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The best part of upgrading from the 3G to the 4 was the massive improvement in speed/responsiveness (incidentally, it's those features that make androids feel so ghetto in comparison to iphones). Very excited to see how much it will improve with the A6 chip.
I would wait for the Samurais, no other black jean will come close
I had a pair of new standards that I washed frequently from day 1. They didn't form any whiskers or honeycombs, just some even color loss and vague fading. By the end they were moving in the direction of the 70s wash our legacy jeans, but not as white looking.
NOBD does this type of look much better. I would either:- replace raw jeans with something more faded, or- replace the OCBD with something more dressy lookingIn either case, would change the shoes and belt for something browner and/or darker, and lose the jeans cuffs.
same here. sent payment 5/31
Maybe I am misunderstanding, but going for cool stuff instead of flattering stuff sounds like you're moving in the wrong direction...
I once asked C&J directly about their cavalry calf, specifically whether it is corrected grain. Their response:
Is Ambrosi saying that the trousers were initially made correctly? Or that the altered trousers should be satisfactory?
Personally I find the most important feature of a cheap IEM is that the eartip doesn't easily slide off and get lost. In this regard, I find Sony to be by far the best because the rubber tip connects to a rubber seal around the speaker, creating a much stronger grip than if the rubber tip connected to plastic.
Those pics are from ads, magazines, etc. Most of the time if you wear that sort of stuff IRL you are going to look bland/geeky or really flamboyantly preppy.
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