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That's a fair point, going forward I'm definitely not going to store my watches near speakers. The fact that it jumped to 20 seconds a day and not minutes per hour as I've seen reported online was actually why I was so spooked - I ruled out the magnetism diagnosis and thought the mechanicals broke.
Watch magnetism is a real thing. Recently I left my RO near some speakers and it started running about 20 seconds/day fast. Was totally freaked out, took it to the AP boutique, they diagnosed it as magnetized and put it through their demagnetization machine, and now it's back to dead on accuracy. If I worked near a lot of electronics (hospital, university lab, etc) I would probably seek out a watch with at least some level of anti magnetic protection.
Spectacular watch, and would echo points made by others about the private pleasure of a hefty watch. Heft and wrist presence are key to continuing to enjoy a watch well into the future without getting bored.
Appreciate the reply. Would definitely be interested to know other ways to gauge a fabric's spring and resilience. I'm pretty hard on suits and it makes me sad when after a few wearings the trouser crease fades away and the cloth looks sad and limp.
Michael Alden (who also champions Lesser and Smith Woollens, like Manton) often talks about "spring" - the tension in the cloth resulting from tight "high twist" yarns. Basically you can do the "thumb test" (roll the swatch between thumb and index finger, see if it rolls smoothly or collapses) or the "crumple test" (crumple swatch into ball, release, see how fast it bounces back). I've found the tests to be very useful for identifying cloth that minimally wrinkles and...
I love getting attention/compliments on my stuff, but Rolex draws a uniquely intrusive type of attention in the form of assumptions people make about your life story. Usually that (i) you got it as a gift for some type of achievement, e.g. graduation or wedding, or (ii) you wanted to buy a expensive watch but were ignorant of the other options. Frankly I like many Rolexes but I make the same assumptions when I see them on the street.
Those are great choices. Also consider a new ceramic sub - it's very pleasingly glossy and lustrous and would look great on a woman's wrist. You could get a LNIB no date version on TZ or rolexforum for about 6500.
Interesting reading. Would be very interested to read a debate between you and the tailors who post on London Lounge (and Manton). It seems like you and they use the exact same vocabulary to talk about cloth but reach diametrically opposite, irreconcilable conclusions. Wonder what the reason is.
I think you took my analogy in a different direction than I had intended, but that's ok and just further illustrates how people approach watch conventions from different angles. Personally I don't see big watches as analogous to oversized suits, but rather to things like shorter jackets, narrower trousers, nipped waists, cooler colors, and other features of a youthful, modern, sporty style. Conversely I view traditional 36-38mm dress watches as being analogous to a...
It's hard to generalize about what compliments the appearance of people of different age, physique, subculture, etc. This debate reminds me of conservatism vs modernity debates that occur in every corner of Styleforum. Slim vs full silhouette, hard vs soft shoulders, country vs city colors, etc... The list goes on, and everyone tries to support their argument with a priori principles, but ultimately people wear what they like and if they execute the details well they...
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