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+1, it's hard to get such bad results from a decent tailor. You would need to have a extraordinarily weird body and a major communication breakdown (probably caused by a misuse of tailoring jargon picked up on the web).
I would disagree with this. Way before I became a tailored clothing geek I associated single vents with Jos A Banks and similar mass produced American brands, and double vents with more sophisticated British/Italian style. Probably because 99.9% of people who care about tailoring and can afford it will opt for double vents, either RTW or bespoke.
I wouldn't feel pressure to diversify if you like black jackets and the other colors would just end up being less favored and not worn. I'm currently waiting on my third black TOJ.
Agree with this post. The British makers have far better lasting, detailing, and quality control than Alden. None offer the range of cordovan boots of Alden however.FWIW I feel that cordovan boots only look "sleek" when the leather is new/shiny and the wavy creasing throws off the look for worn pairs. Also I would note that C&J has some cordovan loafer models that are more elegantly lasted and constructed (e.g. no 360 degree welt) than Aldens.
No shit. He subsequently said that cutoff orders would take another few weeks.
However, judging by the posts in this thread it doesn't seem like they've shipped anything in a while
The dense and short haired shearling used by TOJ is much better in dark colors. Natural shearling looks better when long haired and a bit shaggy.
A lamb A-2 with enough room for a knit would get you quite far into winter (at least at NYC temps)
I've handled some A1923 sneakers and they definitely don't feel like sneakers, rather high end artisinal boots with some superficial sneaker design referencing. They're actually pretty impressive looking in person. Would love to have a pair to wear with APCs etc but certainly wouldn't pay anything near $1800 or whatever.
I don't have the jacket handy, but I found a couple of relevant images on google. Basically IRL the black goat has the texture of the purse and the shine/gloss of the wallet. Also I'm not sure about murked out zips on the goat. For reasons I can't pinpoint I think it would be an ideal match for silver zips.
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