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Frontier is closer to the Lesser 9.5/10oz - both are plain weaves.
This story reminds me of a point Vox once made about how there's the "Ivy" clothes tradition of restraint and subtlety, and the "haberdashery" tradition of bold colors and accessories, with the schools accusing one another of uptightness and tackiness respectively. This new shirt trend seems like a continuation of the latter, whereas SF tends to embrace the former.
Thanks. What kind of buttons are available for these? Thinking brown or grey buttons would look nice with a linen kurta.
I would definitely be interested in some of the kurta-style shirts. How should we go about specifying it on the order page?
Sounds like Luxire previously benefited from a strange setup where no duty was levied on packages to the US, but the loophole is now closed. Going forward, the choice might be paying a typical exorbitant Fedex customs+brokerage charge, or paying $20 per shipment upfront as duty prepay.
Same here - would happily pay $20 (or more) in order to get orders completed in 5 days, as advertised on the website.
Thinking about ordering a bunch of shirts made of Grandi & Rubinelli "Luna" fabric. It's a very nice and lightweight zephyr, a good alternative for those who find linen to be on the thick side.Also, just as an FYI, Luxire has only posted a small fraction of the G&R shirting range on their site. Lots more colors and patterns available if you provide them with the fabric number (which can be found elsewhere on the internet).
@luxire - what's the weight of the "twill chino" linen fabrics?
I have 4 duty related questions, wonder if anyone has any thoughts:1. How does prepaid duty work (e.g. as offered by Farfetch)? Does the courier scrutinize the contents of each package, and does CBP treat duty prepaid packages any differently in practice? FWIW, based on the few purchases I've made from Farfetch and comparing prices for the same items at other EU boutiques, the prepaid duty surcharge appears to be insignificant to nonexistent.2. How does CBP verify that the...
Below is the 74150 in my P&B Universal book. I guess I can't tell the difference between a heavy hopsack and a barathea.
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