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Personally I far prefer the 341 last (Swansea) over the 325 (Pembroke), the latter being quite clunky and "alden" like.
When I'm feeling in a "treat yo self" mood, I go to cutler on west broadway
I ordered one at the cutoff...haven't received it yet though
Something is very compelling about the ribbed model. Have you tried wearing it with collared shirts?
That back-and-forth is the most fun part of ordering TOJ, placing the order is anticlimactic
I've only been to the one on 2nd ave and the now closed location on Bleeker. Both were good enough for me to not want to trek out to Midwood.
How about the quality of the tees? Are they standard fruit of the loom?
Those RRLs are great for niche subculture pieces, especially the last one with the skull on the back. You turned a lot of people off by presenting them as like the apotheosis of the leather jacket concept, which they definitely are not.
I like South Brooklyn Pizza as a more convenient alternative to Di Fara. Same general concept. Grimaldi's BK is a cut above any Manhattan place because they have the blazing hot oven that does pizzas in like 3 minutes.
There's a lot of misinformation on SF about Acorn. The fact is that they distribute solid cloth made in the UK. Quality wise they are equal to Thomas Mason within any given yarn size, though I usually prefer the colors/patterns of TM. Alumo is good too but they charge a slight premium for the silken finishing.
New Posts  All Forums: