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Looking at the Darlton blucher in dk brown cordovan.
Fifty Lanvin suits. I have a tycoon's closet. I live with parents.
I have two pairs of MOP I got from Carlo Franco. I use them with most of my shirts. They don't quite fit some of the shirts I own (in which case I use the wide, more firm Borelli stays), but the majority of them they work quite well. They are thick enough that they won't break, but don't feel like weapons into my jawbone like metal ones do.
Quote: They definately need to keep BG a Manhattan exclusive.  Cheapening the name by overexpansion can only hurt them. I disagree. Who is it going to hurt? And by "hurt" what do you mean? If they expand the BG franchise into, let's say, 5 additional key markets (e.g. Chicago, SF, DC, Atlanta, and Dallas), how is that going to hurt them, assuming they hit their profitability targets in those markets? I suppose you mean that the cache of BG being a NY...
Proudly from Georgia here, fellas. Parents from Western part of the state over by the Bama border. Y'all is categorically a plural pronoun. Period. End of discussion. As for the others, I remember what a former football coach said about Paul "Bear" Bryant once. "He can take his'n and beat your'n, and he can take your'n and beat his'n." Never a higher compliment to a coach could be said.
Quote: A Prince among Posters.... Indeed. A ton of man.
Quote: Quote: (RJMan @ April 26 2005,07:04) Quote: Originally Posted by Eric,April 26 2005,05:32 It seems to be a black thing.   Uh-oh.  Paging Policy... Jesus, should I have said African American?  I don't mean to insult or anything but certain cultures, including but not limited to black/african american have a style of their own.  No racism intended, and I hope none was taken.  I hope we can get past...
that's great news. I've been having this pain in my elbow...what's that? A piano doctor? Well, I never.
Stuart Scott on ESPN wears a no notch lapel suit from time to time.
Clearly the suit is not acceptable for what you paid and what they advertise they deliver. I'm more interested in hearing how they will rectify this problem more so than indicting the original mistake(s). Many MTM type manufacturers/brands make a mistake or mess up a garment, it's how they fix the problem/make the customer happy that matters.
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