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Where do you shop in Arizona?
What is this guy's name? Does anyone have more pictures of him?
This is a stupid thread. You write a novel about what you're buying and tell us you need lots of advice but when given any advice you shut it down. It's not advice but validation you seek, and its obviously not being given to you since what you want to do does not exactly align well with the overall approach of most forum members to clothing.
I'm looking to buy a jacket. Some background info, I am 19/student. I already own a blazer and a khaki sportcoat, but I'm looking for something more substantial. What is a good first sportcoat to buy? I'll most likely wear it with khakis/jeans (maybe the occasional pair of flannel trousers for anything slightly dressier).
Quote: Originally Posted by vertig0 Thank you for reading this entire post, I sincerely appreciate any and all help/advice. It sounds like you are confusing simple with boring. Please have some personality, you wrote a novel on your aspiration to look mediocre.
whatever, really no point in arguing it. nice purchase on the cords.
Nice purchase on the cords, i like them a lot myself. However the ones in the picture are not in the same cut (or fabric if i remember) than the university cords you own. The ones you own are much slimmer and are a thick wide wale corduroy, all their embroidered pants are done in the roomier fit. Also, the clothes in take ivy are far from slimmer than today's. In fact you can see that most of their shirts balloon out when tucked in and their chinos have roomier legs than...
Also according to Kiya, House of Holland prints on AA and so does Imaginary Foundation
henrik vibskov
Quote: Originally Posted by jiomitori Hey guys, I've been having a problem with sweaty armpits for about a year now and I'm finally getting fed up and ready to do something about it. I'm about to schedule a doctor's appointment, but I wanted to run it by you all first. If I get out of the shower and towel dry under my arms, I notice they start to get moist again after a few minutes, regardless of the temperature or my level of physical activity. From...
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