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Any word on when the NJ store is opening?
It's companywide, your local store will probably have stock. The 30% stacks with the student discount. If something is on final sale and your store doesn't have it, you could order it in store and get it with $9 shipping.
The UU hooded blouson is only 29.99? Anyone know if they have any xs left?
What are the differences between their short fits? I need a couple pairs, I'm deciding between J.Crew and H&M right now. The slimmer the better, probably.
Is the hooded blouson (the one available in wine) on sale right now?
Has anyone handled/purchased that orange striped sweater yet? I'm probably going to buy it soon, just wondering if anyone has impressions yet.
I remember seeing Patrik Ervell talking about blacking out Doc Marten's , I'd really like to see how that looks. I know there's a picture in that article, it's pretty useless IMO. But it could be an option for cheap and interesting shoes.
Rider or blouson? Not sure why I'm asking since xs in both is impossible to find, but still.
Which chinos? How do they fit? I was interested in the UVCs a while ago but it seems that they get looser every year
I like how transparent he is about his profiteering -- "I had a chance to pick up couple of additional oxfords from Uniqlo..." and then he describes how he has every color they sell in multiple sizes. I think the oxfords are going back on sale for $20 in a couple weeks, though, so hopefully people don't buy from him.
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