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highendstyle, in stitches, rnguy001, Badandy, Dino944 - thanks for the kind commentsI was looking a little while ago and found that authorized dealers in Germany/Austria (not Nomos direct) had the best prices
Lamb starts off very glossy but turns matte with wear. The goat maintains a decent level of sheen over time. It's also lighter and less insulating than lamb and can be worn in hotter or more humid conditions. I like it on my bomber but it would be great on a rider for late spring / early fall.
Dino - really appreciate your insights in this thread. You obviously have great taste and knowledge about watches. One thing I'd suggest is that the concept of versatility (and the related concept of dressiness vs. sportiness in a watch) is subjective to some degree, and depends on one's age, physique, and wardrobe/personal style. For example, there seems to be a consensus that white/silver watches in the 38mm size range and complications and on a brown leather strap (i.e....
Guys, thanks for taking the time to write such interesting and detailed comments. You'll be seeing a wristshot of one of these watches in the next few days. Just a couple of my own thoughts:Big Pilot - Very much a love it or hate it watch. I don't know if I would call it "beautiful" but there is something special about the feeling of strapping it on. Makes me want to do the Flo-rida dance from Tropic Thunder. The Blancpain and Panerai give similar impressions, but in a...
Gents, would like to hear your thoughts on the your favorite of the following 5 watches: - Blancpain Fifty Fathoms - Panerai 233 - IWC Portuguese (5001-09, black dial) - IWC Big Pilot (5009, not 5002/5004) - AP Royal Oak (15400, black) Putting aside considerations of price or versatility, which is the most beautiful? (Am leaning a couple ways, but interested in hearing views of SF)
Yeah, it's simple to replace pocket bags. A good tailor should have some sturdy cotton cloth to fashion some new ones.
I think reginald-jerome is the SF poster rjman. He is an expert on posh things. ASW is great from a taste perspective but the dressing guidelines are a little "iGent" i.e. not applicable to most modern situations, kind of like a figure from a 1930s Apparel Arts illustration teleported to the year 2012.
C&J chelsea V in black
If you have wide hips and don't want a cropped jacket, you can also increase the length and the waist measurement, as I have done for my TOJs. It makes for a more relaxed fit if you like that aesthetic, though the effect of the fitted arms and shoulders is still "slim".
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