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Had the same reaction to that Plokhov as goofer - contemplated paying retail for a few minutes. Didn't know anything about the brand but I tried it on at Barneys and was blown away by the quality. Probably the most badass leather I've ever seen on a jacket.
That heel pad thing is really no big deal, have had some pretty expensive English shoes do that prematurely. The rubber is just glued and sometimes the bond is weak for whatever reason.
Don't travel much?
The T1 looks great. Synthese - how does the lamb suede compare to the calf?
That TOJ1 looks good on the varsity side, kinda shitty on the flight jacket side. The sleeves could be slimmer and more room in the chest/midsection/waist could fix the potbelly / pear shape effect. Don't know why everyone is saying it's too long. It ends well above his front pockets and he's a tall guy with a long torso so 24.5" front length is well within the standard TOJ range. Agree that this is an example of how TOJ "house cut" is quite slim and stock sizing based on...
Was such a radical change in aesthetic / UI smart for Microsoft? I wonder how many people will follow the same thought process as me, which is that if I'm going to learn how to use a new OS then I might as well just buy an Apple. Are they trying to purge from the Windows base all the would-be Mac users that have been too lazy to switch over until now?
This is pretty much the first big storm in NYC where I haven't had a flight cancelled due to airport closings. Every other time, existing reservations were fully honored and passengers on cancelled flights got priority on empty seats and standby, at best.
Is this for a bomber? I'm 6'1" and the 24" front length on mine is a bit too long. Also FWIW I'm 41" chest / 34 " mid / 36" waist / 40" hips+jeans+belt+wallet, and my jacket is 22.8" chest / 22.3" mid / 22" waist and fits very slim.
John Coppidge is witty and perfect. it absolutely needs to be spelled that way. It has an awesome posh anglo ring, like a savile row tailor or a st james hatmakers.
Nice list, I'm on the same wavelength of rakish scents.
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