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To be fair, a garment that is purposefully uncomfortable (going by Fuuma's description of MA+ and CCP's objectives, not necessarily Unbel's jacket) is pretty subversive. You can be very open to non Western European aesthetics, or even the concept of suffering as a cost of aesthetics (e.g. high heels), while still drawing the line before masochism.
That's a good example. Nothing more uncomfortable for me than wearing something fragile or delicate that I'm worried about ruining.
Don't know why you are defending Luxire's QC with such vigor. They are certainly not infallible, and their USP is precision in execution.I'm currently in the middle of a remake process for 6 shirts where Luxire got the measurements off in several dimensions by 0.75"-1.25". Will post detailed photos and measurements, but only when the process is complete as mistakes happen and I would like to give them an opportunity to sort out the situation.To Luxire's credit, they agreed...
I don't consider 1cm error to be acceptable, at all. Especially if it's not just one measurement but various dimensions of the garment that are each off by 1cm+. It could easily throw off the whole look.
I see. The profiles of the Minnis, Hunt & Winterbotham, and Dugdale fabrics need to be updated, as all of those currently show running meter measurements.I would also make it clear that your website is designed to show GSM, so customers don't end up ordering "10 oz" canvas expecting a medium weight, and receiving a heavy weight 16 oz canvas.
@luxire - the Brisbane Moss canvas fabrics are a nice addition, but note that the weights listed are per square meter, not per running meter, which is how fabric weights are typically quoted. 310 grams/square meter is roughly equivalent to 465g (15-16oz) per running meter. Could you let us know if the weights listed for other fabrics on the Luxire website are measured by square meter?
Do any other Asian MTM firms avoid customs by marking packages as gifts and other devices? It's one thing to do that for an occasional package when the majority of your sales are in-store or shipped within the tax jurisdiction, another thing when the whole business is shipping to other jurisdictions. Especially if all your peer firms comply with the applicable customs regulations and might be inclined to alert the authorities if a competitor is obtaining a competitive edge...
I sent a shirt in for replication and Luxire did a very nice job. It wasn't perfect, however, particularly in some non-obvious structural areas like the sleeve angle and position of the collar relative to the yoke, causing some creasing and bunching not present in the sample shirt. Also the sample shirt I sent was made of very fine fabric, and the fabric I chose for the trial shirt was comparatively thick, so the fit/feel of the shirt was a little more snug even with...
+1, classic form of efficient price discrimination.
Nowadays you can take it into an AP boutique and they will demagnetize it on the spot. Did exactly this last year. I think ROs are especially prone to magnetization.
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