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I have a lamb CM and have a calf 4-zip on the way. Have worn the lamb several times and it does not feel at all flimsy the way that H&M/Uniqlo jackets do. I think Drew has said that the thickness of the 2 leathers is the same, with twice the density on calf. I ordered calf not for durability/toughness, but so that I have 2 jackets with different types of patina. These are the pics that convinced me that having both wouldn't be redundant:
Spot on. Also it seems that if those MC'ers do venture beyond sportcoat and wingtips, they go straight to workwear/Americana, as though they are compelled to maintain some level of anachronism in their dress at all times.
seems like lots of people placed orders yesterday...sent payment last night and was quoted 5-8 weeks, and that's after the backlog had been cleared
placed order for black calf 4-zip moto with silver zips
It's a lame attention whoring marketing gimmick
Some prep stuff is embraced on SF. OCBDs are 100% based in prep style. Lots of the Junya / Visvim stuff derived from equestrian or hunting styles are very sloane ranger, which is the UK equivalent of prep.
I dig that tie, puts me in a good mood. I do like linen, wool, repp, soporific, grenadine, madder, and all the other SF-approved tie genres, but sometimes its nice to go with the type of tie that everyone else wears.
+1 but I also like the tennis vibe - white lacoste or maybe even black lacoste polo, not worn too tight.
I guess those are ok, but they work only if you have really skinny legs. If you have normal legs and aren't very thin overall, then loose jeans look sloppy and kind of ghetto, redneck, or dad-ish, depending on the rest of your look.Also I don't know about making this about "room for your johnson". The best jeans IMO are with medium rise and taper through the leg, worn sagged. That way the legs are slim but the crotch is relaxed.
I'm not sure about loose jeans. Do you have any pictures of them being worn stylishly? I just can't see it. If you get hot in jeans you can always wear shorts or trousers in lightweight, porous, and/or drapey fabric.
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