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Nice interview. Would be interested in seeing some CEGO shirts in action to get a sense of the house style and silhouette (e.g. trim and clean vs. soft and relaxed).
For a $5k dress watch budget, I would not consider any brand except Nomos. That Gangreserve is great, as is the Tangomat:
Wrong. If someone uses a standard adblocker that blocks active content (e.g. noscript as in @bdbb's screenshot), they will see the "5 days" headline. You have tried to set up an automatic redirect to the new home page, but that doesn't mean that the old one no longer exists. This has nothing to do with "cache or history".
I understand the argument, but I disagree - don't think Vanson's standard patterns are very attractive, don't really like baggy arms or sausage-casing tightness in the torso. If it's not possible to get a combo of slim arms and trim but not tight torso, no worries, will just continue to enjoy my TOJs.
Is there any way to get the "super slimfit" on sleeves, but just a moderately slim fit on the torso? Personally I feel like the main problem with standard Vanson patterns are the baggy sleeves.
Exactly right, and this theory also explains much of the underarm bunching / excess fabric found on shirts.
I concur with each one of your points. SF pariahs unite!
99% sure that Adam Silver and Donald Sterling are currently hammering out the details of a deal whereby the NBA will announce tomorrow that the Clippers ownership is being transferred to Eric Miller, Sterling's son-in-law. Silver will announce this as some type of extraordinary punitive measure, even though this has been Sterling's transition plan all along.
I think some posters who have been through the trial-and-error process with watches at different price points view this thread as kind of the wrong question, kind of like "what are the top 5 leather jackets that retail for
My top 5 list: 1. Casio G Shock 5600 2. J Crew x Timex "Andros" 3. Casio G Shock 7800 4. J Crew x Timex Field Watch 5. Stowa Fleiger Baumuster B The Stowa is the only one on the list over $200.
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