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A lamb A-2 with enough room for a knit would get you quite far into winter (at least at NYC temps)
I've handled some A1923 sneakers and they definitely don't feel like sneakers, rather high end artisinal boots with some superficial sneaker design referencing. They're actually pretty impressive looking in person. Would love to have a pair to wear with APCs etc but certainly wouldn't pay anything near $1800 or whatever.
I don't have the jacket handy, but I found a couple of relevant images on google. Basically IRL the black goat has the texture of the purse and the shine/gloss of the wallet. Also I'm not sure about murked out zips on the goat. For reasons I can't pinpoint I think it would be an ideal match for silver zips.
I feel like the thing with the A-2 is that you don't understand how much swagger it has until you actually wear it a few times, see everyone staring at it, etc. I only ordered it for the sake of variety and because of the TOJ cutoff. Now I understand the hype.
I am loving my black goatskin A-2. The lamb is thicker/warmer but the goat is water resistant and tougher, and in my opinion looks more expensive/high-end.On sizing, I'd say avoid the temptation to go too long; I'd frankly like to knock off 0.5 - 1 inch off mine (24" front length at height of 6'1")
This thread isn't about how NYC sucks on the whole, it's about how it sucks to be a commuter to a midtown office job (which to be fair, it really does).
The loafer is definitely 1 size up and the brogue is 1/2 size up, based on a consistent 32cm outsole measurement on all UK 10E pairs I have. Don't know about the other models.
The oxford fabric in that shirt has a lot of character. Am a fan of irregular / loose weaves and mottled colors in rustic fabrics like tweed, denim, oxford, etc.
In my experience of a dozen C&J pairs including 2 each from Barneys and RL, the US ones are usually marked 1 size up and slightly narrower in width. The one exception is the RL Darlton brogue which is the same width as the E fitting in the UK 325 last and only marked 1/2 size up. For all the others, I take a 10 UK or 11 US and the sizing is extremely consistent across the board.
Lafayette and Kenmare is worse, one of the biggest urban planning failures in NYC (maybe slight exaggeration)
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