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Thanks for the input. To clarify, I live in the north east US
Hello everyone, I am starting a new job that has a business casual dress code. Accordingly, I am having around 4 pairs of slacks, 1 sports coat and 10 shirts made from my tailor. My problem is I am not sure how to mix and match, since I am just used to wearing suits. I should caveat this post with the fact that I currently do not have much in the way of business casual clothes, so I am essentially starting from a blank slate. Can anyone please make a few suggestions? I...
All, I am new to this forum, and appreciate all of the useful information shared. I have always been a fan of Ferragamo shoes, particularly the captoes. I have a new pair in brown that fit well, are comfortable, and look great with slim trousers. However, I need a new pair of black in a similar style and am thinking of trying Church's. For those who have worn both, what comments can you make in regard to style and quality? Thanks in advance
Interesting thread. I am glad I joined this site.
I'm very interested but cannot yet send PMs...can you send me a message that I can reply to?
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