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One thing that's sometimes overlooked is that the 36 mm Oyster range uses the same dial and crystal size as the 40 mm sports range — they even share common parts. The different hands and dial finishes on OPs and DJs may make a difference in legibility, but it's definitely not a size thing.Personally, love my 36 mm Rolex models, and I'm over 6'3".
That grinder looks fantastic. Interesting that they mention Graef as the parent company; I have their double-wall stainless kettle and it's the business. Edit: Oops, that's a different Graef. Good stuff, regardless.
^ So where's the chronograph?
Agreed; the Speedmaster is a fantastic choice.Aside from that, Nomos is a top contender for those who like the look; they're the real deal when it comes to watchmaking, which is an uncommon thing at any price bracket.
^ I meant sentimentally devalue. Also, I'm pretty sure that service dials run north of five hundred bux these days; Rolex just hiked parts prices in Norway and now they're close to a grand for a basic dial. Regardless of cost, if it's meant to be an heirloom, then I'd even more strongly favour leaving the original dial alone.
^ I would advise you to keep the original dial; a replacement one is costly, yet it devalues the watch. I'd also say that DJ dials don't really have enough luminous material in the first place to make it worth the bother, either — you won't be missing much night time legibility with the Luminova that's now used in place of the original tritium.
^ Looks great! The strap and deployant clasp combination is a sweet option to have, plus it'll keep that fantastic bracelet fresher.
Agreed, though with a small edit. There's a reason that the most consistent piece of equipment advice is to not skimp on the grinder. You can brew excellent coffee using a cotton sock if you know what you're doing, but you'll never get a proper cup when the beans have been pulverized by an herb chopper — no matter how good the rest of the consumables, technique and gear are.Instead of messing around with a spinning blade, it's better to just get the coffee pre-ground from...
Fantastic stuff, guys. Looking forward to hearing how the experimentation works out.
Yes, obviously it was in reference to the Rolex dial. I was just messin' with you guys.
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