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\Asked my wife to surprise me with something from NMWA, she picked up a Drake's scarf and was quite taken by the customer service. Said if she could find any shop that offered next day delivery and a personalized note, she would do all her shopping from there.
Swatches can be deceptive. Fabrics feel a lot different after the finishing chemicals wear off and they've been worn/washed a few times. Some age gracefully, others become limp and flimsy.
Thanks for the reply - it's good that you guys are playing to your strengths. What's the CMT process like - like how much does it cost for shirts and trousers, and how are orders placed?
Ok - so it's $450 base, plus additional charges for certain extras?
Does anyone know off hand the price of Ercole's CMT bespoke trousers? (interested in the Manhattan price, if there's a difference)
Thanks. Doing this seems to only show results from the past 30 days. Any way to broaden the search?
Is there a way to search threads by keyword? I know it was a function in an earlier version of SF. Very helpful in navigating threads with 1000+ posts.
Exactly - it's important to preserve the value proposition. Would require some thinking, like figuring out the good values and building inventory of good designs that customers will want to buy, rather than stocking a full range of mostly mediocre designs. I just glanced at the Acorn website and saw the following 2 fabrics:Grange 100/2 - GBP GBP 9.21/meter (~$45 for a 3m shirt length)Grasmere 160/2 - GBP 15.39/meter (~$75 for a 3m shirt length)Adding those prices to...
Would be great if you guys offered more "name brand" fabrics for shirts (Thomas Mason, Alumo, Grandi & Rubinelli) and trousers (Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Harrisons, Smith Woollens).
Adding an inch to front/back rise and trouser length should be the equivalent of raising the waistband by an inch, no? In other words, doesn't the three-dimensionality of the rise end after a few inches from the crotch?
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