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That particular shirt should probably relabeled...it's from the 120/2 "Icaro" line, which is a voile, not an end-on-end. The apparent texture is just the result of the high twist yarns.
The Smith Botany book also has some fantastic sharkskins that have the resolution/contrast of the Minnis and Harrisons versions with the feel of the Lesser 13 oz. They also have several shades from light to dark grey.
I had a similar issue with a trial shirt and for my current order in progress I pointed them to the following link for a possible solution:http://propercloth.com/reference/tailored-vs-full-shoulder-armpit-fit/The idea is to set the sleeve at a downward angle relative to the body, as opposed to "straight out" at a 90 degree angle. Credit to An Acute Style for identifying this approach earlier in the thread. Hopefully it's the answer.
Try the Marling & Evans Naturals range:I ordered a swatch of this stuff thinking it would be a nice trousering, turned out to be more of a rough tweedy jacketing.
How do people feel about the lightly lined, soft, fused collar, particularly when worn unbuttoned? Thinking about spec'ing it on subsequent shirts but worried it would look awkward (overly straight) without a tie. Also, anyone have thoughts on going with an unfused neckband with aforementioned fused collar?
180-210 grams is not "medium weight". Would want something more like 330 grams.On color, this is the type of beige/tan I like:You can also see a nice "washed" effect in this pic.
+1, would be great if it was enzyme washed like Incotex chinos. Would definitely order multiple pairs.
Have you tried the 65/35 cotton/linen blend? Curious as to how they compare.
This is really awesome news for those of us waiting for an expanded range of heavier cotton trouser options.
Shirt looks cool to me. Try posting it on the SW&D side. It's a good example of Luxire's capability for executing unconventional designs.
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