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This is important advice.Weston shoes have 3 different sizes listed - EU, UK (EU +1), and US (EU +1.5).I'm generally a 44.5 EU / 10D UK / 11D US, and my Weston 180 size is 10D EU / 11D UK / 11.5D US.
FYI, Mr. Porter has started to carry the Weston 180 loafer. Only online retailer I'm aware of. They're not the most popular shoes on this site, but I personally adore them.
Not sure about that. Expect a lengthy waffling ramble, and expect 50+ thumbs.
That's a fair point - ultimately with a little care the watch will be fine. I've just been scarred from internet photos of ROs with a scratch like yours but on the bezel, or a general dull effect caused by accumulation of hairlines on the thin polished surfaces, and in either of those scenarios I think the watch's appeal would be significantly diminished.One can certainly go mad by looking at too many internet photos. For example I've had almost every generation of iphone...
I think the RO is prettier than the 1815 but certainly less versatile in practice. The sharp edges and complex finishing make it prone to dings, and IMO it's a watch that looks far better in a shiny and pristine condition, whereas I wouldn't mind some "character" on an 1815 or similar classic dress watch.
Really wanted to like it but I'm just so unmoved. None of the functions are things I care about having on my wrist, as opposed to on the phone that I'm required to carry in order to use the watch in the first place. Can't see it ever getting to "must have" status like ipod/iphone/ipad. For this reason I feel like Jobs wouldn't have released it (nor would he have brought out U2 to perform in 2014).
Just to clarify the form that the "alienation" will take, at least for some of us, it will be less "I'm so angry that SF is posting advertorial content" and more "Why am I wasting my time with this noise?"
This refund wait time stuff is extraordinary. Can't think of any reason other than a lack of funds. Haven't ever seen this before in a solvent business. Hope for everyone's sake that the restaurant takes off...
@in stitches - I love the 15400 as much as you do, but just as a cautionary note if you want it to be your "one watch" - make sure that you're relaxed about ordinary course wear and tear and possibly accumulating "battle scars". The finishing on the RO is just so precise and beautiful that it took me a long time to get comfortable wearing it outside of highly controlled environments like home or the office. Even now I can't ever 100% forget that it's on my wrist and could...
Don't think it'll harm the suede, but the protector might rub off in areas where the jacket bends or creases or contacts other textured surfaces.
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