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I have never been in a business setting where it is conceivable that anyone important is thinking about whether anyone else's suit gives a relaxed vs. structured impression. YMMV I guess.
I'm not fluent enough in Yohji aesthetic to comment, but IMO that fit is dripping with F-U swagger, and the fitted black tank (along with the hair) gives it a certain toughness / dissoluteness / heavy metal association that would be defeated by a looser tee or another layer, either of which could push it into middle aged lesbian territory.
It's really absurd to think that anyone notices the shoulders on your suit. People will notice if your suit looks cheap or has tacky/loud fabric or or fits poorly, but real life people don't register shoulder construction unless they post on internet clothes forums or are themselves customers of a bespoke tailor who has a distinctive approach to shoulders. This is true in any business setting, in any industry, in any city of the world.
To take gdl's point further, I think you should look into having all of your posts in this thread deleted. This is a thread for shirt customers to display and discuss their recent purchases, not for vendors to hawk their goods.
Tried on this jacket at Barneys. The leather is a bad ass heavy duty matte calf, one of the best jacket leathers I've ever felt.
I'd hold out for a bigger size. That 18" measurement means that you have 36" of leather to go over your jeans/belt/wallet at the widest part of your hips.
Even Barneys NY is really boring retail experience IMO, at least above the first floor and the new shoe section. It has no energy or buzz. Just racks and racks of clothes which you can buy or not buy, who cares. Honestly going to Barneys is great for my personal finances because I can count on spotting all my wish list items and then becoming indifferent about them. It has pretty much the opposite effect as Bergdorf and even Saks to some extent, where I can't seem to leave...
It's funny because coming from an MC perspective, the aim is to have the highest possible armholes in order to maximize mobility and minimize the shift of the jacket when you are reaching for stuff. I get bummed out when jacket armholes don't touch my pits.
Looks nice, especially the top half. Would like to see this outfit with some faded japanese denim and suede shoes.
I kinda agree that the TOJ lamb is glossy and thick, despite being soft, and therefore it gives a classical vibe that could be bikerish in certain designs. If you don't want this, I highly recommend the new TOJ goatskin. It's thinner, lighter, more matte, and has a slightly distressed feel. Would be great in a double rider type design.
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