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I sent a shirt in for replication and Luxire did a very nice job. It wasn't perfect, however, particularly in some non-obvious structural areas like the sleeve angle and position of the collar relative to the yoke, causing some creasing and bunching not present in the sample shirt. Also the sample shirt I sent was made of very fine fabric, and the fabric I chose for the trial shirt was comparatively thick, so the fit/feel of the shirt was a little more snug even with...
+1, classic form of efficient price discrimination.
Nowadays you can take it into an AP boutique and they will demagnetize it on the spot. Did exactly this last year. I think ROs are especially prone to magnetization.
The problem w/ color 8 cordovan is that the color deteriorates rapidly after a few wears, looking rather cheap IMO.With a good quality calf (G&G rioja, Vass oxblood), you can easily polish it with black polish and get to a rich black cherry effect.
You can find that kind of corduroy jacket at just about any goodwill / thrift store, probably for less than $20.
You might be right, but based on my fuzzy memory of looking through the book a few years ago, I recall mostly solid plain weaves with a few stripes and nailheads. Great fabric though, I have a couple suits that have held up beautifully with regular wear over 4-5 years.
Make sure the you have enough room at the bottom of the shirt around the hips. If it's tight there, the waist will ride up and puff out.
Frontier is closer to the Lesser 9.5/10oz - both are plain weaves.
This story reminds me of a point Vox once made about how there's the "Ivy" clothes tradition of restraint and subtlety, and the "haberdashery" tradition of bold colors and accessories, with the schools accusing one another of uptightness and tackiness respectively. This new shirt trend seems like a continuation of the latter, whereas SF tends to embrace the former.
Thanks. What kind of buttons are available for these? Thinking brown or grey buttons would look nice with a linen kurta.
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