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No hate but I never got basis. It seemed like a bunch of jabronis that were forced to take super accelerated classes while exploring nothing else, also no sports? All I heard from basis kids was AP this and AP that.You should check out a place called Roma Imports. Its this little italian import market store / restaurant by those furniture shops on park and broadway. Great food there, cool spot for lunch. Also sucks that AZ has no real retail anymore. Covet went out of...
What is usually the most that a jacket can be taken in / tapered at the waist? This is a jacket that fits well in the shoulders and chest, just could use a little bit more shape at the waist
I want to switch the buttons on my (very traditional) navy blazer for something a little more contemporary. I was thinking brown horn buttons? Something like this: What is generally the norm of blazer buttons (or if anyone has any good ideas outside the norm)? Does anyone have any links to good sources for buttons?
Try Barrons Hunter. I'm pretty sure they make them for JPress as well as a couple other "tradly" shops. I don't think you can purchase directly / without an account, but its worth a try.
This is interesting: Not necessarily a question but people always look for cheap monks.
If they're your thing, I think roper boots are a really handsome shoe. You can find some pretty good looking luccheses for around that much if you search.
I recently bought a pair of boots in a tan/light brown grainy leather. I wanted something a little more chocolatey in color but I couldnt find the shoe I wanted so I have these now. What is the best way to darken them? To what extent is using darker shoe polish on them (dark brown or cherry or even black) to darken them with time useful? Has anyone done this? What are the results? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek I'm sitting in the Vegas airport awaiting my flight, and a guy come and sits across from me with these botched abortions on his feet. At least they have leather soles but what are these monstrosities called? You're a douchebag.
Anything from the Oliver People Vintage is awesome. Even though I have 20/20 I'm trying to convince my parents to get me a pair of clear Rileys as reading glasses.
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