daytona, as I currently don't have a single watch with a display back and sometimes it's nice to see what makes it tick. And as you said, it's easily reversible. Nice!
I found this Enicar in a Budapest street market for about €200:The movement inside is gorgeous, despite the solid back. Still runs, too!I think the best bet for finding something similar is on forums, and watchrecon.com aggregates the private listings, so it's a good tool to find something specific or just browse around. The bigger watch dealers don't typically mess around with relatively inexpensive stuff from bygone makers like this.
Say what!? I thought you were big-time into Rolex and AP!
True, but they're one of those rare watch companies where I feel that you really get what you pay for. When you consider the work goes into them and how little true competition they have, it's remarkable that you can get the basic but sublime Club model for the cost of a few pairs of high-grade shoes — quality shoes being another luxury good where I think you get can get your money's worth if you know where to look.Be warned; the watch thing can be quite hazardous to one's...
Cool watch; I'd definitely wear that. One of my favourite/most-respected companies is Nomos, and they're known for their Bauhaus-influenced minimalism.
Yes, although I'm clearly relishing the discussion, it's likely that this particular tangent is getting a bit played-out. My position is that putting in an inferior version of a movement in a more expensive model is indefensible. It doesn't seem like too much to ask to get the standard-grade bits inside:Look, nobody's buying a $12K-on-a-strap chronograph strictly on the basis of function. Yes, it has to be there, but if it was only about functionality, we'd all be wearing...
The principle of cheaping out on the finish work is the same, though. Why they would put a lower-grade version of a movement in a more expensive watch that's available only to their self-professed collectors is difficult to grasp. I'd expect the finishing standard in the costlier version to be the same or better than the mass-market version (which is quite good), but perhaps they're being Machiavellian and testing out just how much of that "pricing power" they can get away...
Fair enough. But I'm not talking about the high-end exotics such as Kari Voutilainen and Roger Smith. I just feel better buying or supporting independently-owned established manufactures such as...NomosRolexAudemars PiguetPatek PhilippeSeikoBreitlingChopard...as well as several other independents — interesting outliers such as Ochs & Junior and the low-profile Germans such as Sinn, Stowa and Laco come to mind — than I do with the big three conglomerates, who I find less...
^^^ Perfect answer.
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