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Good point in principle, but personally have found CP's standard achilles leather to be just perfect for sneakers, whether or not full grain. Margiela GATs on the other hand are trash quality IMO, basically on par with $60 nikes in terms of leather thinness and creasing etc. and would definitely check out Epaulet for an alternative.
Got my brown goatskin moto this morning, 20 days from ordering on 9/3. Impressions: quality identical to TOJ. New interior zipped pockets are a nice touch, as is the option to get tab zippers on the pockets. Brown goat is great and though "unglazed", is pretty similar to the glazed black goat I have on a TOJ A-2. Huge fan of goat personally, find it to be lighter and more luxurious than the lamb and at the same time more solid feeling. One issue is that the jacket is...
Another key thing those guys had is an interest in continuing to discuss CM theory after establishing a satisfactory office wardrobe. Also guys like Will have an interest in wearing CM in their free time, which is obviously pretty niche in this day and age, at least as something people would want to discuss online.+1 on this. It's not even that bespoke isn't a good idea for some categories of things, it's that waiting for months is just not fun at all, which over time...
Think he's still beta testing the lasts/details etc. and may not want to commit to images that customers will hold against him. Also guessing the current setup promotes buzz/word of mouth and maybe also keeps volume manageable as he's setting up production.
I would be totally in for a A-2 in brown goatskin and a suede T-1 in that color that Synthese gotSo excited for this new venture
For me it's the fact that raw denim just takes too long to fade if you don't wear them everyday, and the lack of stretch makes it hard to achieve a comfortable+slim fit.
Really excited about this. I've ordered from Luxire and they are a solid operation but one weakness is they don't have much of a point of view on style/patterning, e.g. you can get a "well fitting" shirt that follows measurements but it may lack the style/silhouette you might find from a designer w/ more developed vision. Input from a guy like LA Guy sounds like the perfect solution. Only wish you guys would consider adding bombers - really hard to find bombers with modern...
Tan suede chelseas in stock at Barneys in most sizes FYI. This is a kanye shoe so act quick if interested...
This is the worst part - TOJ was really something special. My goat A-2 is one of my all time fave clothing items, and if he made everything right and started fresh I'd definitely order some more pieces. D ditching it to work at a restaurant of all things is basically like MJ playing baseball - hopefully a 72-10 comeback will follow
Sounds like D has just run into a manufacturing/supply chain breakdown. He previously stated that his team is capable of producing 3 jackets/day. Even accounting for weekends/holidays, this should mean 40+ jackets/month shipped.
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