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For what it's worth, I find Thomas Mason to be very solid cloth. My TM Goldline 140 shirts have been washed/pressed by the neighborhood cleaners upwards of 30-40 times with no visible wear.
The nicest ones I've seen are from Thomas Mason's goldline range: They're a bit lighter than in this photo.
Hey Luxire - now that you have snaps, could you do Cucinelli-esque vests? I'm thinking Minnis flannel or one of those Dugdale tweeds or 13 oz suiting wools + quilting like what you use for the quilted blazer. This is what I have in mind:
Depends on what you want and if the other guy can do it. I like Patrick because he's worked with a ton of SF posters in the past and is generally familiar with the terms/concepts discussed here, so it's easy to communicate my preferences.
Thanks tchoy. I know the longer one is more traditionally correct but I enjoy wearing a shorter jacket, as a matter of personal preference.
Posted some jackets upthread with my usual configuration - unpadded and short. Thought I would post one with their traditional Chan house style - longer jacket, structured shoulder. Cloth is Porter & Harding Glenroyal tweed (pardon the crease on the chest left; jacket was buried in a suitcase)A couple of the shorter/unpadded ones for comparison [[SPOILER]]
That's exactly how I feel about the BP, esp. the 5004/9 - can't begin to explain why, but it's more fun to put on than almost any other watch I've ever tried. One day...
That's right, I got an OCBD with their default specs and it's unlined. Will definitely get a (soft) interlining going forward. Otherwise the back of the collar collapses onto itself.
Whipcord, bedford cord, and cavalry twill also make for nice trousers and are a good cold weather alternative for those of us who have difficulty with fuzzy woollens on a daily basis. H&S have a good range of these in melanges of >1 colors.Separately, I received my first order of a sky blue OCBD and khaki twill chinos as well as swatches that I will upload to this thread. Overall fairly impressed and already planning my next order. A few impressions:-- the OCBD's buttons...
Kind of a douchebaggy way of putting it, but if that's what your customers respond to...
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