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Looks nice, especially the top half. Would like to see this outfit with some faded japanese denim and suede shoes.
I kinda agree that the TOJ lamb is glossy and thick, despite being soft, and therefore it gives a classical vibe that could be bikerish in certain designs. If you don't want this, I highly recommend the new TOJ goatskin. It's thinner, lighter, more matte, and has a slightly distressed feel. Would be great in a double rider type design.
Fit looks real good. Small armholes are a TOJ trademark. What's your take on the calf? I have a calf moto on the way and don't know what I am in for...
Does Brioni really claim to have invented a "cut" that anyone cares about? That is hilarious.
This photo nicely illustrates the properties of the goatskin that TOJ is currently using. It has a vintage, textured, kind of distressed feel right out of the box, though at the same time the softness and slight gloss give it a air of quality / refinement. If the black lamb is a "baller" material, I would describe the goat as "rogueish"
Crappy pics of a black goatskin A-2 below. Impressions: the biggest surprise is that the goatskin is basically as soft and pliable as the lamb, and lighter in weight. Definitely more luxurious than I was expecting. I think I sized it decently, though maybe could have gone a little looser at the waist (you can see from the zipped up shot that I am stretching out the ribbing).
Iron Heart 301
He is talking about cotton trousers that have much of the detailing of dress trousers - crease, waistband, trimmings, higher rise, etc - and can be worn with sportcoats. The cloth is usually finer than what you would get at RRL or whatever. Sometimes it can even have some cashmere blended in - Scabal makes a good example.
I have all of that stuff except- a second blue odd jacket- solid black knit/grenadine tie (want to cop this)- a DB suit- linen suit
The best part of upgrading from the 3G to the 4 was the massive improvement in speed/responsiveness (incidentally, it's those features that make androids feel so ghetto in comparison to iphones). Very excited to see how much it will improve with the A6 chip.
New Posts  All Forums: