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No... I only said the moto leather is lighter/softer/grainier
Got my black lamb 4 zip moto today. Pics to come. Very satisfied. One interesting feature is that the leather feels significantly different than that on my black lamb collared moto. The CM feels thicker, heavier, and smoother. This one thinner, lighter, and softer. There is also a visible grain on the new moto leather, as well as a little veining in a few places; after significant wear of the CM including in wet conditions, I haven't seen a trace of either nor could I...
Not a fan of the KVAs usually but feel they work very well with istasi's fits. They keep the silhouette coherently sleek whereas the "awkward" exaggerated lacing on top of the slim sole, like the ginger hair on the greyscale palette, provide just the right dose of dissonance to make the look interesting and distinctive. Dunks or MMMs would be a step backward IMO.
Ordered one on 8/20, tracking today
Had the same reaction to that Plokhov as goofer - contemplated paying retail for a few minutes. Didn't know anything about the brand but I tried it on at Barneys and was blown away by the quality. Probably the most badass leather I've ever seen on a jacket.
That heel pad thing is really no big deal, have had some pretty expensive English shoes do that prematurely. The rubber is just glued and sometimes the bond is weak for whatever reason.
Don't know if "racism" is the right word but it's what it is. While they are a model minority in many respects, Asians feel less attached to traditional American culture and values than ever before, and the new generations are far more open than their first-generation parents to expatriating to Europe or Asia for economic opportunities or hospitable cultural environment (or barring that, relocating to CA or NYC). This is most prevalent among the most educated/wealthy...
Speaking as a member of this community, I sincerely doubt that the GOP will ever get much traction among Asians / South Asians while it is associated with a chauvinistic foreign policy. By and large the bloggers mentioned in the Brooks article are seen as contemptible uncle toms.
Don't travel much?
The T1 looks great. Synthese - how does the lamb suede compare to the calf?
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