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The JLC MUT Moon could have been a perfect watch if they went for any color dial other than silver. Cream like the RG version or black would have been fantastic, but white enamel would be so :inlove:The silver combined with the silver hands gives me the same "middle management" vibe that people are criticizing on that two tone Longines, especially when seen in person vs in pics. JMHO. If you guys are looking for a manual wind with similarly classical aesthetics, check out...
My ideal five watch collection: 1. AP Royal Oak 15400 - my first acquisition; will be my daily wearer for the foreseeable future: 2. Nomos Tangomat - coveted this watch at a time when I couldn't justify throwing down even $2500. Love how it's so eccentric, unpretentious, and elegant under a shirt cuff. My next purchase 3. IWC Big Pilot 5009 - was seriously considering this against the AP. Love how "FU" this looks on the wrist, the sweep of the second hand, and the...
GDL - fair enough, I hate being on the offensive in one of those tiresome "you can't find real X in Y" debates. One small note, I was not distinguishing between Indian vs Pakistani numbers, but rather North Indian vs South Indian immigration and cuisine, the latter which you typically see represented by vegetarian/dosa joints. Pakistani food is pretty similar to North Indian food (lot of crossover in the Lahori / Delhi traditions, both rooted in the Mughal style).
Gdl - it's a demographics thing. There are also a lot of Chinese people here obviously but NYC's offerings are relatively mediocre there as well with the possible exception of some Uighur restaurants in Flushing. Anyway, the issue is that there is not much of an established middle class Indian community in NYC, certainly not compared to San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, etc. Ask any Indian person you know and they will corroborate this. In terms of broad demographic trends,...
Places like Mint are at best like the Shun Lee Palace and usually like the Olive Garden of Indian food. Try Moti Mahal Delux, which is a branch of a big New Delhi chain. Unfortunately you will not find notable Biryani in NYC like you can in some other cities, e.g. Shalimar in San Francisco (in the "Tandoorloin" neighborhood).
Haandi and Dhaba are the two ok places in the neighborhood (called Curry Hill, a play on Murray Hill). NYC is abysmal for indian food actually. The only place I would even consider eating for a decent meal is Moti Mahal Delux, which is in the 60s on the far east side of Manhattan.
+1, nothing wrong with experimenting but recognize it's pretty extravagant to spend thousands on stopgap watch rentals (buying a watch with the intention of flipping it later), whereas if you have a realistic idea of what your ultimate/ideal collection will look like, it makes sense to put your watch funds toward those items sooner rather than later.
The current base Lange 1 models are certainly restrained, but go further into conservative and austere territory IMO. Don't see myself wearing gold on silver until I'm at least 50, and would not consider silver on silver under any circumstances. Reminds me too much of my first watch, a Tag Heuer. Can't get on board with most JLC masters for the same reason.
I tried the 40mm PML recently and was very impressed. The dial has much more personality and detail than I had thought based on Michael Sandler's sterile photography on TZ. Actually I thought in person it had more character than the Lange 1, which I would not have predicted from pics (though I didn't see the Lange 1 with blue hands, which I understand is pretty rare). My one reservation is that it's a little awkward trying to tell time from it.
This is actually a pretty good glove design for wearing with watches. The leather behind the zipper prevents the metal from ever touching the wrist or watch.
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