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Shirt looks cool to me. Try posting it on the SW&D side. It's a good example of Luxire's capability for executing unconventional designs.
It has nothing to do with fused vs. unfused, rather it's an interlining weight issue. I have dozens of bespoke shirts with unfused collars and none of them bend and wrinkle like the one in your picture. I've tried to fix the issue in my currently pending order, by sending an existing shirt and requesting interlining of a similar weight.
Love this red stripe, the white works great here. I have an evenly spaced red bengal stripe shirt and it reads as a quite unpleasant tomato shade.
Got it - wasn't suggesting that you guys are concealing the price, was just reflecting on how the "ga-ga" got started for the other tailors mentioned by Grammaton Cleric, and noticed that I didn't see the prices in this thread.
I think they would need a vox, mafoofan, medtech type of guy to post a bunch of photos of finished garments and get the word of mouth ball rolling. Also it would be nice to know the price list beforehand.
Those Lobbs are awesome - restrained and elegant.
Ordered 6 shirts from the 120/2 Cam 2000 range - classic stripes for day to day wear. Luxire - you're probably working on it, but I'm sure customers would like to see the full Pronto book if possible. Many good lines, including Cam 2000, Skyline, Skipper, Luna, and the linen/cottons. Also, do you expect to offer G&R's seasonal collections, especially the Cam 2000 fancy stripes and checks?
I love Luxire's ambition. They're like online MTM's equivalent of Jeff Bezos and Amazon circa 1996. We're watching history in the making.
Ambrosi's price is due to a number of factors. One, internet hype. Two, many people find that he has a clearer and more appealing vision for trouser fit/silhouette than competitor tailors. Three, he takes a "no cutting corners" approach to construction and embellishment, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Is it wrong to appreciate handwork on aesthetic grounds, even if it doesn't affect the fit? Is it really any different from swelled edges on a jacket lapel, or...
I'd say Ambrosi's market draw is the ability to achieve a contemporary slim silhouette along with precise fit. It's hard to find bespoke pleated trousers that fit properly while looking cool the way Ambrosi's do. Maybe NSM or some other Neapolitan makers can do a similar job, but most traditional tailors produce old man pants or get the proportions wrong when attempting slim pants. Anyway the handwork is just an embellishment to justify the high margins, much like David...
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