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99% sure that Adam Silver and Donald Sterling are currently hammering out the details of a deal whereby the NBA will announce tomorrow that the Clippers ownership is being transferred to Eric Miller, Sterling's son-in-law. Silver will announce this as some type of extraordinary punitive measure, even though this has been Sterling's transition plan all along.
I think some posters who have been through the trial-and-error process with watches at different price points view this thread as kind of the wrong question, kind of like "what are the top 5 leather jackets that retail for
My top 5 list: 1. Casio G Shock 5600 2. J Crew x Timex "Andros" 3. Casio G Shock 7800 4. J Crew x Timex Field Watch 5. Stowa Fleiger Baumuster B The Stowa is the only one on the list over $200.
I like the idea of added length on a linen popover. Gives it more of a kurta effect.
Understood, thanks. Will wait for the FW program.
NMWA team - do you guys offer the sold out Rota models on a MTO basis? Also, for the MTO program, do you guys have any additional colors in the 540g 98%/2% blend beyond Sand and Medium Tan?
Fair enough - I can only speak about my jackets. FWIW, I posted in this thread a while ago about how my first black lamb TOJ was rather firm and dry, and the second one was comparatively soft. Can't imagine anyone touching either and thinking that either was particularly "luxurious" unless, as I said, said person has literally never set foot in a high end department store or handled luxury gloves or handbags. In any event, I think the TOJ lamb looks and feels great, and...
That fit and proportions of that jacket are really outstanding. Is that from Liverano's ready to wear line?
Nice post. I like these points:People sometimes expend too much effort trying to resist these general ideas, often with all types of abstract theory and historical references, and end up spending lots of time on SF and $$$ to look only as good, or worse, than a random guy who walks into Brooks Brothers, Barneys, etc. and lets the salesman pick out his suits.
I wasn't saying lamb is bad, just that it isn't as luxurious as it's made out to be in this thread. I associate luxury in leather with buttery softness, like what you get from Loro Piana or RLPL, or the countless designer women's handbags made of lambskin (I haven't felt any Tom Ford leathers in person). The TOJ lamb is surely more sturdy and robust than those, but not nearly as impressive at first touch. There's a lot of exaggeration in this thread - so much so that when...
New Posts  All Forums: