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Interesting, thanks. I was more thinking about a path out of this for D, i.e. what if he started a new SF account and posted the above offer, and then followed through with daily or twice-daily production updates. Wonder if that might be the optimal solution for all involved. Surely it would take a long while to recover any funds via litigation even in the best case.
What if D doesn't have $250k or whatever of cash lying around to satisfy refunds? Might be wise to plan around that scenario. What if he offered to make everyone whole with jackets, in a 100% transparent way, including revealing his manufacturers and everything and maintaining a detailed/updated/public item-by-item timetable for each jacket. Curious if people would accept that.
Right, point about local police was noted in the original post. These scams originate in canada, eastern europe, etc. all the time.That could be right. But what about recovery? What if D just hides his money and/or flees the country? Same issue I guess if the paypal effort succeeds - would guess they work with a collection agency or maybe coordinate w/ local police to find you.
Sounds more like you think FBI is jack bauer types chasing maniacal reality they have tons of desk jockeys who spend all day pursuing small time scam artists who target senior citizens etc.
This looks like a decent avenue, as opposed to a class action which it's hard to see a lawyer taking on contingency given the facts (e.g. small amount of money, plaintiffs all over the place)Another option is reporting TOJ for wire fraud and/or internet fraud - i.e. the laws they use to bust ponzi scams, spammers, etc. Think this would involve (1) coordinating a comprehensive list of people w/ names, phone #, address etc. who got scammed, (2) preparing a clear and...
Would like to see Luxire buy the patterns but also hire someone with good taste who "gets it" w/r/t the technical construction of a contemporary leather jacket and can make the right adjustments for individual customers. In my experience with shirts and trousers, Luxire's ok at delivering on the primary measurements, but the end result is often "off" looking in the detailing/execution. Location of seams, armhole the wrong shape, collar not placed correctly on the shoulder,...
Picked up a pair of CT-100x. So soft and comfy, kind of a revelation moving from APC and japanese repro. Awesome cut too, if you like a relaxed top block and mid-high rise with decent taper.
Have you guys received the new G&R swatches? Particularly interested in the linens in different colors/patterns, if they're available.
+1 on lookbooks. Or even WAYWT for that matter. Nothing motivates me to buy clothes more than seeing an item executed well in a real life setting by someone whose style I share or aspire to.
How would a recommendation algorithm work for clothes? Those systems typicaly match you up with customers with similar purchase history. Problem is when you get to expensive items that are consumed less frequently, not to mention when sizing and geography are relevant variables, there's nowhere near enough data. You're not going to have the Spotify experience of finding 1000 people with 500 song playlists that are a 99% overlap with your taste. Rather it's like books where...
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